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  1. Sounds like a bit of Tit for Tat ! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-58386967
  2. Going from Cawdor to Invergordon you don't go via Inverness!!
  3. No way is it an hour from Cawdor castle to Inverness! Half hour tops on a bad day!
  4. Diabetic so don't mind giving that up! Does that make me greener??
  5. I am with you, I need a shower to wake me in the morning and before dinner at night, hate using damp towels!
  6. You need to have booked your 2 day test before you arrive back in Uk. Not sure if Celebrity will pay for that one.
  7. Was expecting 10 points this month, got12 which took us to Elite.
  8. Yes all done a week ago, just the health bit to do.
  9. We are on previous cruise 8th October Spain and Portugal, not had anything yet.
  10. Can I ask which October cruise as I have not seen anything yet for ours?
  11. Totally agree, these people alongside health workers put their lives on the line for the benefit of the rest of us. governments should be making sure they are not disadvantaged.
  12. No idea but she is still sitting in dock at Greenock at18.45!
  13. Any idea why Silhouette is late in leaving Greenock tonight? Supposed to leave at 5pm?
  14. Good news is fully vaccinated from US and EU can now travel to England without having to quarantine.
  15. Good news is fully vaccinated from US and EU can now travel to England without having to quarantine.
  16. Aqua and also Concierge do get priority boarding and debarkation
  17. Good to see all crew to be vaccinated also.
  18. That's good to know as we are booked on similar in October, we were also on the failed St Petersburg cruise!
  19. thanks for that. was quite interested to know
  20. Did the same thing in 1974 with my wife to be. We were both in our late teens and were visiting her brother in Windsor. I often think of it, wonder what it is like now?
  21. Silhouette will be here also.
  22. The following is how it will work in England, Rest of devolved nations are expected to follow. Sounds straightforward. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/demonstrating-your-covid-19-vaccination-status-when-travelling-abroad
  23. I see Silhouette is now on way to Miami, would that be for vaccinations?
  24. I don't believe loyalty status gets you refund any quicker!
  25. Is there a way to submit your record "prior to boarding day"? Would hate to get to the port only to find the record is not acceptable.
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