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  1. That's so true Andy....no date order....we received our refund about a month after you and we were booked on the same cruise as you
  2. Hi....I am of the same mind as you....life is for living and " the grim reaper" can call at any time so we make the most of time and opportunities BUT I am also a " free flowing spirit" who likes to come and go as the mood takes me and maybe change my mind at the last minute so I would find the restrictions and regimentation on board that will be introduced an absolute nightmare and having to pay for that experience is an absolute no no for me ....it certainly wouldn't resemble a holiday ....more of an ordeal and endurance test....just not for me.
  3. At this stage it is only a thought but as the days....weeks....months....go on you start to consider all options. Seems ages ago since our talk of Jelly Baby suits doesn't it.....
  4. Hi Andy....on an earlier post someone mentioned about contacting a local newspaper....is it possible for you to say which would be the best Southampton newspaper to contact in regard to this "fiasco". Besides anything else I am getting fed up of listening to the opening lines of Bob Marley's song....I'm Still Waiting" 😕
  5. Many thanks to everyone for your helpful comments....looks like I have been missing out by not cruising on Aurora....definitely on my cruising list especially when the 2022 brochure is released later this year....fingers crossed that the prices are not " silly" prices as they seem to be for next year. Andy....I still haven't " recovered " from missing out on our April Britannia cruise and to consider the same cruise next April where the price is over 60% increase makes it a price that I don't want to pay. 😒
  6. Hi Andy....isn't it funny how we all see and experience things differently....I thought Oceana was a lovely sedate atmosphere....apart from when she listed badly going through the BOB but that was exceptional experience....I think ! Hi Avril....for the above reason I like the sound of Aurora being more stable......maybe would have coped better with the situation. When all of this " madness" has calmed down and cruising once again becomes more normal....and prices are within reason.... I will try Aurora before she is sold on
  7. Hi....all this talk of maybe Oceana & Aurora being sold on has made me wonder what are the differences between the two ships seeing as they are of a similar age. We have had two cruise on Oceana but none on Aurora....our first ever cruise was on Oceana and the things that I really liked about the ship was the lovely wide promenade deck....Cafe Jardin....the forward facing buffet restaurant and a more intimate atmosphere all around the ship. The things I didn't like were the cabins ....felt slightly claustrophobic ....much prefer the cabin layouts of Azura/Ventura and the " rocking and rolling" of the ship especially if the sea was being a bit " bumpy"
  8. Hi....back in March when all this " chaos" was beginning to unfold and cruising was starting to look doubtful I considered changing our April 20 cruise to exactly the same cruise....ship....itinerary....cabin grade for departure April 21 but as you say the price was an extra 60 odd percent. I did say that I would have changed the cruise if P&O would match the price ....or as near as...the price I had paid this year. They wouldn't accept that so I took the full refund....I didn't consider the 125% FCC. If they had offered to come to some sort of agreement over price then they would have kept my money instead of having to pull out of their quickly depleting coffers.
  9. Hi....my vote would go to Celebrity....I like their " can do" approach instead of " do I have to" approach. We can only cruise from the Uk...no more fly cruises for us....and I didn't find them brash in any respect and I also enjoyed the mix of nationalities . Yes drinks can be expensive but if you book carefully with a drinks/tips package included then the price for a superior product doesn't work out so much more expensive
  10. Hi...I have been " lurking" in the background reading all the comments...especially about the thread concerning refunds. I should have been on the same cruise as Andy....Britannia...19th April and no refund received as yet The question asked by the OP is " has my attitude changed towards P&O"....the answer is no it hasn't...they are behaving exactly as the have done before....stonewalling....ignoring...." you will do it my way and if you don't....tough...." attitude..... When I have mentioned on CC about P&O's dismal approach to " customer service" on many occasions I have had to dive for cover that I dare say something negative about P&O. I have cruised with different cruise lines so I am aware of other cruise lines customer service and I am sorry to say P&O are at the bottom of the list.
  11. Hi....sounds like you already have had quite a bit of " stress" going on in your life....why would you want to add more ?
  12. Jean....we have a cruise booked for September 2020 but if I change it and re book another cruise for a later date our travel insurance won't cover us for coronovirus which would be a major concern for us...in fact it would prohibit us from booking any new cruise
  13. Andy....great idea to arrange a UK holiday where we can all meet up and I have the perfect place & hotel in mind....what about a separate thread for people to put their names down....if you think yes then I will let you know place & hotel....if nothing else it will give us something positive to think about even though probably nothing will come of it.
  14. This is just a thought....if you need to phone P&O could you not phone them through Whatsapp so that at least you are not paying for the call. Even though I cruise with P&O many times....some aspects of it suit us...but when we have had " issues" with P&O before they displayed the same take it or leave it attitude so how they are handling this situation....badly....is of no surprise to me.
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