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  1. We also took a tour with Tony recently -- a half day city tour. He was just terrific -- knowledgeable, spoke perfect English and more than willing to tailor the tour to my slow walking. He recommended a wonderful restaurant -- Bahia, and also recommended the garlic shrimp which were yummy. I also had the best chicken soup -- enough for 4, at a price of 2CUC! This was one of the best private tours we have taken, and I can't recommend Tony highly enough. He is just starting our, so his tour prices are more than reasonable -- grab him now before he get so popular that he increases his prices!
  2. mpfund

    Strange phone call

    Thanks Grandma Cruising and upward uk for your courteous and informative responses.
  3. I just received a phone call from Azamara asking if I need any help on Cuba excursions. Huh? I found it a bit intrusive. I've never had a call like that from any cruise line and wonder what his motivation was -- to sell me excursions? To intimidate me from taking private tours? Anyone else experience this?
  4. We were recently on another cruise line and there was a pax with a "service" dog - if that dog was a real service dog then I am Queen of Romania. The dog did nothing -- not even walk, as it was carried everywhere by the pax. I would bet my bottom dollar that it's identifying coat was purchased on the internet. Really annoys me!
  5. I believe it was a credit rom Cunard, as it did not fit the rest of MCC's category. It was, I believe, a special promotion, but my memory may be faulty -- no detail given on the Cunard paperwork. My ta is making up the difference. Frankly, $100 is not a big deal (had it been $600 I would be screaming!).
  6. Several months ago we took a QM2 t.a. Our paperwork from Cunard (booking confirmation -- Guest Copy) showed an OBC of $100.00. When we arrived on the ship they refused to honor it, although I showed the reception staff the paperwork. When I returned home I asked my travel agent to follow up, which she did. She was told they had no record of it and no way to research it. I realize it is a small amount but it is annoying and just reinforces my feeling the QM2 if Greyhound of the seas. If there were any other way to get to Europe (I make every effort not to fly), I would not choose this line.
  7. Hi Lois, The Michaelangelo is a terrific hotel. It's been some years since we stayed there, but we loved it. We sailed Azamara for the first time last month and after sailing Silversea and Seabourn found it was not our cup of tea. I foolishly signed up for a 2nd cruise on AZ (terrific itinerary to Cuba), so we'll have a chance to try it again, but I am not optomistic!
  8. Go to Luggage Forward's website and do a dummy booking. (Don't forget to check the box "departing from a cruise) You will see that, depending on price, the delivery time is anywhere from 1 to 7 days.
  9. Catlover54, that is one of the saddest photos I've ever seen... Although I totally understand why the bear had to be killed.
  10. We are also on the transatlantic, and are using Luggage Free to ship our suitcases home to California. It is not cheap, but in my opinion worth every penny.
  11. Cunard's food is crap. In no way can you characterize Cunard as a luxury line. We take it trans atlantic to avoid flights. I refer to it as Greyhound of the Seas. I agree with those who recommend Sea Dream.
  12. I complained because a large pile of luggage was left unattended in Miami. Perhaps you feel comfortable leaving your luggage in the middle of a port, unprotected and untended, but I do not.
  13. Actually, I would not worry too much re getting luggage home. It will certainly eventually show up. What I worry about is having it miss the ship outbound. That said, we are using LF again on our next cruise next month.
  14. Well, we had the opposite situation in Miami. There was no one there and only a large pile of luggage, to which we added ours. I called Luggage Forward's 800 number and they said their rep was stuck in traffic and would be there soon. An hour later and no one had appeared. We finally just left our bags and left the port. Our luggage did get to our home, and I lodged a complaint with Luggage Forward.
  15. BellaAnna, thanks so much. First stop after embarkation -- purser's desk!
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