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  1. How did they arrive, UPS, USPS or FedEx and is a signature required? Mine arrived by USPS and no signature was required. My new passport arrived separately from my old one.
  2. I sent mine to Texas and it came back from Arizona. So clearly they send them around to different locations. My renewal came 3 months after I submitted it and the old passport came 3 weeks after the renewal. It sounds like things are moving more quickly at least for some at this stage. I'm glad I got my renewal...even though we are not going anywhere anytime soon!
  3. I received my old cancelled passport back today, approximately 3 weeks after I received my new passport.
  4. I received my new passport about 3 weeks ago and I am still waiting for my old cancelled passport to arrive. They are sent separately.
  5. We had an estimated delivery expected by July 25 but we actually received it July 22. So the whole process from start to finish took 4 months and a couple of days! Now I have my new passport and nowhere to go..... Hoping to be able to cruise by the spring!
  6. I received my passport yesterday, quicker than the original estimate of July 25th. Every trip this year I had planned has either been cancelled by the cruise line, I have cancelled, or I have lifted and shifted. Next up is April 2021for a short cruise on the Navigator. Now I am thinking that won't even happen. We shall see. After that we have a cruise for November 2021 on the Oasis. That might happen! Nevertheless, it is nice to have the passport for the future.
  7. I mailed my passport renewal application on March 19th and received an email that it was accepted on March 23rd (and the check was cashed that date). It was "In Process" until July 17th. Last night I received an email that my passport has been mailed (priority mail) and I should receive delivery by July 25th.
  8. Here is my timeline for renewal of passport: Mailed March 19th Received email that application was accepted March 23th March 25th -July17: In Process July 17th: E-mail update received at 10:00 p.m. that passport is being sent priority mail and estimated delivery expected by July 25th.
  9. This short video was taken near Deception Island on a cruise to South America and Antarctica on the Coral Princess in late December 2019. VID_20191229_070951.mp4
  10. Our June 20 cruise to Alaska was cancelled by Princess before final payment. Our deposit was in the form of a FCD. We had booked restricted EZ Air and paid Princess the airfare cost last February. We weren't sure if we would get this money refunded or not. The airline has no record of our reservation so we were hopeful we would get a refund from Princess. We were pleased that we received a refund of the airfare from Princess back to our credit card yesterday. We also got our FCDs credited back to our Captain Circle accounts.
  11. It is painful to cancel. This has not been the best of times for so many reasons. But we will get through it. Hoping for cruises in the future and good health.
  12. I think my favorite port stop was in the Falkland Islands. I LOVED the excursion to Bluff Cove to see the penguins and enjoy tea and treats at the cafe. It was such a highlight for me. As far as my favorite part of Antarctica... I don't know. Maybe Charlotte Bay where we saw countless whales and pristine beauty. But, everything we saw in our antarctic cruising was amazing ... from Elephant Island shrouded in fog, to the amazing ice bergs, to Paradise Harbor, which was so gorgeous. I wish we had been able to explore Deception Island, but that was derailed by weather. The other thing to note is that the lectures were really superb. We probably went to two lectures a day for several days learning so much about the geographic, history and exploration of Antarctica. Finally, crossing the Drake passage was also a highlight and the iconic Cape Horn was really quite astonishing to see. It really was a fantastic experience. I am so glad we were able to take the cruise. It was definitely something very special.
  13. Good luck, Cruisequeen4ever. This was the best cruise we have ever been on. We are sad to have had to cancel two cruises this summer. But, we are hopeful we will all be able to continue cruising in the future! Keeping my fingers crossed for you to be able to experience Antarctica and all the wonders of this amazing itinerary.
  14. Just checked our credit card account this morning and see we received our refund for our cancelled Holland America April 5 cruise. We chose the full refund option on March 15 and now have been made whole! So, the refunds are coming!
  15. I mailed my Passport in for renewal on March 17. The check was cashed and when I checked the status online it has said “in process” ever since March 23. I assume it will not be processed until the end of the summer at best but who knows. I originally needed it for a 2020 Thanksgiving cruise but we lifted and shifted that until Thanksgiving 2021. So I don’t have a need for it now until next year. And, I have a Real ID license so I am good for air travel if I need to fly.
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