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  1. I will be taking my new wheelchair on a cruise in February. Do you have the remove the batteries and take on the plane with you or can you leave them on the wheelchair to be placed in the hold for the trip to the port?
  2. Thanks for comments about wheelchairs. I have tried two different scooters but finally ordered a powered wheelchair after finding the scooters just too inconvenient having to park it in restaurants and bars and finding they just required too much space - especially in elevators. Loving the idea I can just ride wheelchair to table and not have to always be leaving it somewhere. My Air Hawk wheelchair can be folded but they say the cabin doors are 26” wide and the wheelchair is only 23” wide so hope I don’t have to fold all the time though glad I have that option.
  3. I love your reviews and think I have read all of them. Particularly interested in this one since you had the wheelchair. I finally broke down and bought a power wheelchair after my Escape cruise last year and will be taking it on it's first cruise in February on the Joy. Did you have much trouble getting your chair in and out of your room? I just wonder if I will have to fold mine up every time I go to the room......
  4. According to NCL guidelines, passengers going to the Panama Canal must have a valid passport, period. Expiration date is not noted unless you are a non-US citizen. I hope that's true - our trip returns March 1st and my passport expires May 19th. Has this ever actually been an issue for anyone?
  5. We have booked these cabins for a cruise in February but wonder if anyone can tell us what the extra white area in the balcony on the deck plans represents??
  6. Has anyone cruised with an Air Hawk Wheelchair? After trying different scooters I am anxious to try a powered wheelchair. My scooters are too heavy for me to fold and travel with and I have found the Air Hawk which I hope is light enough for me to handle. I love the idea of a chair that I can just pull up to a table rather than having to park my scooter and walk. Also love the idea of a better turning radius and easier steering. Would love to hear others comment on their Air Hawks!
  7. I am going to buy a new scooter - a Smartscoot, Travelscoot or the Clion SnapnGo - and none of them has keys. How do you keep your scooter safe if you must leave it when visiting stores or restaurants? That subject is rarely discussed on this board. Also would be interested in which scooter you have and why.
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