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  1. Thought so just wanted to be sure. My husband will lose his mind if we miss it HAHAHA!
  2. Anyone know if Game of Thrones will be aired on the ship next Sunday?
  3. Maybe cabins should be assigned based on music genre ;)
  4. TOO OLD.......never ;p I enjoy my music and I enjoy it loud but I felt certain that others may not like my music selection so headphones it is.
  5. Blasting music with explicit language, singing said lyrics louder and louder while jump around like idiots is not acceptable. I for one don't really care what time this type of behavior occurs. If your music or behavior is disruptive to other guests it is not acceptable period. I am all about having a good time BUT one must consider the impact it may have on others. I did wonder how they would have dealt with me blasting music at 8am while they were sleeping off a hangover? :confused:
  6. First it was on their balcony, they were above our cabin. Then we saw them later in the elevator.
  7. We just got off the Anthem this morning. Ship was great had a few issues here and there but nothing awful. Well that was until our Bermuda day. Went out on our balcony after we departed Bermuda to enjoy the view and all I could hear was loud music, people singing loudly (and poorly I might add), jumping around, etc. An hour later it was still going strong so I called security. An officer came by and told me "they're just having fun" WHAT?? Really? Another 45mins goes buy and I walked to guest services to voice my displeasure. Guess services acted quickly and they apologized for not taking care of the situation the first time. Thankfully the music stopped and we didn't have an issue the remainder of the cruise. Not in the room anyway. These people thought it appropriate to play there music on their wireless speaker in the elevator! I'm I just getting old? :confused:
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