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  1. Well not for me, because I'm in a suite, but isn't there something out and about?
  2. Hi all, First RCI cruise coming up next week! I tried searching, but I cannot find the information I'm looking for. On our NCL cruises there was always some sort of eatery that was open 24x7 serving comfort food. Osheehan's was the last name I remember. Does RCI have anything like this? If so which restaurant is it? Is it an upcharge or complimentary? Thanks! Jason
  3. Pretty sure my TA does participate. I asked her about it, and she said that a few times her clients have won bids for upgrades and RCI just notifies her afterwards. Also, pretty weird. The 11/9 Sailing is no longer on the RCI site when going to book. Do they do this when they are going through the RoyalUp process?
  4. Without having to read through 153 pages, can someone give me the cliffs notes on RoyalUp? We are booked on the 11/9 sailing Anthem (27 days out) and I have been checking the RoyalUp site daily since day 30 and it keeps telling me to make sure i typed my information correctly and that the sailing is less than 30 days out. Is RoyalUp a targeted program? We are booked in a Grand Suite, and when I checked, the Owners Suite and Owners Loft Suite were still available, and I was thinking about bidding for one of them. This is my first time on RCI, In the past I w
  5. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but what makes you think a small pouch of almond milk would be enough to sustain my son for an entire week?
  6. Thanks for the option! It's not that I don't want to print them, it's more along the lines of; if they offer ones I don't have to print, i would take advantage of it.
  7. Awesome, thanks. Just to clarify, they are no longer available for free to any passenger, correct? No matter room category or C&A status?
  8. Hi all. I was thinking about my upcoming cruise on Anthem of the Seas and a question popped into my head. "Does RCI send adhesive luggage tags or do I have to print them?" That led to a google search, in which I found this: http://www.creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/eDocs/12028078_Guest_Documents_Printable_Luggage_Tags.pdf I tried the link the document to request adhesive luggage tags as we are booked in a grand suite, but it didn't yield any results. So then I searched here, and that also didn't yield any results. So, what's the deal? Is it printa
  9. PokrChick please update when you get back. We will be sailing Anthem in November with the 17 month old who has a dairy allergy. He drinks almond milk. Could you let me know how accessible it was?
  10. Hi all, This is my first Cruise on RCI (Anthem of the Seas) this year. I'm use to NCL where I can just stroll up to any restaurant I want whenever I want and get a table for 3. From looking online, it looks like RCI does this at 2 of the 4 MDR's? Is that correct? Any info is appreciated 🙂 Silk, Chic, The Grande and American Icon Grill.
  11. Hi everyone, My wife and I will be cruising with our son who will be 19 months in November on the Anthem. We've only cruised NCL and never with a child. Any tips?
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