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  1. My medallion app shows the same incorrect port of Saguenay. I can't even select an arrival group. It says it is too soon. Honestly, I don't think this cruise will even happen given the state of Covid and vaccinations and international travel issues. I would just wait and see if the app is ever fixed!
  2. I believe the brand they had December 2019 was Mighty Leaf tea.
  3. So, I have three upcoming cruises. On the first one, I slipped to yellow yesterday but then when I would click on a different voyage and then back to the first voyage, the first voyage would change back to green... I haven't looked this morning to see if it has reverted back to yellow. Also, yesterday, my health status section updated to a much more detailed section (but without an option to upload vaccine card). I am not stressing because I don't think my first upcoming cruise is even going to happen (South America/Antarctica for late December). I figure by the time my second book
  4. The medallion and a lanyard are free. You order through the app. You can get bracelets and other accessories for your medallion for a cost. Shipping to your home is free or you can pick it up at the port. To check in, most information is now required to be entered into or to uploaded to the medallion class app on your phone other electronic device such as a tablet. The cruise personalizer is now utilized only for a small number of items such as Ez Air reaervations and printing out luggage tags. Many people are having a lot of difficulty with the app. The check in process has no
  5. On our December cruise everything is green checked except arrival group since it’s too early. Even so it says yellow lane when yesterday it said green lane. Our June 2022 cruise shows the same 4 check marks but says green lane. The app is a mess. I’m not stressed because I don’t think our December cruise will happen and I assume it will all be ironed out before our June 2022 Alaska cruise!
  6. Where is the notice? I go into health section and there is nothing about uploading the vaccination card. I also don’t see anything anywhere about selecting a return airport in case of emergency….I’ve tried the app on my iPad and also my android phone. Same deficiencies. But my first booked cruise isn’t until December ( if it even happens) so maybe they haven’t gotten around to cruises that far out or they know it’s not going to sail!
  7. I had green lane yesterday, blue this morning, then all data lost, and now back to green. I have never seen an option to upload the vaccine card or to add emergency airport return. I'm just going to ignore the app for now. Clearly the app issues are not resolved. The app is not stable.
  8. I don’t know why I am so stressed over this. Our first Princess cruise post-Covid isn’t until December and I think it is likely to be cancelled if Souh America doesn’t open up for international travel. But, this is just ridiculous. I had everything filled in for that cruise and two others and now NOTHING is there and no journeys even listed. I’m just cooling my jets and hope it all reappears at some point.
  9. I’m having exactly the same problem. This is insane.
  10. They need to do a lot of work on the app. Simple things like a message that it is too soon to fill out the health section would certainly be an easy fix for those of us who are seeing the white screen! How Princess could think that check in should not be available through the cruise personalizer is beyond me.
  11. I get the white screen of death on my cell phone (which is a pixel 3A ) when I try to go into the health section to upload my vaccine card. So, I thought I would try on my iPad to see if the app performed any differently. Nope it does not. I get the same white screen when I click on the health section. My upcoming cruise on Princess is not until December. So I have plenty of time for Princess to resolve this problem.
  12. Thanks Steelers36. I assume I cannot proceed until the white screen of death problem is solved. I have a Pixel 3a phone with Android 11 I believe. I'll wait a bit and see if this issues resolves so I can upload our vaccination cards.
  13. What section of the medallion app asks for you to scan your vaccination card? I have filled steps 1,2, and 3 of the travel checklist section. The only scanning I encountered is for my passport. I accomplished that without much difficulty. When I click on the arrival/departure group section it states is too early to select those times. When I click on the health section and it loads a blank white page. My cruise isn't until December so perhaps it is just too soon to fill in vaccination information? The version of the medallion app says it was last updated
  14. The prices are much less than on the original flyer for the May 2023Transatlantic we want. We will book it today. Very pleased.
  15. Thanks! We have never taken advantage of this option, but want to do so to book the fire and ice transatlantic for May 26, 2023!
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