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    Port of Tampa Car rental

    My DH's sister asked us to come see her next time we cruised out of Tampa as she lives and hour away. Now we have flights booked and I had assumed she would be picking us up from the airport and taking us to the port (this is what my sister would do and she lived the same distance away.) So now we need to rent a car at the airport and return it at the port. The other choice is rent round trip at the airport and than cab it to the port which would be more of a hassle. Does anyone know of a rental agencies that lets you drop off at least when ships are in? They had this in Huston, not a rental cite just for day of cruise drop offs. I did a search here but the info is old. Next time I will just get a hotel at the port and she can come see us if she wants.:D

    My Solo Inspiration Easter Getaway!

    I have done many solo's on the Inspiration and always had a great time too.

    Ziplining in San Juan

    [quote name='BeccaStorm']hmmmm, I don't know if it is. This one is in El Yunque Rainforest it says so I don't know. Maybe someone that knows Puerto Rico better then I do would know. Can't believe that its 1/2 the price of the ship tour! Its like 2 for 1![/QUOTE] [COLOR="Purple"][SIZE="3"]I have done many private tours that are 1/2 the price of the ship tours over the years. Some even less.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

    Change in Passing Time Recommendation at SJU Airport

    what is Barrachina's that you can drop off luggage.

    Alcohol in SJU airport cheaper?

    I didn't know they had shops past security so you can carry on. That is too cool.
  6. Is there somewhere to get a GOOD map. We got one from the visitor center and I had some trouble finding a route coming back that felt safe and I was with another female at the time. I took the trolley the time I went to the fort. I was with a friend and her DH, very large man and it seemed like a very long way around to me. I wish I had someone going on this cruise that felt safe and in good shape to walk it with me.

    Just back from Glory -"American Table" video

    [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Purple"]I am not east or west coast. Just know I like having the table cloth as it help cut down the noise in the dinning room. Yes, it does make dinning in the MDR worth going for. With this I might as well just go to the buffet and cut down on the 2+ hours being reported.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    A couple great solo deals in Feb 2014

    They are doing the Same in January. They must have figured out taking away the solo 150% for 1A wasn't such a good move. I had booked a b2b in a 1A not realizing that was so. Canceled those sailings when I found two 7 day cruises on Liberty for 100% solo rate. I didn't get the $40 bar credit though as I had already booked on another solo sale with a lower rate.

    American Table & American Feast Menu

    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"][SIZE="3"]I am really sad to hear all this. I just came back from Four RCCL cruises b2b. While the food was better on these cruises than previous cruises, I and others were still bragging up how Carnival has better food. Now I come back and see hear what is being rolled out and regret sending folks to Carnival for the great food. I don't go cruising to eat buffet/family style eating. If I want low class dinning I can get that at Denny's here at home. No pumpkin can be a deal breaker for me. I was so looking forward to it as the soup on RCCL can't hold a candle to Carnivals Pumpkin Soup[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  10. PINEVIEW01

    Singles to get Double Points

    [quote name='franl24fan'] Then she made the mistake of opening up for questions. It was obvious she had no clue as to what actually goes on in the "real world". Several solo gents brought up what they felt was deception by RCL, to give all of the publicity to the new point system, and then a few weeks later change the pricing for solos to more than double. The marketing rep was totally lost, had no idea what they were talking about. They asked her if RCL marketing plans intended to discourage solo travelers, which have been a large and loyal group of cruisers, or did RCL not realize what the impact would be, or think that solos would be so thrilled with extra points they'd be willing to pay any price. She had no answer, said she'd take the concern back to corporate. Uh huh.[/QUOTE] I have always paid the 200% (the reason I would do Carnival was they had 150%-now 200%) not sure the point the gents were making. I haven't seen the 200%+ yet.
  11. PINEVIEW01

    HELP! Hotel I booked has bed bugs.

    Yep, they can show up anywhere, anytime as they can show up on anybody from anywhere. We had friends go to Disney and found them. You KNOW Disney does everything possible to prevent/find/eradicate them. But, people still transport them. Now if there were multiple post about the same place over and over, I would think they weren't doing enough.
  12. Thanks! I just need to figure the best way to get the DH off the ship and to the airport. He has never done this without me. He has never had to claim luggage, clear customs, check-in to a airport not alone change planes. I'm getting nervous about it.
  13. PINEVIEW01

    Upgrade Fairy Arrived Today

    I don't have it checked and the C&A told me to select it. I told them as I was B2B I would only want to upgrade if I would get it, the same cabin, on both. So, I can only upgrade if all go on sell at the same time with the same cabin available and that doesn't happen. I did call and get the E3 from the OV I paid for. If I didn't care about changing cabins I would have been in a D2 and D1 for them. I could have gotten a D2 on the third but not at the same time. This is one reason I am thinking of trying to book just one longer cruise instead of the b2b2b2b that I am doing this time.
  14. PINEVIEW01

    Tampa Pre-Cruise Logistics

    [quote name='aria48']If you are going before the end of January, there is a Groupon for the Florida Aquarium that will save you quite a bit. $29 for 2 people which comes to $14.50 each. [URL="http://flsave.com/aquarium"]Florida Aquarium $29 Groupon[/URL][/QUOTE] This is walking distance from the ship, right? I would be liking to do it with my sister as we have a very late flight. She just had a hip replacement so I need to be able to walk with her. Also, is there still a service to leave luggage here. Trying to remember back to when I was here last with out my other sister that used to live near and drove me. Was sorry to see her move back to MI.
  15. What is "The Thrifty shuttle". Is it something you had to reserve in advance? I will be on the Brilliance 12-2,7,12&16. My DH is going home after the 12th. I still need to figure the easiest way to get him off, thru, customs and to the air port. He has never done this as I do all the planning and he is also starting do have some cognitive age related issued. Any hints would be great.