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  1. If I am not mistaken you won't see the OBC until the day 2 of the cruise.
  2. Maybe the TA (if you used one) or a family member... I can tell you it wasn't for booking a year in advance and I highly doubt it was a nice gesture by Royal
  3. Delete Delete Delete... If they can code a BS robo emailer, why can't they code the damn website!! Some days I answer just to have some fun... After my father passed, we had my parents phone number FWD to me so my mom didn't have to talk to people when she wasn't ready. About a year later I answered the phone from my parents area code. I was in one of those moods... He asked for my father. I said he isn't available yadda yadda... The guy said my father was in LAST WEEK and the man wasn't at his desk. I played along for awhile and then I finally said, did anyone tell you how my father looked? I would have thought after being dead for a year he wouldn't be able to walk so good, but if he does come back to your office, will you please let him know we all miss him. That poor guy, he apologized, said this is the script we are given to say. I swear I could hear him poop his pants. When I told my sisters they said I am just like him!! He would do crap like that to idiot callers too lol
  4. I was doing that and then I would get an email... "Did you mean to pass this up? Take another look" I thought being Incognito would help... but it don't
  5. Bottomless Galley Brunch ~ I believe we paid $30 each (on Anthem) Sushi Making class ~ same for Sushi, $30 each (On Grandeur and Adventure very different from each ship)
  6. Last time I booked while I was on a cruise I asked for the refundable rate. The rep told me the refundable rate and the non refundable rate... The difference was over $500 pp. I was really reluctant about booking because my husband has a vacation picking order and we had rebook another cruise due to this. I told the rep I wanted to think it over and we would come back later. As I was getting up she asked us why we wanted the refundable rate. I explained we won't know if my DH can get the time yadda yadda. She said have a seat, I have a few more questions. I felt a sales pitch coming, but we sat down... She said you are positive you want to cruise but you are worried he won't get the time off correct. We said correct. She said if we book the Non-Refundable and we have to change the dates or even the ship we would only be charged $100 pp fee, as long as it was before (I believe it was 100 days or before final payment). At that point it was kinda a no-brainer, Lower rate and if we do have to change it's only $200... I liked it better when I could book On Board and if we had to change it was all refundable but things change...
  7. Simple answer... No Correct answer is, you don't really "order" like you would at a regular restaurant off the menu. The waiter/waitress will ask for allergies, likes and dislikes and then bring you several dishes and they may or may not be the same for each person. We ate once with my stepson and his then gf. She was allergic to shellfish (and anything else she didn't "like") so they catered more to her likes and allergies although they did bring my husband and myself a shellfish dish and them something else... The next time, same cruise, it was just the 2 of us. They asked the same questions but also asked what we enjoyed and didn't care for and what we didn't get. I think between the 2 nights we tried most of the menu ;)
  8. I was told, if they aren't too busy, they will serve just the world :)
  9. The Chicken was probably the best chicken I have ever had in a restaurant... Just let your waiter know... They will create the dining experience for you... That sucks!! We ate there twice on Harmony and had a great experience both times... Well, the 1st time we were with my stepson and his then gf.., they tailored the selections to her allergies, likes and dislikes. The 2nd time it was just my DH and myself. So we were able to try some of the other things. And it was a much better experience (Might be because she wasn't there lol) If you can get Laura try it again, you should. :)
  10. I rented two from Special Needs At Sea and had no issues with them... I will say they are speedy little buggers!! I borrowed my moms after twisting my ankle on an excursion. I took it down to fill up a soda and get some pizza (on Anthem) She had the speed turned way down, so I changed the speed.... BIG mistake!! I almost flung myself off turning a corner. I can laugh now but it was kind of scary!! Just take that as a word of warning... start off at the lowest speed and work your way up. (Side note, 10 years ago I spent 2 years in a wheelchair and scooter so I wasn't a newbie to it)
  11. I have only had an issue with them once and it really wasn't THAT big of an issue. I booked a family cruise and emailed Special Needs about 35 days before our cruise. The email included the name, reservation number cabin then the special need on all 3 rooms that needed something. In one of my sisters room was a sharps and a medical fridge (she needed a extension cord and distilled water) in my moms cabin was extension cord and distilled water and my mom needed a shower stool and my other sister had the shower stool... Wasn't that bad, we were all close to each other.. But just odd how scrambled it was
  12. Have the prices gone up that much? They were around $6 earlier this year
  13. I am not a fan of their regular blend... We typically get the refreshment package that includes everything but alcohol, which includes the specialty coffees. If I was not getting a package, I would get the coffee card. It is 10 coffees, which you can share. There have been reports that some ships and/or bartenders punch it 2x for a large or an extra shot of espresso
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