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  1. We were flying to Miami on a Friday morning for a Sunday cruise. Airport was 70 miles from home. While unloading luggage for parking shuttle to airport, DW announced one bag was missing. She was very upset until she figured out that it was my bag that was missing. She had repositioned some things so I was left with a very few things. That evening we went to Bayside Marketplace for dinner and shopping. Found some clothes, but there was not much of a selection for 70-year-old fat men. When we got home, bag was sitting next to bed where I'd left it. At least she saved doin
  2. I second the idea of getting the thermal spa pass. It's one of the reasons we love NCL. Very quiet. No kids. Great place to chill, try the water features, steam and sauna. They provide robes, towels, lockers and non-alcohol refreshments. Plus the changing area has showers that are considerably larger than cabins. Consider Vibe passes. Private open air adult-only area on upper deck with hot tub, loungers and bar. You have to board in first groups to get passes. They only sell about 60. Beat a path to Guest Services to purchase. I think we boarded 2nd group and they sold out a few folks beh
  3. So we are booked for next February out of San Juan. I notice that the ship doesn't leave until 7:00 p.m. I assume this is to accommodate the same-day fliers. I am planning for Friday or possibly Thursday to San Juan. How early do they start boarding process? Wondering about lunch in the steakhouse. Is it open for lunch for this cruise? How does one go about getting a reservation or can you just show up?
  4. A little off topic and not cruise related. DW and I took Amtrak from D.C. to San Francisco a couple of years ago. As we travelled out of Denver through the Rockies we were riding along the Colorado River. There were a lot of rafters out. An announcement was made: "If anyone had a problem with the human form, we might want to avert our eyes. Sure enough someone on one of the rafts stood up and mooned the train.
  5. On the Pearl a few years ago. We were on the upper deck overlooking the pool. DW spotted a woman with the cover they place on the foot of the bed for luggage wrapped around her bathing suit. Not seen but experienced: I was in the cigar lounge on the Dawn. Struck up a conversation with an older woman who chain-smoked and had a never empty wineglass. Her husband made one appearance early then disappeared. As we talked she would reach out and touch my knee periodically. She made a point of telling me she had a bottle of very fine Port in her stateroom. When I Went back to my cabin,
  6. I suspect that once this mess is over you won't be able to find a Corona beer on any cruise line.
  7. Actually, our first Royal Cruise was out of there. It was a biz group trip on Adventure. We later did a 9 day repo thru Bermuda ending up in Norfolk.
  8. NCL only opens a percentage for early booking. It didn’t seem to me they were turning folks away when we went. Plenty of seats.
  9. PORTS: Our first stop was Key West. We had been there twice before, once by car and once by ship. The first time, over 50 years ago, we drove down from Miami. It was a pretty sleepy place. Big change! I had booked the Old Town Trolley passes directly. The 1-1/2 hour narrated circuit makes 13 stops. There's one every 30 minutes, so you can get off and re-board later. Good way to see the island. We toured Mel Fisher's treasure museum. Shopped for the Grands. We asked a shopkeeper for a recommendation for a relatively non-touristy restaurant. She suggested El Meson du Pepe, a Cuban place a couple
  10. ME AGAIN: DINING: We typically enjoy our first lunch in the MDR, a little peace and quiet after a hectic morning. Unfortunately it was not open. We headed for the Windjammer. It looked like Black Friday at Macy's. Took several turns to finally find a table. Now, I do like the way Windjammer is laid out. The circular layout is very nice and the individual food stations usually create short lines that are less institutional. We ate every breakfast but two there and had lunch three times. Thought it was a nice touch in having roaming crew taking and refilling beverage orde
  11. A LITTLE HISTORY TO START: We began our cruising career several years ago. Our first few cruises were with Royal before taking one with NCL. We liked the product, so we stayed with them. We are a couple in our 70s from Virginia and have cruised pretty much at least once a year. We are Platinum (3rd tier) with NCL. I began looking at trips last spring and found a Rhapsody sailing leaving Tampa on Feb. 1 to Western Caribbean. I priced an outside cabin (they pick) with $125.00 OBC and trip insurance that was considerable less than basically the same trip as NCL without the insurance.
  12. Will be there on February 6. Can't wait. Unfortunately it won't be on NCL.
  13. Did this same excursion a couple of years ago. Wore shorts. It was hot and humid. Didn't have any bug problem. You are on a clear walking path the whole way. At the time I did comment that OHSA would have a fit about some of steps, railings, etc. One of the best excursions we've ever done.
  14. All of my recent cruises have been with NCL, and I guess I have been a cheerleader. I sailed a few times on RCCIL early on. I have booked RCCL out of Tampa next month. The price with insurance, but with no extras was better. I'll let you know how that goes later. But, the interesting thing is people complain about the same things over there that they do on here.
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