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  1. Made great savings on my Apex tours, many thanks for posting.
  2. Booking system down for maintenance: 17 November 2019: 17 November 2019 On Sunday 17 November from 5:00am - 5.00pm we will be completing planned maintenance to our reservations system. During this time you will be unable to book your cruise. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.
  3. How do you physically transfer an onboard booking to a TA?
  4. On UK site it is very random which is unfortunate as when it is "open" the agents are very helpful and it is much better than a telephone call. I have used it a few times and gained access just by logging on to the Celebrity UK site, but as I said it can be random and not always appear as an option.
  5. Cruises out of the UK have tea and coffee. Elsewhere just ask your room steward and they will provide them.
  6. Every bar I go into in Glasgow there are probably more flavoured gins than whiskies now! My wife loves the Blood Rose Gin with Fever Tree tonic, guess she will have to slum it!
  7. I would bet you add this to your premium package i.e. you pay the premium package plus this!
  8. Paid all in one and final payment was a few weeks ago, maybe give Celebrity a call to see what is happening. Thanks
  9. We have a cruise booked and have included flights which are with Lufthansa. I have a flight locator but am unable to reserve seats,Iam told, until a flight ticket has been issued. Anyone any idea how far in advance these are issued and who do they come from? Thanks
  10. On your cruise planner you can pre-book both a time and a table for 2.
  11. We are the same, particularly on a longer cruise cabin location is really important to us.
  12. In my 4 cruises on Celebrity I have never actually been inside Cellar Masters! Can you use your package to order say a G+T in there?
  13. I like a balcony but mainly only use it for the views going in and out of a port or when lying on the bed gazing out. The last thing I want to pack is an inflatable footstool. Cant imagine the space 2 take up in the cabin unless you deflate and reinflate each time, and as we always have to fly to connect with Celebrity they would take up valuable luggage space!
  14. There are about 7 varieties of Veuve Clquot ranging from Brut to La Grande Dame, I am assuming above prices are for the basic Brut?
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