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    Suggestion on what to do in Sicily for the day??

    Try this website for a bus from Messina to Taormina: I have not used this info and chose the ship's excursion because I had too little time. I read that the bus ride can take up to 2 hours so one can go by bus and return by train which only took about 1/2 hour. http://www.interbus.it/ I picked up the following info from the internet: <<It’s much better to arrive in Taormina by bus since the bust station is located in town and the train station is shared with Giardini and located down on the coast. You would then be required to bus from the train station to town. Messina’s port is very near the train station. Buses leave Messina from P.zza Della Repubblica and arrive in*Taormina’s bus terminal on via Pirandello. Messina’s train station and buses leave from the same area and both are an easy walk (about 100 metres) from Messina’s port. Unless your cruise ship docks at the "Rizzo" pier, you could be as much as a mile from the train station. It really depends on where your ship docks. It’s much better to arrive in Taormina by bus since the bust station is located in town and the train station is shared with Giardini and located down on the coast. You would then be required to bus from the train station to town.>> I hope that helps.
  2. bugsy777

    Best way to get back to Rome area

    Sorry that was Euro 254
  3. We used Rome Cab Co to take us from Civitavecchia to Rome which included the transfer as well as a 5 hour private tour of Rome. We were met timeously at the port and taken to all the major attractions of our choice as well as some not so well known by the majority of tourists, then were taken to the airport for our flight, all this for Euro 254. The service was excellent, I could not recommend them more!
  4. bugsy777

    Best way to get back to Rome area

    WE booked Rome cabs (May 15 2016) for a private transfer from Airport to Civitavecchia for $69 they were excellent and the price is very reasonable. We also used them after our cruise, we were picked up at 9am taken to all of Rome's major attractions (we did not want to do the vatican) we were even taken to some not so well known places. The driver was entirely at our disposal, we saw everything we wanted to see and then were taken to the airport at about 3pm...all this for $254 They provided an excellent service and I highly recommend them.
  5. bugsy777

    Suggestion on what to do in Sicily for the day??

    I vote Taormina too, its a wonderful place and do not miss the opportunity to eat a "real" delicious canoli :)
  6. Thank you that was very helpul.
  7. So if I understand correctly there is no limit of what you can eat and how much, should I want to eat 2 mains it would be ok? (not planning on that but you never know LOL)
  8. Thanks, Are they like the MDR where you can order as much as you please? ie should I want many starters and perhaps skip the main, can one do that?
  9. I have cruised before with other liners but have never been to the speciality dining restaurants. I like Italian or continental cuisine, which restaurant would you recommend on Reflection? I saw some menus posted...can one pick as much as one wants or is it strictly Starter, entree, desert? Thanks for your input
  10. bugsy777

    Santorini - Injured Knee, can I still do it?

    Thank you all, can any one please estimate how many steps and for how long would I have to walk on cobblestone? I will then, closer to the time decide whether to cancel this excursion or not, I need all the info I can get. I am so afraid to hurt this knee a second time and not be able to do the Ephesus private tour which for me is the highlight of this cruise. Thanks again.
  11. Hi, I booked a ships excursion for Santorini (Celebrity Reflection-18th May) I have just injured a ligament in my knee and using crutches. Although I should have healed quite a bit by then, I am so worried that there may be a lot of walking in Santorini/Oia can anyone who has done this excursion tell me a little bit about it? apparently we are to use the cable car on the way back to the ship....Thank you
  12. bugsy777

    Budapest, Salzburg, or Prague?

    I vote No 1: Prague, a most beautiful and romantic city, if you possible I would pick going to No 2: Budapestl, I would leave out salzburg, good luck making up your mind !
  13. Has anybody ever used this Company? Can you give me any information as to how reliable they are? I will be in Kusadasi on 22nd May and would like to use their services to go to Ephesus. I welcome any information. Thanks
  14. I never said Carnivals entertainment was better. I said MSC entertainment was great! and that the ship is beautiful. Carnival has more choice.
  15. We have just returned from a med cruise on the Divina (left 20th May from Barcelona) The ship is absolutely beautiful and the shows are great, that is where it stops. (oh! the beds are comfy:)) We have been on 3 Carnival cruises 1 RC and 1 cunard now MSC. Carnival wins hands down, we will never use MSC again! MSC on their med cruises have passengers embarking and disembarking at each port and this leaves you with the feeling of a hop on hop off ship. The food is cafeteria at best with the same food being dished out day after day in the buffet - the dining room is a little bit better but no great variety. We also had a wine package which you cannot choose the wines so we landed up with 3 wines we did not like. Their coffee was undrinkable, so I was pleased that we bought a coffee cuddle and could have some almost decent coffees... Their pasta was not good either, for an Italian ship it is unforgivable. Our experience was that they have a LOT to learn from Carnival - the cruise director is non existent and if you did not make extensive plans prior to boarding do not expect to be told anything about the ports you will be seeing. They only give you the expected temperature....obviously they want you to go on their excursions which I must say were not bad. Disembarkation was a riot with people almost coming to blows as they were so dis-organised and late!. Hoards of people all converging into 1 lane and since they were late some poor people were desperate to get off due to a flight so pushing and shoving was the order of the day...not a pleasant experience. The Med port are great, but December might not have good weather, check the December weather on the internet I think you will get a lot of rain. We enjoyed the F1 and the 4D movies but the water slide was not functional in December you would not use it anyway! Do not expect the entertainment you get on Carnival...I was quite bored the day we stayed in port (Civitavecchia) as it was raining. Having said all that, think carefully what you actually want, I would recommend that you consider another line. Good luck.