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  1. I think most non-Germans would not be happy on H-L ships. We noticed that even among the German majority they did not seem to interact with each other. We talked more to the staff than to other passengers! Europa 2 and Europa (which is #1 rated by Douglas Ward) are both pretty formal, with set dining hours for dinner. When we were on Hanseatic it was also pre-assigned seating for dinner, but that may have changed. I recommend you read Catlover's comments and I believe she took her non-German speaking husband on one H-L cruise. For us, H-L is like the li
  2. Correction -- 2020 World Cruise -- brain atrophy in Covid restrictions in California!
  3. We did talk to supervisors, etc. The only help we got was from the head wine steward who, when he saw us, shooed away the wine waitress and took our order himself. No one was rude, but nothing happened. This cruise was half of the 2019 World Cruise and from various posts on this board I believe it is possible that the best staff was reassigned to Explorer/Splendor.
  4. I neglected to mention in my response to Wendy that there is a poster, named Catlover, who has been on far more H-L cruises than our 3. She mostly posts on the Seabourn board, but if you want info from the perspective of an American who speaks fluent German, her posts are invaluable and to me, extremely interesting. Here are some of our disappointments with Regent -- On the first night we got a reservation at the French restaurant and I was really looking forward to the cheese trolley. Walking in I noticed it tucked into a corner, forlornly empty. At the end of our n
  5. The variety of food on the H-L ships is staggering -- 40 kinds of fish, 80 kinds of cheese. We took a tour of the kitchen and storerooms so I believe this is true. One night there was a seafood buffet which, among other things, included lobster and oysters. All the food is well seasoned, as opposed to US ships where I always find it under-seasoned. One day at lunch my hsband requested dill pickles which they did not have. Oh well, and he said nothing more. Next day a special dish of dill pickles arrived -- the kitchen had made them without being asked. We've sailed on SIlvers
  6. The best food at sea is on the Hapag-Lloyd ships. But unless you speak German you will find yourselves consistently alone. We were sorely disappointed in our first (and so far, only) Regent cruise on Mariner. Too many problems to list, but the situation never improved and we just gave up and laughed.
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