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  1. Salad bar at the Park Cafe. Tell your MDR server, "I'll be looking for the healthiest options all week. So please do advise. And no desserts all week. And please don't ask or offer." They'll totally understand and remember. Willpower is also key.
  2. NYE on Jewel out of San Juan this past December was, hands down, our most memorable cruise. Everyone dressed up and was in a joyous, festive mood. We also met some of the most charming people. No need to pay extra for parties or reserved tables. Be forewarned though, the Centrum just before midnight will be jammed. We're doing Xmas this year on Liberty and hoping for a comparable experience!
  3. I can confirm DEAL sometimes works with the C&A balcony discount. In fact, I've gotten into the habit of entering in the DEAL promo code every time I attempt to do pricing even if it isn't advertised.
  4. 7338 being right on the outer edge of the hump is one of the best cabins on the ship.
  5. These were the (limited) choices in the casino bar on Allure a couple of weeks ago. Alok the bartender can be seen as well. 🙂
  6. Opt for the balcony if your funds permit. And skip the drink package. Drink packages, imo, are only worth purchasing on itineraries that aren't port-intensive.
  7. Curious. What RCI ports are best for buying bourbon/whiskey - and what stores? I recently purchased Woodford Reserve (1L) for $30 when the Allure was in Roatan. Not sure if that was a good deal.
  8. It isn't often that we get an informative, educational RCI thread! Woot. I'm a bourbon drinker myself. Best onboard bourbon, in my opinion, is Bulleit Bourbon (orange label). Wish they'd carry the Bulleit Rye (green label) - and have that available on the Diamond menu. Jack Daniel manhattans aren't the best.
  9. On Oasis class, smoking is only allowed on the port side of the casino and is enforced. We've also noticed fewer and fewer smokers in the casinos over the years. Hoping RCL makes the decision to ban smoking throughout the fleet.
  10. We too were disappointed by the quality of wines offered at Chef's Table, i.e. $10/bottle at your local grocery store. I opted instead for cocktails from the Diamond menu. We would not recommend Chef's Table on Allure. It's on the 2nd floor of the Diamond Club and VERY noisy. Difficult to hear conversations. We enjoyed Chef's Table on Jewel last NYE. Festive, everyone dressed up, great conversations, and the space near the Safari Club was tucked away and private. Made for a memorable evening. Chef's Table on Enchantment was BOGO during a recent July 2019 sailing.
  11. An officer on our recent Allure B2B said that there was "considerable talk" about about Allure being Liberty's replacement in Galveston.
  12. I'm a fan of the smaller, older ships but for this particular itinerary, I'd go with the Allure. This will be a trips where you'll need a vacation from a vacation. Port intensive itinerary and big bells-n-whistles ship will leave you exhausted at the end of each day.
  13. Was recently on the Allure for 2 weeks. Favorite complimentary dining options were: 1. Breakfast at Johnny Rockets. Freshly made to order eggs and omelets. Arrived to table piping hot and not lukewarm or cold as is usually the case in the MDR. 2. Kummelwrecks at Park Cafe. Yummy. Some days are better than others, i.e. roast beef can be overcooked/tough. 3. Sushi at the Diamond Club / Suite Lounge. Need to be a D or higher, or in a grand suite or better. 4. Tutti fruiti salad / MDR lunch on sea days. 5. Bratwurst with sauerkraut (sans bread), Boardwalk Dog house Least favorite: 1. Park Cafe for breakfast. Stale egg sandwiches. 2. Cafe Promenade. We found the selections to be unappetizing. 3. Vitality Cafe. Everything on the complimentary side of the counter looked stale. Freshly made juices can be had for $8+.
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