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  1. Yes, the falls are worth it and one needs to do both sides. We stayed at the Belmond inside the park which was quite convenient.
  2. Seabourn was taken over before your 2016/17 cruises. If you liked it then, you'll like it now as nothing has really changed.
  3. Overnight in a port is used by Seabourn to: 1) offer extended overnight excursions 2) allow extra time for loading provisions and fuel 3) crew changes
  4. Port Terminal is connected to Sannomiya Station by Port Liner new transit system (a sort of automated train). http://www.knt-liner.co.jp/en/ We disembarked there two years ago and it was quite easy. Cute little automated train. With the Sannomiya Station connection you can stay anywhere. I personally recommend staying in Kyoto rather than Kobe. You can checkout in Kyoto, grab one of the numerous trains and be in Kobe in an hour. Can't board until noon, so might as well stay someplace nice! 🙂
  5. Here are the steps as best as I remember them for my iPad: —> main Web site and go to lines in the upper right corner —> select Booked Guests —> choose Online Guest Registration - where you fill in all the passenger info for the ePass —> Benefits and Preferences (icon looks like a hotel reception bell)(icon is second from the right)
  6. This was 4 years ago. We were staying on the island for a few days ahead of the cruise and had just returned the rental car to the airport. Took a taxi back to the port — totally uneventful. Can't comment on the current taxi queue situation, so ask in TripAdvisor to reach a larger viewership.
  7. Does Seabourn offer a shuttle when docked in Phuket? And if so, where does it drop people? It looks like we dock at the deep sea port. Thanks, John
  8. We just took a taxi to the pier. No worries.
  9. From a fellow 6ixer - you'll be just fine! We did a 7+7 there a few years ago and it was great. Nice to see some islands that you might not normally get to and assess their potential for a longer stay in the future. Jenidallas describes it perfectly.
  10. Maybe Seabourn should try a “Pepsi vs. Coke” with another comparable champagne and see what the passengers prefer. I'd be up for it! :)
  11. And how was your first Seabourn cruise?
  12. We walked around the downtown area in Manila and also did a Shopping with the Chef there. Was busy, but no problems.
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