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  1. Personally I'm taking shuttles everywhere so not bringing the car seat. You can lap seat your child if in a bus or big shuttle in Florida. If using a cab or car then you will legally need the car seat. On the cruise itself we plan on sticking by the ports.
  2. We actually cruise in December. Hopefully there will be no problems! I feel it's going to be a bit of a hassle but he's too young to use the shower.
  3. Years ago I gave my parents a cruise as a surprise on their wedding anniversary. The way I handled it was that I gave them a present (normally they might get a $20 gift card wrapped in a box for example). So I had the same size box as what I normaly put gift card but this time put in a MSC cruise magazine with the ship on the front cover then a sticky note saying January 7 - 14. They were so shocked when they opened it haha. They couldn't BELIEVE it. That was 10 years ago. Now they've done more cruises than me haha. I'm on team "don't surprise the wife"
  4. So for the land portion of the cruise I always recommend Double Denali. In order to be able to do the 8 hour Tundra Wilderness Adventure Tour which is a "deep dive" into Denali Park you must have at least 2 nights accommodation in Denali Park. The half day tour (Natural History Tour) doesn't go as deep into the park and I feel you miss the whole reason for being in Denali Park. If you only have 1 night in Denali Park, the only option is the half day Natural History Tour. A typical itinerary will have coach or train from Seward (or Whittier) to Denali Park, 2 nights in Denali, co
  5. I see a few other threads were linked including mine which I posted last week. Great advice in all of them -- my kid will be 16 months too. I highly recommend a travel stroller -- Purchased the Mountain Nano which I think is going to be great. Other recommendations include the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 or the Babyzen Yoyo+ (although this last one is crazy pricey). All 3 of these strollers should fit in the carry on compartment of the plane which is huge -- damage can occur if you check your stroller. The Babyzen Yoyo + fits in even the smallest of compartments and for many parents replaces
  6. For sure. We are planning to be early, have it folded, in the bag. You can fold it with wheels on or off, we will take off the wheels as it does reduce the footprint. The nano folded with wheels off is borderline cabin walk on but on larger planes which we mostly are on it should be ok. I wanted the yoyo so bad but just couldn’t justify 200 for the nano versus 800 for the yoyo. Our winters are bad too so our massive graco will still get lots of use. I’ll say though that the yoyo with add ons (leg rest and cupholder) has everything we wanted. The price with add ons though ...
  7. Got that covered my parents are sailing with us . They are doing two weeks we are joining them on week two. They are insisting on babysitting at least two nights so we can go out a couple nights. That was a huge factor in choosing this cruise. To be honest though I'm a home body I'll be happy chilling in our room watching movies, drinking wine on balcony, enjoying MDR room service...
  8. So per bag $20? In asking as I'm on another cruise before my Hal cruise and have 2 days at a hotel to do laundry before we start our 7 day HAL cruise. I doubt we will need more than one bag. We can pay as you go at 20 a bag?
  9. I'll admit I'm old school and was vehemently against the "leash". I survived somehow ranging in parks and malls at age 7 miles away from home. But it's a different world nowadays. And tbh after reading that story about the kid falling out the window on that cruise ship ... Horrible. Yeah we will use the tether. My kid is at that age where fully mobile but can't (barely) talk or completely understand what we are saying try. He's so fast... It's easy to make judgements until you have a little nugget running at a million miles an hour and you can barely keep up lol
  10. my wife says thanks! We use well.ca all the time so that’s a good option.
  11. Do you have a brand you recommend? My wife mentioned skiphop (I think that’s the brand name)
  12. yeah my wife wants one of those. I’m kind of sold on it now although I’ll admit I made the snide dog comments when she first asked about it ... but I’ve thought it over and recognize the benefits. Do you recommend the backpack harness or straight harness?
  13. For sure. If you choose to fly home upon getting off the ship: 1. You are up at 6 or 7 AM, rushing to buffet then disembarking -- so already pretty tired. Maybe even missed the buffet due to early morning flight forcing you to express disembark 2. Immediately having to deal with a busy airport after battling huge equally stressed crowds for a cab 3. If not able to get reasonable priced afternoon flights, having to hang out in airport until late afternoon or evening 4. Taking the flight and possibly having to connect. Crappy airport and airline food all day sinc
  14. One of the things we are debating about bringing, we have one of those beach tent protection thingys --- our cruises have multiple beach days. The beach tent thing is smallish but will still take up space in luggage. @mommyzI need to get him sunglasses too but I'm worried he'll just tear them off and throw away when I'm not looking lol.
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