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  1. For us, its not a “spreadsheet” decision. We are on vacation, we want to enjoy it and if someone walks by the pool with a tray of “drink of the day” we grab one. If we have to pay by the drink we think about whether we should and sometimes don’t have that drink. Also, NO RECEIPTS to sign! Yay!
  2. Yes, category matters for this. If you are in a suite or concierge there is a lunch just for you! If not then you have 3 options without extra cost. 1. The buffet (excellent but crowded) 2. Aqua spa cafe in the solarium (limited menu) 3. Mast grill by the pool! Yes, its burgers fries and hot dogs but they are sooooo good! We rarely eat burgers and fries, but somehow on the ship they are a treat.
  3. So, just remember that prices can also RISE and booking early sometimes is the best price and you get first choice of cabins. We often book after final payment. We usually get a good price. We also get the “leftover” cabins that no one else wanted. If you take the price on your cruise now, that is for a guarantee booking, no choice in cabin at all.If you’re just happy to be on the ship that’s good, if the cabin matters at all you’re rolling the dice. For most of us on here, the cabin choice represents a lot of research, hence the existence of the cabin spreadsheets. So, don’t feel like you made a mistake! Its all part of booking strategy, someone may be able to book a suite now for half what you did, but they’ll get the one under the buffet with chairs scraping overhead etc. while you sleep quietly.
  4. Yep, its a cookie, but not the kind you eat. Clear them and it all stops. On an apple go to: settings, safari, clear history and website data. you are now incognito (for awhile)
  5. But, what time is the midnight buffet???
  6. 1: BALONEY - the menus DO NOT change. 2. You MAY get a discount onboard, maybe not. The package is a sure thing. calculate your price per dinner with a package, the average on-board discount is 30% sometimes reaching 50% and it is rare to get a discount in Murano. 3. Make your reservations as soon as you board and you’ll almost certainly get your times, and restaurants. The risk of not using it all is extremely low. We just bought one for our next cruise and the cost equals $26 a night. I am unlikely to get that good a discount onboard so it worked for us. Ymmv as they say. The most likely discount is Qsine, Tuscan, and sometimes sushi on 5, sometimes not. The least likely is Murano and The porch.
  7. Even in hotels the glasses are often “wiped clean” especially if you are staying several nights. It is best not to think too much about such things.... Id much prefer them to be collected and run through a sanitize cycle on a commercial dishwasher, it probably doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, whether on ship or shore.
  8. Its a logical question. If the ship will provide one, upon request, why can’t you carry on one on yourself? It’s not a question about whether its the butler or stateroom attendant who supplies it.
  9. https://www.celebritycruises.com/bid-on-cruise-room-upgrade this may help those who did not get an email
  10. Don’t forget there is also usually a european style plug, take an adapter and use it too. we usually have an adapter when we’re doing a transatlantic cruise for after the cruise.
  11. But the news on croissants is not so bleak, we have had them.
  12. Oh yeah. It ranges from weapons to surge protectors to booze. im not sure where you find the list on celebrity web site though
  13. Yes, the bartender does not know your package before the end of the transaction. Always be specific if you want Grey Goose for instance. By the way, the machines in cellar masters are i think called enomatic and they are NOT covered by a package. They are a separate thing. You can get a glass from the bartender that will be covered by a package.
  14. Oops my bad, we’ve only sailed one M class ship the Constellation but loved it.
  15. Just wondering what would have happened if they did NOT change your cabin? The three of you show up and have a room that sleeps 2.... THAT would have been a disaster. I still wonder whether celebrity or the TA failed to notify you, but still the cabin change is in your best interest.
  16. We have found them to be fine as far as noise, ALSO, anywhere you go on a cruise ship uses an elevator so its very convenient to be close.
  17. The beds should alternate between by the bath or by the balcony, if you look at the top of Celebrity topics there is a “sticky” with a spreadsheet of cabins.
  18. So your “savings” is $1400. You gave up some perks that didn’t add up for you, the wifi and drinks were never really “free” anyway. Now you see their cost. You should be able to move to any other available cabin in the same category if you are interested by the way.
  19. Yes, but not likely with a discount. You can upgrade at any point until i think 3 days are left in the cruise. Watch for discounts and sales pre cruise, there is one right now for our cruise.
  20. Yes, except for the “flight”
  21. I absolutely, positively, recommend Murano. its the finest experience at sea on a celebrity ship. Tuscan, while nice, does not compare.
  22. I guess I wouldn’t call it a price that includes nothing at all. It’s the base fare for the cruise. IF you want a perk, that increases the price. If not you have the cost of the cruise, your stateroom, meals, entertainment, etc. The perks are NOT free, never have been, but are sometimes less, sometimes more than buying the items individually. If you have a choice for instance of prepaid tips (worth $270 as an example) OR a $300 obc, then the obc is the better offer. Take the obc, pay your tips with that and you have $30 left over. Sometimes it works like that. Senior and resident rates are usually less than the base fare, but without any perks. Clear as mud? Lol
  23. Just curious, what ship and sail date? it might help to see what you are seeing. And, not to be flip, but I don’t think ANYONE really understands cruise pricing anymore lol
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