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  1. I was booked on the Regal Princess 26-day transatlantic for this past April as a single in obstructed balcony, had all of the perks except specialty dinner (but did have $200 OBC). Now there's a fairly similar TA in April 2022 on the Crown that's 23 days, missing several ports in Scotland and Belfast in Ireland, and with this new sale I would have to spend over $3,000 more than the deal I had for this year. I would definitely book if I could get the deal I had on the Regal, but will not book at these rates.
  2. On March 12, Princess cancelled my transatlantic that was to sail April 19. That very day (3-12) I opted for a full refund plus 25% future credit. I have received several general emails saying they are "working on it" but haven't seen a refund yet, so 80 days and counting! Friends who were sailing with me cancelled on March 10, 2 days before Princess cancelled all cruises, and they got a full refund 2 weeks ago. Makes absolutely no sense.
  3. Thanks so much for the link - I've been watching it and "escaping" to the sea the past 2 nights!
  4. The weather yesterday, Saturday, in Ponta del Gada Azores was 68 and partly cloudy at noon - a good day!
  5. We were in port ( or supposed to be) in the Azores today where we took a private shore excursions in a 4 x 4 - the scenery was absolutely gorgeous! What did everyone else do?
  6. I'm supposed to be on next week's cruise, sailing March 1. And no, the ports are NOT the same - our itinerary is Costa Maya, Belize, Roatan and Ocean Cay. Who knows if we'll even be able to embark at this point. The virus doesn't scare me but the hysteria and overabundance of caution that the ports are claiming definitely DO scare me. You tell me that in Cozumel, with 5 or 6 large ships in port today, that the Meraviglia is the ONLY one with one passenger with flu-like symptoms. Ridiculous!
  7. Why in the world are they headed to Cozumel if they've already been denied docking there?!!!
  8. Well then, I give up, lol! I'm trying to find info for our cruise that is supposed to begin in just a few days so I've been going to the MSC website, the Roll Call for our cruise and any thread I can follow. This is getting so out of hand, just crazy!!!
  9. On the March 1 Roll Call (which is when I sail!) there's a post from a passenger currently on board who says they have changed their itinerary and will now be going to Roatan and Belize. Guess we'll know for sure tomorrow.
  10. I'm on the March 1 Meraviglia sailing and on their Roll Call there's a post from a passenger on board now who says they are going to Roatan and Belize now. Guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow to see where they end up!
  11. Well thank goodness. This has to be a nightmare for MSC and all of the cruielines. Because of reactions like those two ports, people will feel much less likely to report any sort of symptoms.
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