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  1. We also got an invitation yesterday but unfortunately we are not able to take it. Flying to Galveston is just not feasible for us on the east coast. Fingers still crossed for Bayonne. We are pinnacle and don’t know if that had anything to do with the invitation.
  2. I agree. I think after the test cruise. I keep checking every day for our B2B
  3. We would never think of giving an underage a drink or glass of wine.
  4. It was the worse. Some had service and some didn’t. We were on the second and third cruise and my phone never worked. I was told that my phone was not compatible. Our friends sailing with us had the same phone but a earlier model. Hers worked. As soon as we hit the USA my phone worked.
  5. As a pinnacle I have not received a promotional email.
  6. Always leave extra. They all works so hard without a complaint. I also tell them no towel animals. With us being on so many cruises we don’t need them. We tell them that they could go to bed 5 minutes earlier 🤗
  7. I guess that I’m not the only one checking. Sometimes twice a day.
  8. We also were on the ship when it was shut down. We were on a B2B with friends in the concierge lounge and had no idea what was going on until there was an announcement and had to pack.
  9. I have been tracking the Oasis for a few days now. It has been in CoCoCay for some time. Today it is on its way to Miami. We are booked for a B3B on it July 13. hopefully it will be meeting with the other ships, getting the crew vaccinated and then up to Bayonne. My fingers are crossed. We are avid cruises and had 14 cruises cancelled already.
  10. They are on the Odyssey and staying in their cabins for the next two weeks. Very nice staterooms. Outside balcony, water cookies, fruit, a coffee pot etc.
  11. We have been in a grand suite. You have a living area with a tv, a bedroom and dressing area with another tv. And a very large bathroom. There is a heavy curtain between both rooms so you could watching tv in one and someone in the other and not hearing a thing. You will have access to a private sun lounge over looking the pool area. Enjoy it
  12. I just called them. Had a very nice person. He had me read everything on the screen then put in some letters and I was back on my original screen. Yeah! I was then shocked when I saw my amount.
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