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  1. Several cruises leaving that weekend.
  2. On S class ships, like eclipse On the starboard side, where the even numbered cabins are. Go all the way to the front, there is a door, you can open it, no one is guarding it. Inside is the relaxation room, a large picture window looking out the front. some chairs and a couple of containers of fruit flavored water usually. you will pass the “secret staircase” somewhere around 1520
  3. That puzzled me too..... how would it apply to a sold out cruise anyway? scratching my head
  4. We have been in Aqua and used it. NEVER were asked if we were Aqua or not. Id feel free to use it regardless of my cabin, it’s usually mostly empty. Not a big ooh-ah either, a quiet place to read, a nice view of the front and some flavored water.
  5. There are two options here, carry on vs. checked. if you carry on you and your items go through screening, if you check it it gets screened separately from you. Just check it. Worst case is you get a call to the “naughty room”
  6. I appreciate the cake, I sincerely do, but on a cruise, the LAST thing i need is more food!
  7. The problem is, not everyone wants internet on a cruise ship. It cannot be “free” no matter what. You would simply include the cost in the cruise fare and then make passengers who do not use it subsidize those who do. I for one prefer the current “pay to play” system, and yes we usually purchase it.
  8. We finally can bid on a move up. Currently if i just pay the asking price for a sky suite i can upgrade for $700-$800 per person. If i BID the minimum is $900 and that is considered weak. Why would i bid more than the current price?
  9. It would be a shame to “move up” to a suite and not eat in Luminae. And we Love Blu! I get why you would want to dine with your friends, but if thats a priority, I don’t think I’d change class of cabin. I know there are other advantages to a suite but still I’m not thinking I’d move up this time.
  10. Sodium? perhaps thats why its so good 😊
  11. First of all, the ship travels about the same speed as a weather system, so if you depart under high pressure, GREAT! if you depart in low pressure and rain you stay in it longer. Secondly, the first part of the cruise you will see the staff handing out towels by the pool. In the second week they will be handing out blankets typically. Pack for two climates!
  12. So the best way i have heard to change promotional chips is at roulette. place two bets, one on black and one on red. Most likely (there is an exception) One will win and one will lose. They will take one promo away and give you a regular chip. Pocket the regular chip and play another promo. In a short time you will change the promotional chips out.
  13. If you have ONE sea day, i would NOT recommend purchasing an internet package. Buy it for that one day, or just skip a day.
  14. Well, no direct experience at this, but i HAVE scuba dived and you wear a weight belt, could that be in play here?
  15. Well, ONE place would be the beach. There is Ft. lauderdal beach park a bit north of the inlet, from there you could walk or bike along the shore to where the channel is and the ship will pass right in front of you.
  16. Depending on your phone, sending a text is usually .50 and receiving one a nickel. check your rates but thats what we have paid in the past when not using wifi.
  17. Wifi works throughout the ship, but better in some places than others due to all the steel in the ship. You mentioned than you have wifi for one device so just sign in with your phone and you should be good almost everywhere. Your friends will ALSO have to have internet and be signed in, under their account for this to work.
  18. You guys are responding to a 5 year old conversation. The other posters are unlikely to be paying attention.....
  19. I just KNEW there was alcohol involved!
  20. Shhhh don't ask too many questions! enjoy your bonus
  21. If you go to youtube and search “pier runners” lots of videos. The late arrivals get ZERO SYMPATHY from those who did return on time and had to wait by the way. For some reason cozumel is a top spot.
  22. In our last cabin the darn microwave didn’t work! i put my pizza in and pressed 0100 for one minute, then it locked!
  23. Luminae is NOT a perk. It is your dining room if you are in a suite. I am 100% confident you will dine in Luminae
  24. Yes, Elite perks are valid on a TA.That makes the beverage package a less important purchase, but we still like a glass of wine at dinner, a drink in the theatre, at the pool, a beer with a burger at lunch etc,etc,etc
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