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  1. flahagan

    Which cruise terminal in Athens?

    Thanks everyone for the excellent information - it is much appreciated. Visigoth, we arrive at 7 AM and depart at 7 PM, not quite as long a stay as what you wrote but still pretty good for a day in port.
  2. We will be on the Jade in Athens Aug. 4 of this year and plan to take the express bus X80 into town. It would help to know which terminal NCL uses , A or B. Also, I would love to hear from anyone who has experience getting into Athens this way. Thanks.
  3. flahagan

    Sailing Regal tomorrow - can we use lanyards?

    Thanks so much for this info!
  4. I've been reading about this Ocean Medallion on the newer ships, not sure how it works or if we'll even have it. I usually bring our own lanyards for other cruise lines, but now I'm thinking they won't work. I don't like carrying a purse around on ship and seldom have pockets, so I really like the lanyards. Will they sell something usable on the ship> Thanks.
  5. flahagan

    Where is Matt Mitchum?

    Well, as nonstop as he works, he sure deserves a long vacation!
  6. Is he on an extended vacation? We've sailed with him twice, on the Breeze and then on the Vista this past spring and he is the best. I guess he's going with the Vista to Galveston, but I didn't see him anywhere on the schedule currently.
  7. flahagan

    Where to buy wine LGA - Red Hook Pier?

    8 bottles?! Wouldn't that be great if that was for 2 people! Trying to decide if we want to do carry-on or check-in for luggage on the plane. I know some will wonder how in the world you could do a cruise with carry-on, but in January I did 14 nights in Thailand and just got back from a week in Germany, all with carry-on. However, those 2 bottles of wine are important, lol! So it sounds like we could just ask the taxi driver to stop at a wine store on the way.
  8. We will be flying in to LGA for the Oct. 6 New England cruise and will taxi to the cruise pier. Any suggestions as to where we can purchase our 1 bottle of wine each to bring on board?
  9. Taking the Princess New England cruise, arrive back in Brooklyn at 6 AM on Saturday, Oct. 6. There's a flight out of LGA that I'd like to take departing at 10 AM. Will I have enough time to get off the ship and taxi to airport?
  10. flahagan

    Drink package

    I was on the Divina a few years back and loved loved loved their cocktails! I especially remember the Memory Eraser, lol. In these newer drink packages, would I need to upgrade to Deluxe or would Classic be sufficient for most cocktails? I don't know the recent prices, but I know I want those yummy cocktails.
  11. flahagan

    April 1st Vista Review - No Fool's! :)

    We felt the same about most all of your observations. Deck 5 MAKES this ship - so many places to sit comfortably in shade or sun. Matt is spectacular, would follow him anywhere! The ship isn't pretty, the Liquid Lounge is downright ugly. Ditto for the MDR.
  12. Just off the Vista this past Sunday, still have all of the Fun Times and the nightclub was in the Limelight Lounge. The starting times varied from 10:45 - midnight, depending on what time the comedy show ended.
  13. flahagan

    Just off Vista today - some thoughts

    Exactly how I felt. It wasn't that I didn't have a good time (thanks to the entertainment staff) but I felt that EVERYTHING seemed so much smaller and so much more congested on what was supposed to be a bigger ship. I would only sail it again if Matt Mitcham was still on it, otherwise no way.
  14. flahagan

    Just off Vista today - some thoughts

    I meant to add that the most attractive area of the ship was the Havana Bar, but we tried to go in and listen to the Latin band 3 different nights and were unable to because it felt like a meat locker in there, downright frigid! We never saw more than 4 or 5 people in there, a real shame. I hope they can get the temp regulated.
  15. flahagan

    Just off Vista today - some thoughts

    Please don't let my views of Vista's decor and space issues keep you from considering cruising her, that wasn't my intention. As I said, we actually had a terrific time. We loved our cabin location, 8252, as we were just steps away from the elevators/stairs. It's just that I found this to be the least attractive ship I've been on after 17 cruises on multiple lines, including Carnival, Celebrity, Princess, HAL, RCL and MSC. I've always been a Carnival fan, I just personally don't care for the direction the company is going with the smaller public spaces and the uninspiring decor. Truly, the tiny public restrooms were downright ugly.