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  1. This isn't a "new" thread, hence why we are all posting on this thread with our questions. I couldn't find any other threads about "dress code" you're referring to.
  2. I'm booked on Celebrity Edge for a 7 night cruise and would like to know if not wearing a suit and tie for the "chic" evening dinner will be an issue? As I'm flying from the UK, I don't really want the hassle of carrying a suit with me. I hope I don't get denied access to the MDR wearing just a shirt and trousers?!
  3. Looks like it will be ready for 1st of May 2020 based on their website
  4. Really sorry guys, but what is Select dining exactly? I've tried searching on the celebrity website but couldn't get much information. If I do chose select dining, does that mean that I will need to try a reserve a space in my chosen restaurant on a daily basis whilst on board?
  5. I was just about to post a similar thread. My boarding time is 2pm, but I think we have to be there 90 mins beforehand. I want to board as early as possible, but don't think they will allow us to do so and more likely will miss breakfast. We have a concierge balcony room, so will the "main" restaurants be open for us for lunch? Or will it be buffet only?
  6. The cruise is for the 24th of November 2019, so hopefully I still have time to request for some changes.
  7. Thank you. I will email the TA and Celebrity Cruise urgently as I DO NOT WISH TO DINE at the same restaurant every night. They have 4 main dining restaurants and ideally I want to try all four of them once.
  8. I believe there are 4 "main" dining restaurants available on the Celebrity Edge available for non suite passengers. I have a "fixed" reservation dining time of 20:30 for my booking. Do you guys know if I need to reserve or specify a restaurant? Or can I just turn up at any of the 4 main dining restaurants at 20:30?
  9. I agree. Very poor website, why the hell did they have to change it as it was working fine before. Not very user friendly now and can't book flights or hotels. Can't see all prices in one glance. They must have too much time and money.
  10. Acura/Honda vs BMW You can compare both, but I'm sorry these two brands fall in two different categories. Even their "premium" halo models can't be included in the same segment (Type Rs vs M cars) yes you could "compare" them but eventually they fall in different segment categories. BMWs are in the league of Audis and Mercedes i. e "Premium German brands". The only Japanese brand that could fall into this is Lexus. Another topic done to death on car forums where fan boys claim that their tuned Civics are faster than an M3! I'm a fan of both, but make no mistake, an M car (a real one, not the fake ones with badges on) is in a different league. I had a tuned 335i which was faster than an M3, but at no time did I claim that it was a superior car to the M3 (unlike others). I do appreciate where the luxury cruise police are coming from. As they want to make sure that everyone understands what is "Luxury" and what is "Premium". Just like in the car industry, I think that since the level of service and quality is constantly changing/improving the "gap" between premium and luxury is closing. This is of course just my opinion (Never been on a premium nor luxury cruise, so I could be totally wrong).
  11. SPOT ON!!! I posted a fairly similar thread a while ago. We definitely need a section for the Premium "light" category. Off topic - I will be trying my first "premium light" cruise with Celebrity and maybe HAL soon. 😁
  12. Thanks for the comments! Glad to hear that some drinks are included! What does OVC stand for?
  13. Does anyone know what drinks (if any) are included in the cruise fare? I don't really drink alcohol so not sure if it's worth buying a drinks package.
  14. Luxury - best food, butler service etc, no water slides or casinos, limited entertainment at night, about £1000 per day (all this is just from reading as I've never been on a luxury cruise) Premium Plus - Similar to the above but much cheaper? Premium Light - Good food, more entertainment options and bigger ships compared to luxury/premium ships, about £300 per day, great buffet. Mainstream - Long queues, massive ship, water slides, average food, lots of entertainment, cheap buffet. Please feel free to add or edit the summary above.
  15. This is a brilliant thread! As I was about to post something similar! Can we add Premium "light" cruises to the list? By premium "light", I believe it would include cruise lines like Celebrity Holland and America Line (HAL) Cunard Any other suggestions? I'm planning to try Celebrity and HAL next year and currently considering all the premium light cruises.
  16. Some very good recommendations. Looking at Celebrity cruise at the moment. Might give them a try for a cruise next year.
  17. Very confusing statement. Guys I have very limited experience of cruising, like I've said before I've only done two Cunards and one P&O cruise. But I can definitely tell/feel/appreciate the difference between them. That's for sure. Granted, my original post was in itself confusing, having posted in the "wrong" section in the first place but also for not being too sure what was on offer with the different cruise lines, the different categories etc and I might be even looking for something which doesn't exist! (Big ship with water slides/3d cinemas/plenty of tech and activities etc but which is to the standard of HAL/Celebrity ships in terms of decor, quality of food and room, common areas etc). I've managed to have a look at some YouTube videos for HAL Niew Statendam and Royal Caribbean Independence of the seas. Basically, I want a cruise ship/line that would be a "mixture" of those two ships! Hence why I'm saying that I might be looking for something that doesn't exist! But surely, there must be something out there that could be a close match? I'm a petrolhead and in my world if someone is looking for a fast car but also something that can provide some practicality, the car to have would be the BMW M5 (or its AMG counterpart). Supercar performance with 4 doors. Granted its no Ferrari but the performance is fairly close. Although the purist might disagree (but that's a discussion for another time). That's the only way I could find in trying to convey what I'm after. Please do keep the suggestions coming as I'm still researching and undecided at the moment.
  18. If the Admins could please move to the mass "peasant" section please (only joking, please move to the relevant section but please keep this thread open). It would be very helpful if we had a section for the premium light/upscale mainstream lines.
  19. Thank you all once again for the recommendation and insights. I looked briefly at HAL and Celebrity (not many pictures on their websites), that's the kind of ships I was after (the interior decor and dining etc). However, they all seem to lack the other facilities/entertainment of the "mainstream" lines. It does look like I will have to decide between lines like HAL/Celebrity vs Royal Caribbean. Will keep you guys posted.
  20. I agree with your thinking. Hence why, I normally go to 5 star resorts when going on all inclusive holidays.
  21. I just saw your post. Probably looking at something like 7 nights. 5 too short and anything over 10 might be "too long" for me. Budget would be around £1500pp. But could go up if needs be. So far, I've only tried balconies so will stick to that. And probably departing from the UK.
  22. Spot on!!! I think I got the "luxury" classification all wrong and the more I read, it looks like maybe I wasn't after a "luxury" cruise line after all (not to mention that they are out of my budget anyway). But wasn't too keen on the smaller ships and too much of a "personal" butler kind of service. What I'm actually after is good food (I know very subjective, but I'd like to think I can tell when something has been well prepared etc and my reviews on TripAdvisor normally is in line with other "senior" reviewers... ). I would like great variety but also quality, from freshness and sweetness of the fruits in the buffet restaurant to the fine dining etc I would like it to be of "above average" standard. I would like a modern ship aswell, with lots of facilities, new decor and fancy cool stuff like, maybe some massive water slide or 3D cinema etc... The cabins don't have to be spacious, but I like modern and good quality fittings etc. Having said that, I don't want to end up in a "mass market" cheap theme park with queues of rude people shouting and screaming etc. Or some cheap buffet all you can eat restaurant. I'm really tempted to give Royal Caribbean a go. About £1500 pp, so hopefully won't be too bad. I'm a novice with cruises as you can see from my posts and not even sure what is a "decent" budget for a 7 night cruise.
  23. Thanks I will look at the ones you've mentioned. Looking at the luxury ones, they are definitely out of my budget range. Even the premium ones are still high. So I think, I need to start considering the "mass market" ones but ones that will be slightly better. Maybe something that will be just under the "premium" /premium light category.
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