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  1. Just got off on a B2B and it was so nice to see no more formal nights. Just jeans and shorts are not allowed.
  2. The Solarium has a main course menu. There is a Mediterranean buffet for appetizers and a salad bar and desert bar. It is a very quiet dinning space.
  3. On the last day of our cruise I took my wool winter jacket out of the suitcase and it was all wrinkled. Put it in the shower with the hot water running. I proceeded to pack. I had on my nightgown with my clothes ready to wear the next day in the closet. The SMOKE ALARM went off. I opened the bathroom door and the steam was so thick. I tried to reach in and shut the hot water but it was too hot. At the same time The phone was ringing. Yes it was the front desk asking if there was a fire. I tried to explain and some was ringing our door bell ( we had a suite). Here I am in my nightgown and two security men come in. They check the whole room and balcony including closets. After they shut the water they called downstairs to shut the alarm off. Through all this my husband was out walking around.
  4. I would purchase it on the ship. When it is delivered on the last night I would give it to him.
  5. Just back from the Anthem and we had a cabana. Everything was the same no change.
  6. You noticed that post was from 2017 also. Those are old menus from Jamies. They no longer have the chestnut mushrooms and Michael also is no longer there. It is now the Brock and ?. And they do make great burgers. They are huge.
  7. I can’t even think about swimming in water where pigs relive them self’s. 🐖
  8. I did go back and corrected it
  9. I just checked royal list of amenities and saw that up to diamond you only can get a bottle of water or a can of soda or a bottle of juice.
  10. Check on you tube you may find that someone posted one.
  11. Re: Anthem Pelican Pete The M&M has always been the first sea day at 10:00 in the music hall. If you don’t find an invitation just go the music hall. They do have a list of everyone who has registered. You will also receive a raffle ticket. The last few M&M has been more of a sales pitch. Mimosas use to be served, raffle for wine, free spins at the casino etc. but all that has gone.
  12. They looked like they were not too far from the port. Why would they not wait if it was a medical emergency. There were way too many small boats for one emergency. im answering my own question. I didn’t realize that it was leaving Bayonne.
  13. Thank you for posting. Very interesting.
  14. Can you tell me how far the frog and onion is from the ship docking. My husband cannot walk far. Thank you
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