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  1. Saw "After Midnight" on Escape last year. Thought it was fantastic. True, it doesn't have a plot, but it is a musical revue. I'm a big fan of 30s and 40s jazz, so the Duke Ellington music was right up my alley, It is meant as a re-creation of Harlem's Cotton Club from that era. The musicianship, singing and dancing is awesome. People leaving early missed the female solo toward the end which was chilling.
  2. I find the RCCL site to be extremely "clunky" compared to NCL. I realize it may be just my lack of familiarity, but it is really difficult to navigate. I've had my reservation number tattooed on my arm, because every time I go to do anything you have to enter it.
  3. It's always nice when the kid's pay!
  4. We had one of the angled spa balconies. Asked for and received a lounger that fit perfectly.
  5. On a partial transit on the Pearl a few years ago the showed a film about the Canal they day before. There was also expert narration during the transit.
  6. Unless you are carrying the Crown Jewels, I would drop it with the porters. I always love stumbling over everyone's luggage in the already overcrowded waiting area. By the way, if you are in a suite your luggage will probably arrive quite early.
  7. Like the ad says: "Don't Leave Home Without It" We love the spas. Usually hit it at least twice a day. For the most part they are not overcrowded. I'm sorry but I am a talker. Like to chat with fellow hot tub patrons. Last cruise on Escape I guess we were a little loud. An officer came by to remind us it was a quiet area. Do think it's a little ridiculous to allow folks to bring drinks in.
  8. Once heard a woman giving a crew member in the theatre a total ration about going to her assigned muster station. She couldn't understand why she had to walk down the steps toward the stage to her station. And no, she appeared to be healthy. She just didn't want to do it.
  9. I have sailed both lines, but haven't done RCI for some years. I have a cruise out of Tampa on Rhapsody in February. Have done Mariner & Adventure and a much smaller ship out of San Juan (name escapes me). It was a 10 night repo to Norfolk. Have done Escape & Epic big ships and Dawn, Pearl and Star (smaller). I like the smaller ships, but I think they will go away at some point due to economy of scale. I guess you could call me and NCL loyalist, but the price of the next one was too good to pass up. The bathroom thing on Epic didn't really bother us. After 50 years of marriage, there aren't too many secrets. I didn't care for the ship layout. It was several days before we discovered the outside (limited) promenade. So what are the plusses for NCL? Refundable deposits($50 vs. $500). Booking dining in advance. More specialty restaurants to choose from. The included 3-night dining and drink package. Yes you pay gratuities, but it's still reasonable. The thermal spas. And finally, freestyle dining. Not snobbish, but don't like being locked into a set dining time with someone talking about their recent surgery or last divorce. We are doing Anytime in Feb. Will report how that goes.
  10. We sailed out of NOLA a few years ago. Stayed at Embassy Suites three blocks from the port. We flew in the day before. Had dinner at a Cajun place one block from the hotel toward the port. If driving, I suggest finding parking away from the port and taking a cab. The entrance to the parking area was a major traffic snarl. Knowledgeable cabbies know the alternate back route. Easy Peasy. We had an evening flight home. Don't know if baggage service to airport is still available. We dropped bags and went sightseeing. If you are a history buff, I highly recommend the WWII museum. Great place! As to the trip down the river, yes it is interesting for awhile, but by dinnertime it will be twilight. With everything to do there is no need to sit and watch it.
  11. I will celebrate my 76th birthday on Rhapsody in February. Like her I am a little worn around the edges, but I do clean up nice. Looking forward to a great experience.
  12. As to the question about the number of lifeboats, surely you realize that these boats are for women and children. The men will stay onboard while the orchestra plays "Nearer My god To Thee."
  13. Thoroughly enjoy the spa on Dawn. Although it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the bigger ships. Great place to get away from the crowds. We've found it is usually not crowded except for the last day when people remember they have a pass. Even on port days it's nice to unwind after shore excursions. Don't count on being able to buy day passes. The changing area has steam and sauna, plus the showers are much larger than the usual cabin. Also, the aft facing lounge area with the large windows provides a relaxing view. The spa is open every day, early morning to 10:00 or so. They do close earl the final evening for cleaning.
  14. Disappointed by your comment regarding the Mojito Bar. We were on Escape last October. I can confirm that all the drinks were made to order. Doubt I would have tipped the bartenders for a drink poured out of a bottle.
  15. Good luck with that. I've been fortunate a couple of times. Once on RCCL, I went by the tv studio to see if a Va. Tech/Miami game would be on that evening. To my amazement it was. A couple of years ago, I asked the CD about getting March Madness. She didn't sound too hopeful, but sure enough they broadcast several of the games. Last year on Escape, I asked the CD about a crucial Red Sox/Yankees series. No luck! Surprising since most of the pax were from the Northeast and sailing out of New York. Don't get your hopes up.
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