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  1. Hello all My wife and I are thinking about booking the October 03 9 night cruise out of Baltimore to Canada on Grandeur. I have a 7 y.o. who has cruised with Royal before and LOVED the kids club. I understand there will be fewer kids on this cruise due to the departure date and destination. Asking for an opinion, do people think there will be enough kids on this cruise for my 7 y.o. to interact with at the kids club? If there are not enough kids on the cruise, will Royal close the kids club or will they keep it open no matter the number of kids. TIA
  2. Just a few doors down from you on deck 11 and my two rooms are also @ 77. Is there anything we can do about the offer?
  3. Glad to hear that. On deck 11 we are still at a cozy 82
  4. For the more experienced cruisers out there.....should i continue to go to guest services and complain about the lack of ac or at this point is unnecessary? I am not trying to be a pain and i know there is nothing they can do about the ac, but if, when, there is compensation offered i want there to be a record of my rooms and if by some small chance they do fix the ac, i want to ensure my rooms are included i the fix. Thoughts?
  5. I am also on the cruise. Not much 2 add except my room numbers which are 11181 and 11 183. Both interior rooms forward. My evening temperature is 83 degrees and has been that way for the past three nights. Those of you who are thinking of bringing fans probably have the right idea. There are also some USB fans that you could probably bring Best of luck my fellow Cruisers who are stuck in the middle of this hot mess.
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