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  1. What is Odyssey’s wave... From the info I have read its just a single FlowRider
  2. In the last week I have spent over 10 hours with post cruise... 4 hours Thursday alone!! Does Post Cruise have an email that they check and reply back?
  3. We don't have kids but when we were in a Suite on Harmony we had the usual options of Early, Late or MT dining. We only ate in CK once for dinner
  4. This was on Symphony a few weeks ago but it was for 8 nights... INTERNET & MORE 1 VOOM Surf + STREAM Voyage Package - 1 Device Total Cost: 127.92 USD So about $16 a day. I just purchased 7 nights for 4 devices On Serenade INTERNET & MORE 1 VOOM Surf + STREAM Voyage Package - 4 Device Total Cost: 251.86 USD Which comes out to about 9 per device per day
  5. They offer 2 different internet packages, Surf and Surf and Stream. I have only done the Surf and Stream and the Wi-Fi Calling works great, for voice and text! Others have covered the other info
  6. Depending on the ship the JS is only $200/$300 more... I prefer the JS for the bathtub and walk-in closet. But I am not a solo cruiser, yet! I tend to take land vacations solo to visit family... One day I might do a solo cruise!!
  7. Looks like more of a PITA than a helpful... We managed just fine with a mask and a straw while on Symphony a couple weeks ago. Most people would take a few sips on their way outside or a mask optional area... Really not to difficult
  8. I would imagine you could use them on OJ and Specialty Coffee I never told them to use my voucher, and as @TYMAN said we were asked for our room number not our SeaPass
  9. We have dined at Wonderland 4 times... Twice on Harmony and twice on Symphony. There were things we had at both that were completely different and things we had that were the same and we tried new things the second time on both ships. On Harmony we both really loved the chicken. So simple but sooooooo sooooo good. We were a tad disappointed it wasn't the same on Symphony but it was still good. It just not something we will remember like we did on Harmony. Next for us, is to try Wonderland on Quantum Class...
  10. I am surprised you had that many... We had 1127 on Symphony
  11. What size were the bottles of water? I know its kid of a strange question, but I am kid of strange lol
  12. Guess I never paid attention... All my kids have 4 paws! They did make it seem like this was an added show last week. They may have done a family version earlier in the week too.
  13. Things are constantly changing during the come back... I was just on Symphony and 2 comedians who we saw as an Adult only show, also did a family friendly version on the last night in the Main Theater on the last night.
  14. We didn't do wings... My DH had Nachos with Chili I had the Poke Nachos, I couldn't finish mine, but I did eat all the Ahi Tuna
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