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  1. Thanks and sure we will love it! Bet you can't wait for your great trip either! Have a good time Rod
  2. We're doing London to Sydney in October Rod
  3. Ok, I thought the list was the VDG list, but hopefully it's similar....we don't drink enough to buy the drinks package, just a glass of wine with dinner really, maybe a cocktail here and there. So if nothing is added re service charge, then the prices are quite good for us Thanks Rod
  4. Ah ha thank you found it, but there is no mention of a service fee on top of these prices..do you know if one is added? Rod
  5. Thank you, were the $ signs on the first link which had the heading Vasco da Gama in Australian dollars or USD? Also is there a service charge added to alcoholic drinks? Rod
  6. So I have been looking for the bar prices for wine and when I go on this site, can't see a list of bar prices there, only the internet prices..am I missing something? Thanks Rod
  7. Hi everyone Looking forward to meeting any new friends on this cruise Regards Rod and Barry
  8. Hello, wondering if we have any like minded friends on this cruise with us? Regards Rod and Barry
  9. Thanks martincath, have asked when making the booking and they said no, but you never know worth asking again so we did! Still seems no one has experienc of being shuttled up from berth46 to WCC and indicating time taken/ Thanks Rod and Barry
  10. re berth 46 Thanks to everyone for their replies. So we might have about an hour delay getting transported with our luggage from berth 46 to the World Cruise Centre..we have booked a shuttle there to a hotel, so we are trying to time our journey. Princess must put on shuttles to get everyone back to the main terminal, just can't quite imagine the crowds of people leaving the ship with luggage and trying to get on the shuttle to main terminal Regards Rod and Barry
  11. Hi, really appreciate your reply thank you...to clarify, once we arrive at berth 46, are there busses ferrying people back to the main terminal at World Cruise Centre? Seems you took a taxi between them? Thanks Rod and Barry
  12. re Argentine pesos Does anyone know if you can get these at the BA airport, or is there a good rate in BA somewhere? We're on the 28th Feb leaving BA and can't get the pesos from our Au bank Thanks Rod and Barry
  13. Can anyone explain what happens when our Princess ship arrives at berth 46 at San Pedro...I read there's a bus to get people to the World Cruise Centre(berth 92)..is that so and how long does it usually take to ferry everyone there..we gather it's too far to walk, or maybe not allowed? Thanks Rod and Barry
  14. Can any experienced San Pedro port people tell us what happens when our Princess Star ship arrives at berth 46 at San Pedro...is there a bus to take us to the World Cruise Centre (berth 92) and if so does it take ages for everyone to get on? We have a shuttle booked from World Cruise Centre Thanks Rod and BArry
  15. Hello everyone, looking to find like minded souls on this Christmas/New Year cruise Regards Rod and Barry
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