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  1. Once assigned a cabin you usually are not changed. Usually. You have 3 options 1: relocate to another cabin in the same category 2. Pay the difference between your cabin and anything higher priced. Cabin prices often drop greatly after final payment. 3. Bid on an upgrade. Usually no better than option #2, you don’t know if you will get it or not and the price is as much or more for the lowest bid. There is a link where you can bid whether or not you receive an offer to bid, but the bids are in the period right before you sail.
  2. Yeah, airlines are not as kind as cruise lines lol
  3. I can only add that in our experience MORE excursions open up as the cruise gets closer. We have also been able to wait list once onboard and sometimes it works, sometimes nyet, but worth a try as people and plans change and someone may cancel the tour you want.
  4. The included food and beverages are the bottled water and fruit plate. You can get drinks from the nearby bar if you have a drink package. I remember walking to the mast grill and returning with two plates for lunch, it’s fairly convenient. We chose a sea day for our Alcove. I don’t see a lot of value on a port day when the ship is almost empty and you could have plenty of spaces to use but thats just my opinion.
  5. I have no direct knowledge but it’s usually just before sail away so 7:30 would be typical EXCEPT that’s during dinner! Hmmmm
  6. Thats what they jokingly refer to as a first world problem. Honey, our oversized balcony isn’t as oversized as the neighbors.... lol
  7. The last two TA cruises we have taken included BOGO offers at some point. The first deal was buy one get one half off. This years cruise (next month) is buy one get one FREE, or 50% off on two.
  8. My guess is the TA booked a block of cabins when the price was lower?
  9. You will have no problem getting a glass of wine in the mdr, nor anywhere else. There will be lobster one night, if you need to know which night I can’t help you but search for menus. thepreismans.com usually have lots of menus and other info. Very helpful couple
  10. Anyone have a guess as to WHY that one S1 is available? i’m tempted, we have an S2 in the same location, it seems to have a better view and no poles in the middle of the room. Why is that one s1 open? Is it the worst?
  11. I plead guilty. We have had two cruises reserved that sailed at the same time, couldn’t possibly be on two at once. When our plans got solidified we cancelled one and took the other. I guess a refundable deposit made that easy. By the way as for Family Verandas, we rarely see them in advance but after final payment they are available. Book fast they don’t stay on the market long. The “fishy” site used to alert me when an FV was available, it seems to be near useless anymore, maybe someone else will create something similar?
  12. As a hard working photographer i often get photo requests where the payment for the job is “great exposure for your work” I can’t pay my mortgage with exposure, besides I’m established enough now, not a beginner. I’d prefer payment, I’m CERTAIN the staff on a cruise ship prefer cash tip to a gift. To those who want to give a gift, you have a big heart, but the recipient would prefer cash which they can use as they see fit.
  13. If your ship has a Lawn Club Grill, they will allow you to grill it yourself, so no worries about how its cooked! 😀
  14. I’ve ordered the chateaubriand and my wife had something else, so it certainly is possible. I don’t remember if i got a two person sized portion or not, its been awhile.
  15. Assuming you are talking about the feature found in settings:cellular:setup personal hot spot, the answer is NO. That is using cellular data, not wifi. It is possible to use cellular data on the ship just expensive unless you purchase a cruise ship plan, but i think the conversation here revolves around the wifi on the ship.
  16. I think your numbers are right. Jim must be using “fuzzy math” i get 974.68 as well for two. gratuities will vary based on category and internet prices vary depending on elite discounts etc. Still the beverage package, is far and away the most valuable perk.
  17. On our last cruise, with premium package, my “go to” drink was Macallan. I was frequenly asked if i wanted a double. If i asked them if they needed my wifes card for that or was there an additional charge the bartender shook his head and said “its still one drink sir” I tookthe double every time.
  18. Well, they will tell you all of that during the cruise. But, if you are truly carrying off your luggage, ie: not putting it out the night before, you can disembark as soon as the ship clears immigration. You will need to be out of your stateroom early, say 8am, you can wait in any public area if you need to, but most people who carry off their own luggage go as soon as possible, sometimes 7:00 am
  19. Does a sky suite have a bathtub? Its an S2 if that matters on Silhouette. Wifey is curious.
  20. As you seem to be located in the U.S., you should be able to get any discount or additional perks that are offered. Keep an eye out for deals! There is a website that supposedly tracks price changes, but its not so reliable these days. If not, you can cancel and you’re only out the $20 deposit anyway in the worst case. Keep in mind that the very best prices often come after final payment in the 30-60 days before your cruise but these will not have any perks.
  21. Port fees should NOT be the basis of the decision. After all WE pay them, not Carnival. It does sound like Carnival is not feeling very wanted though, whatever the reason or motive.
  22. There are NO perks involved. The “new bookings only” verbiage is gone today so i tried again and got what i wanted! we moved over two cabins but went from c1 to a sky suite,, SWEET!
  23. To the OP: Because you used a TA that’s who has to resolve this. Step 1 - look online and see what cabins are available in the SAME CATEGORY. Step 2. request a change to the one you like best. Then wait for a response. In the U.S. there would NOT be a charge for changing cabins as long as they are the same category. ie: swap a 2B for a 2B The rules are different in the u.k. though, so good luck and enjoy your cruise however it works out.
  24. I think the issue is that they DO know each other, and that may lead to some challenges. If my neighbor doesn’t know me, but overheard something about cousin Becky they don’t care, someone related might care. Also you would NEVER peek around the balcony divider with a stranger but might if you felt it was family, which could be embarrassing..
  25. 1. Not in the usa, but i understand yes when sailing from u.k. 2. Yes 3.yes 4.yes, but most likely you will visit cafe al bacio for coffee & tea on deck 5 I believe.
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