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  1. Having the same issue for both of my cruises in December - the Unlimited was showing yesterday and of course when I go to book today it is gone as well as Chops. For Independence of the Seas. Hopefully it is a glitch and will come back.
  2. We just did a 10 night on the Equinox in October, you will love the ship. A 2 night cruise is a great way to get a feel for the ship. I thought the Equinox was a great size, but we are partial to somewhat smaller ships. Haven't done any of the 'mega' ones yet. Have fun.
  3. We are also doing the 2 night in Feb on the Infinity. We live in Orlando so it is a quick drive. We love any cruise, have been on 44, and we know the 2 night ones aren't a typical cruise, but for us it is great. Fun to get-away and relax. Will be in Miami the Friday before so a perfect 3 day weekend. I think if you have one booked you will have a great time - not everyone needs a 2 week cruise to relax. :) Of course I am looking forward to November and my 12 night. ha ha Plus, we got a deal of $93, plus taxes, how in the heck can you pass that up? not me!!
  4. Thanks. Yes, this is also on the Infinity. We are local so it was a good deal and we figured it would be nice so close to Valentine's Day. Not worried about the perks really, was just curious, ha. It will be fun no matter what.
  5. What was your experience like on a 2 night cruise? We have done 44 cruises so I know it is a short cruise and I will want it to be longer, ha. I just haven't done a 2 night one before and wondering if anything much will be different. I assume they will still have a show, etc.. Do you know if we will still get any of our Elite perks? Thanks
  6. I tried to do a search but didn't find much about the reburb on the Constellation. Anyone know exactly what changes will take place? Any new restaurants, or changes to the current ones? I haven't been on the Constellation in several years and am considering a cruise in 2020, but after being on the bigger ships I wonder if we will miss some of the bars, restaurants, etc.
  7. We cruised a 9 night last year over Christmas. We did a 5 night specialty dining package. The only night that was more was Christmas Eve/ Day. They must have changed things. We didn't mind since we had plenty of dining options. I understand everyone would want to do a specialty restaurant on a holiday so I guess they have to raise the prices. I loved being on the ship on the holidays, so much fun, music/food, etc. made it all special. I loved the Christmas singing on Christmas Eve.
  8. tamara01


    We have done a day pass 3x, great resort. Pool is great with swim up bar. Beach is nice. Meals and drinks all included. 2 restaurants to choose from for breakfast/lunch. They had some activities you could do. We didn't rent jet skis or anything but I think they were available.
  9. I was looking at the website for Jay's and it says airport pickup - were you just going to take a cab to pick it up or did they mention they would have something at the pier? Thanks for any advice. Hard to know which company to go with when you are booking international.
  10. question on rental cars - for those who have done it recently. Did they charge you just for the car or put a huge hold on your CC? I read somewhere that they put a $1000 deposit/hold on your CC . I can't find the post now and was just curious. Don't want that kind of hold on a card in case it takes days to come off.
  11. What is the boat like that takes you over to De Palm Island? Travelling with someone with a little bit of mobility issues and wondering how hard it was to get on/off the boat? It looks like a small boat in the pictures I have seen - ??? Thanks
  12. We are booked on this cruise, no one on the 2 group chats I am on has mentioned a large group being on board. So hopefully it is just as others have said and a group rate/discount.
  13. What type of transportation do they use to get you to the hotel? Is it a van or a bus? Just curious since someone in our group has mobility issues and has a hard time climbing in the back of a van and the front seat isn't always available.
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