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  1. flyboyswife

    Cabin service

    Thank you rsaladin. I concur re the first world problem, but it is my one vaca and it is what I would like to have a relaxing vaca. We typically tip in cash above the prepaid gratuities on the last day. I think giving a $20 up front as you suggested is a great idea. I’ll likely give another $20 or more on the last day too. Thanks again.
  2. flyboyswife

    Corkage on Pride in MDR?

    wondering what the odds are that my late seating dining staff will charge corkage on the bottle I bring on board. In the past, I have not been charged (lucky!). It’s been a while since I was on CCL...have folks been recently charged? Thanks in advance!
  3. flyboyswife

    Cabin service

    I really want both and I hope I don’t get the whine...any good tips/practices for handling the whine and still getting what you want. Leaving Sunday and traveling with my 11yo and without my husband (who’s much better at these types of things). Should I have $ ready...how much?
  4. flyboyswife

    Pride departure

    Thanks everyone!
  5. flyboyswife

    Pride departure

    About what time will I lose my cell service following our departure on the pride? Thanks!
  6. If you were sailing on the the Pride in about one week what would you be looking forward to most?
  7. flyboyswife

    Texting through CCL app?

    My daughter will be cruising with me next week and I'm going to allow her to wander the ship without me this time (she's 12). I don't plan to buy the wifi package but it would be great if we could communicate in some manner. I may be going crazy but I swear I read something about a $5/pp option to be able to text on board to other shipmates. I'd be willing to spend $10/week to be able to do this! Is this an option or did I make it up? Thanks in advance!
  8. flyboyswife

    Proof of CCL ownership for OBC

    Does your screen shot have your name? Ours just had acct info. TIA!
  9. My husband is telling me that he can only give me a screenshot of our brokerage statement to send to Carnaval to establish our ownership and receive the onboard credit. Apparently, we don’t get hard copy statements. Does anyone know if this is sufficient? Also looking for the most recent contact information to submit said screenshot. In the past, I have sent proof of ownership via fax, wondering if they might accept via email ... since it is 2018. Thanks in advance for any guidance & information!
  10. flyboyswife

    Check-in time...tips?

    I definitely do not have the cajones to pull off the FTTF switch! Thanks for the laughs!
  11. flyboyswife

    Check-in time...tips?

    Thanks! 1300 is better than 1430!
  12. flyboyswife

    Check-in time...tips?

    Baltimore- Carnival Pride
  13. flyboyswife

    Check-in time...tips?

    we booked fairly last minute so check-in time is ... not desirable. Any tips to trying to change? I looked at profile to see if I could edit that part of reservation and ... no-go. Was hoping if someone with early time wanted later, I could switch. Is it worth a call to TA or CCL? I guess that’s a drawback to booking last minute.
  14. flyboyswife

    Pride 19 August port arrival

    That’s a bummer. Thanks everyone!
  15. It’s been a while since I cruised CCL. In the past, cruise docs merely suggested a port arrival time. This time, I had to select a time and all that was left was late afternoon (just booked last night). Can anyone offer an opinion as to whether we really need to wait until specified time? Ideally, I’d like to get on the ship as soon as possible. Sailing the Pride out of Baltimore. TIA!