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  1. I understand how supply and demand works but I don’t think you can compare to a hotel. I use online booking site for hotels and you can usually cancel up til 24-48 hrs in advance without penalty, and rebook if the price drops. Not saying I’d want a refund but OBC would be nice.
  2. New NCL ships stink. Overcrowded, long lines everywhere, one pool for adults, no real atrium. Can’t compare to rccl or carnival for that matter. Escape was a nightmare with a toddler in a stroller. Give me a Jewel class ship over Breakaway/+ anyday.
  3. You shouldn’t be punished for booking early. Bad customer service. And don’t tell me that’s how all the cruise lines work cause that doesn’t mean it’s right. I would be mad too
  4. Just off the Jade a few weeks ago and I can say that it was great. I prefer it over the newer ncl ships any day. When I was on the Escape in October it was overcrowded and always a wait for drinks, elevators, dinner. Jade never felt crowded, would almost always get an empty elevator and the pool deck is nice layout. Great outdoors is nice and we always found a table there. I was on the jade several years ago for a Greek isles cruise, she did not disappoint then and did not disappoint now.
  5. I didn’t realize they were selling the itineraries yet. I guess they do have it figured out. Looking forward to sailing Oasis out of NJ next year.
  6. I’m not sure if there’s a way to retrofit the Oasis but as is I don’t think she fits under the Verrazano bridge. VZ is 228 above waterline and Oasis is 236 (according to google) I remember hearing this rumor years ago
  7. Nice review. I’m leaving on the Jade Monday. Thanks for the input
  8. I agree that this price increase is ridiculous. It’s not even like NCL has the best product either. Escape felt very over crowded, not stroller friendly, especially in the hallways, always a wait and crowded elevators. Only one pool for adults on a new mega ship is not enough. Instead of go carts or laser tag I would have preferred an aft pool. If I book NCL again I will be taking the cheapest guarantee and take my grey goose rum runners on. Have a nice day NCL.
  9. I agree, did not like the escape. I’ll take the breakaway over escape anyday. Escape felt way overcrowded, always a wait for elevators and thy were always full stopping on every floor. Margaritaville was also not worth the upcharge.
  10. I just got my flight info today for the jade 2/11 sailing. We are on AA from EWR-MIA, early flight there 6a which I guess is good Incase of delays and 1:30pm home. Both nonstop, I am happy
  11. I agree with OP, it’s definitely deceptive. I recently sailed and when I booked was surprised to see how much extra the so called free at sea was. If it was really free why can’t you get it with a guranteed room? Cause it’s not free!! It’s built into the price. There’s a reason why it costs another few hundred to pick your own room to get the FAS offer. Having said that, I was still comfortable with what I paid but it’s a sales gimmick. I don’t know why some people go out of their way to be NCL apologists.
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