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  1. All sailings on Endeavor now show “Call for Availability” until 5/15/21. I’m not sure when this occurred, because I was not following it closely.
  2. If one satisfied a credit card bonus opportunity when paying the fare, one might prefer FCC over a refund.
  3. The email that Crystal sent to you states that it is the government of Singapore that will not allow Crystal to embark passengers in Vietnam and then disembark in Singapore. Thus Crystal had no choice but to cancel the short getaway cruise where you were embarking in Vietnam. The situation is a bit ironic since you are a resident of Singapore. it appears that the government of Singapore wants to tightly control those entering Singapore, and they are concerned that someone who has been to China, Hong Kong, or Macau, etc. might embark in Vietnam. If that were the case, they would be reluctant to allow the ship back into Singapore.
  4. The round trip is not canceled as far as I know. It is too bad you can’t get away for the full round trip, but I understand that your commitments won’t allow it.
  5. I agree with you that if Crystal cancels your cruise that you should receive a full refund, not FCC. Crystal says that your getaway is being canceled due to restrictions imposed by the government of Singapore on your port of embarkation (Vietnam). Since your home is in Singapore, you are in a fairly unique position. You may be able to work out a special deal with Crystal, if you can spare the time to do the full round trip out of Singapore starting 2/15. At this point many people have canceled this voyage, and the ship will be sailing with very few guests. It may be worthwhile for both Crystal and you to work out something that salvages your trip and helps Crystal’s financials. In any case, I hope you can resolve the matter to your satisfaction with Crystal.
  6. I’m so glad the crew will be able to enjoy the extended layover in Singapore. They have been working very hard. Everyone must be so happy to see land! 🙂😀🙂
  7. Wonderful! What a relief! What joy! Thank you for all the detailed reporting!
  8. Thank you! That should be cleaner for insurance purposes. I suspect it may also mean that we have one shot to use the FCC. If we apply it to one voyage and end up canceling it, the FCC may not be able to be transferred to a different booking. It is important to learn all the terms and the conditions of the FCC before applying it. We have had enough surprises recently with the evolution of itineraries. 😯
  9. I remember your situation. It was unfortunate that the river conditions did not allow Crystal to sail the Eastern Danube at that time. I enjoyed the Eastern Danube itinerary even more than the Central Danube itinerary, so I was disappointed for you. When the Future Cruise Credit was applied to your World Cruise booking, did the credit appear under Cruise Fare Calculation or under the Payment and Balance section? How Crystal treats the credit has potential impacts on insurance, which I am trying to understand. If it appears under the Cruise Fare Calculation (similar to Book Now Savings, Crystal Society Savings, Early Payment savings), then the amount of the FCC may not need to be insured. However, if it appears under Payments, the amount would have to be insured for many US based policies. In addition, if the FCC is considered a Payment, then the effective date of the payment may also potentially further complicate the validity of the insurance for some US policies.
  10. My TA obtained a clarification from Crystal that the Future Cruise Credit can be applied to my existing booking which I have not yet paid in full.
  11. For the March 1st 15 day voyage the port charges are $750 USD per person. This will be refunded as long as the cruise is canceled by 2/21/20.
  12. Thank you for the explanation and all your detailed reports. They are very helpful! You and many others onboard have a great “glass half full” attitude. Enjoy your remaining time onboard. If you have to be stuck onboard for two weeks with no port calls, a Crystal ship is a great place to do it!
  13. It look like a lovely event, and I am signed up for the Champagne luncheon on our next voyage. The pairings look interesting, and it is reassuring to see that the quantities of both food and Champagne are not overwhelming. I tend to avoid food and wine pairings at dinner, because of excessive quantities, but the lunch version appears to be just right. Thanks for posting the details!
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