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  1. A refund notice e/m received today regarding a cancelled June 20 cruise which was put to FCC for next Oct but a change of mind and one phone call to P & O and a request to fill out a refund form ( Twice) from them which we filled out 2 weeks ago. Amount of refund was paid into our account on 22 Oct. Certainly quick on this occasion. Just waiting for some compensation we were awarded for a poor trip and bad food in Sindu which they said would be by a cheque sent to us. Steve
  2. BBC news @ 1843 today - Passengers have been stopped from disembarking a cruise ship in Malta due to a suspected case of Covid-19. The MSC Grandiosa cruise ship was allowed into Valetta harbour but left the port after collecting supplies. During the beginning of the pandemic, cruise ships were involved in a large number of cases. Malta allowed cruise ships into its harbours on the condition that passengers did not mix with locals.
  3. Deposit back on the card, paid in on 8 Oct. Nice one. 2 to go. Steve
  4. Not bad, 3 weeks after requesting deposit refund - just wait to see how long it takes to get back with us. email - Quote "Firstly, we would like to thank you for your patience. We are sorry that the unprecedented nature of Covid-19 has meant we have been unable to contact you as soon as we would have liked and as we do normally. We are pleased to be a travel company which is able to offer refunds but the impact of Covid-19 upon our business and all of our lives has been devastating, and therefore the complexity and scale of this task has been unprecedented for us. At P&O Cruises
  5. We had a cancelled cruise June 2020 paid for in 2019 so opted for FCC next Oct this would have cost more than the 2019 cruise so we paid a small deposit for the outstanding amount. We decided to cancel the 2021 cruise and ask for a refund on the original 2019 cruise. This is the reply -
  6. Great thanks for answering - how do they send it ? I paid by Barclay card - does it get put back on that then... and I will be in credit whoop whoop !
  7. Hi Just got a "cancellation" invoice for our Dec cruise - it was just for a small deposit. what happens next ? !! Steve
  8. Hi thanks for all the advice - sorry if I am not being very clear. We booked the cancelled June 2020 cruise in 2019 and paid the deposit and the outstanding amount when it was due. Then this cruise got cancelled. Not really knowing what we were doing we booked the Oct 2021 cruise with a cash deposit direct to P & O, then looked at the FCC so instead of claiming a refund on the fully paid 2020 cruise we opted to do the FCC on the Oct 21 cruise. We read the November 20 cut off for claiming cash refund so we have applied for that We have now made different plans for 2021 and 2022 and decid
  9. Thanks for the reply. the first part is great. The second part is that we opted to do the FCC of which they did not credit for the 2021 Oct Cruise and still have an outstanding balance to pay not £0, I understand about losing the FCC - and we had further cabin credit applied for an issue we had on a previous cruise which we will loose. P & O confirmed that they had received my communication and FCC would appear on the Oct 21 cruise. but it still has not - so as far as I can see they should refund us the full payment we paid before for the cancelled June 2020 cruise ?
  10. Hi Not sure if this post is in the right place but it is a question on refunds. But first Thank to all of you who have kept me up to date with the news, I am one of the hidden people who "lurk". Anyway, We had a cruise cancelled last June and opted for a FCC to we booked a short hop in Dec paid a £38 pound deposit and now told cancelled. ok, we also booked a cruise next Oct and paid £100 deposit and used the FCC for this. I have requested the £38 refund and also requested a refund on the cancelled cruise for last June - does this sound like the right thing to have done ?
  11. From "Cruise trade news" In terms of P&O Cruises’ pause in operations, which has been further extended until 15 May, Ludlow said that he hopes to give customers another update by the end of the month.
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