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  1. Just because you received a receipt, doesn't mean Celebrity has actually created the fcc yet. Group bookings are taking longer because they have to be manually done. I'm waiting on 9 fcc's right now..done the same time as your's. Once they are created the original booking agent can see them in Celebrity's system. You will eventually get an FCC sent to you from Celebrity. The number appearing on it is what you'll give the next person with whom you book.
  2. Emails have been sent to passengers. Err... Soton.. I'm dead tired. I know better.
  3. With more sailings worldwide cancelled today.... I think it's going to be longer than 3 weeks. The new cancellation forms make it easier for ta's to report cancellations to Celebrity, but those poor folks at the cruiseline now need to go through all the forms and actually cancel out the bookings. And the pile keeps getting higher.. and higher.. and higher.
  4. Here's the deal with Chile. 1. Silverseas Silver Explorer in quarantine. British passenger tested positive. 2. Azamara Pursuit refused arrival by Chile due to "suspected" virus cases onboard.
  5. For anyone on the 4/11 Equinox cruise.. trying logging into your reservation on Celebrity's website and see what it says. There's no inventory showing at the cruiseline right now for that date.
  6. Ah.... those were the days. Yes, the Celebrity Dressing - loved it!! Respose en paix, Michel.
  7. In a way.. I hope the cruiselines just cancel Europe.. and make other plans. What plans I don't know.... but it seems to me it would make life easier for all concerned. That way everyone could just make alternate vacation plans closer to home.
  8. My first sailing was Nov 1st or 3.. .can't remember. But the SW flights were full... and so was the ship.
  9. They sail.... Once upon a time.....back April 2001.... Summit came out of the maintenance dock early... as in only about a week to sell a brand new 7 night sailing. They sold as much as they could.. and we sailed.
  10. Just received final payment reminder from Celebrity for my family sailing June 12th on Constellation. No change in final payment date.
  11. Who's the insurance with? Celebrity or third party?
  12. The thalassotherapy pools they had on Century, Galaxy and Mercury! Those were fabulous. Nothing like them since anywhere.
  13. The decision for sailings through June 6th was made yesterday afternoon before the CDC update around 6pm eastern. I suspect we'll see changes in the coming days. What burned me was that finals were already paid for most of the May sailings!
  14. What I've been seeing with the lower rates is that they are not combinable with Celebrity Perks. They are resident and senior fare codes. So you'll need to do the math and decide which is better for your own particular situation.
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