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  1. Not a smoker, happy it’s restricted but two thoughts: 1, you RARELY get sympathy here on cruise critic for whatever reason. Its a tough crowd, but generally correct, just strict. You didn’t follow the rules and something happened? Nobody here will feel sorry for you. On some other social media you will have hundreds of supporters. 2. IF - you restrict the smokers TOO much, they will find a way, probably on their balcony. Better to make a reasonable accommodation in my opinion. Celebrity usually does, the Edge May be a work in progress as it’s a fresh design.
  2. You will know if you’re being charged if they ask for your signature. if they ever ask you to sign a receipt, that’s the time to confirm you have a package. if they just scan and return your seapass, that’s how it’s supposed to work, and no billing occurs.
  3. In theory, the ship will rotate around its center point. Think of a see-saw, the further out you go the more movement, the closer to the center, the less movement. In rough seas we have moved about the ship, to try and find a more stable location, including sitting in the dead center, down low near guest services. We didn’t feel any noticeable improvement although logic tells me there MUST have been less movement, it just wasn’t much different. One night we walked the entire length of the ship from front to aft and stopped several points to see if we noticed a change. Not so much. We've stayed front, middle, and aft but they all can be smooth or not. If you’re highly sensitive to movement the middle should be best, but I’m not sure there is a “magic” location for rocking and rolling. I agree with the advice pick the cabin you prefer, and being near an elevator is ALWAYS convenient since you use them so much on a ship.
  4. So, number one thing is look at the top and find the S class cabin compilation. there is info on many cabins, do a search in that topic. I can only say that 1210 appears to be an aft view balcony and that’s our first choice, it’s mesmerizing to watch. There are two downsides: 1. It’s a long walk to the elevator. 2. Sometimes you may get soot on your balcony. if those things don’t bother you, it’s a million dollar view. Concierge class by and large is not a big deal, the perks are not deal breakers.
  5. In theory, yes, BUT if you used your elite minutes as a discount to buy the package then no. However, if two passengers are Elite, one could buy a package using the discount and the second could use the elite minutes on their account. Thats not what we usually do, we get a package and log in and out as necessary taking turns. One device at a time, but when a second one logs in, the first one is disconnected.
  6. It’s preismans.com. E before I and all that. God bless them for all the information they gather, if you want a menu, drink or food, they’ve made it available to you.
  7. About a week ago, there was a sale on excursions, drink packages, and dining. it varied by the cruise, but I got deals on all 3. So, yes they do offer “sales” and you’ll hear about it here first usually!
  8. We’ve taken our own food items before, when it was a dealbreaker item, just to be sure we had it. Sometimes salted peanuts, sometimes blue cheese stuffed martini olives. It sure feels weird to be smuggling FOOD onto a cruise ship! The one thing they’re famous for having plenty of... (and I know it’s not really smuggling, we carried it through the scanners, but it sounds funnier that way)
  9. If it IS captain.... Then the PALL is a very, very bad option LOL.....🤪
  10. The delivered canapés are “JUST OKAY” for us. It’s frustrating when they are setting up for dinner and everything is roped off, we’d like a little plate of cheese and crackers on the balcony but right before dinner that’s not an option. So, either get some earlier, or later I guess. Gone are the days of taking a plate of sushi out on the balcony!
  11. For dining, Murano for sure, and try the Mast Grill celebrity burger one day for lunch. The room service club sandwich is delicious, but then cafe el Bacio for an Aspen Coffee, ooh and a crab martini in Blu if you’re Aqua Class, but the buffet is pretty darned good too.... So many favorites!
  12. Well, the embarkation lunch is a perk for CONCIERGE class, one of few. You could have (but didn’t) chosen that class if you got aqua or a suite. One has to accept some things, and Concierge class cannot eat in Blu or Luminae, nor can Aqua or Suite guests eat at the Concierge lunch. If it helps to ease your senses, you didn’t miss much, it’s nice don’t get me wrong but not something that makes or breaks a cruise experience.
  13. We have found choice air (flights by celebrity) a very good deal on trans atlantic flights. On our next cruise a flight from LHR to CLT on AA is $2,000 on the airline site, $388 with flights by celebrity.
  14. I think its a good deal, if you take advantage of every opportunity you will have a lot of photos, hard copies and digital. Make a point of having your seapass card scanned to attach the photos to you, and also look through the photos on the wall once in awhile. If you find one with you in it, take it to the kiosk and they will put it in your folder. And yes, others can be included in your photo, as long as you are, you can get it.
  15. No, sorry. you also can’t get a C1 for the price of a C2.
  16. In theory, the answer is NO. They’re structured for, appetizer, entree, sides and dessert. If you’re looking for all you can eat, you ought to hit up the buffet. If you’re reasonable, they’ll accommodate you. We’ve asked for Lobster AND Steak in Murano and got it without any fuss. Quisine (gone now) is the ultimate AYCE. AND Sushi CAN BE, depending on the day and/or the deal but in theory it’s A La Carte. You won’t go hungry I promise!
  17. I agree the Edge is Unattractive on the outside. I hope it’s more than beautiful on the inside. After the hype dies down, we’d try it, but the S class ships have a style that is hard to beat in my opinion.
  18. I love it when the voice in the Elevator says “Deck Eleven” That one word, deck, signals we are at sea.
  19. And, be sure to try room service! if you have a balcony, breakfast on your balcony is a beautiful thing, at least have coffee and croissants! For lunch have the room service club sandwich! It’s awesome
  20. Murano. Has the best food Tuscan. Has the best view Quisine. (LPC) is the most fun pick your preference. We love Murano, and Lawn Club Grill, when available
  21. So, a few details might help. is your mother in law taking the cruise, or are you concerned about leaving her if she is ill? Do you have any trip insurance? Plan A would be to cancel, wait until closer and rebook if all is well. Plan B would be to take your chances (at least BUY a trip insurance policy) even though her already being ill might not be covered, might be a good time to talk to the trip insurance store........
  22. We have noticed the same thing on the Silhouette TA in april. Zero excursions in Lisbon Portugal, only a very few elsewhere. This is definitely NOT the norm. We have always seen lots of choices by now.
  23. So, I’m in the minority but I’d keep the FV since you do not need the perks or points. Great cabin. Save the $575.
  24. We love TA cruises! Theyre a bargain usually and sea days are great for relaxation (why we cruise) My brother says he would go stir crazy on a ship for one week, let alone two like a TA but for us its the only way to cruise. Choice air makes the airfare home a good deal too, The cruise we want next, the airfare from LHR to orlando is $350
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