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  1. janny444

    Last Minute Booking - Embarkation Time?

    Hi....with the unreliability of trains at the moment I would rather be hanging around for hours than risk arriving too late. Where we live we are beset with delays....last minute cancellations and strikes so travelling by train is so unreliable that we choose to travel the day before
  2. janny444

    ventura carpet referb from 9th dec

    Hi...if this work that is going to be done is going to affect you adversely with the health issues that you have then I would go to the doctor's and get a letter stating that. I would then contact P&O again stating that you have a doctor's letter and that any health issues that arise from the work that is being carried out will be P&O's responsibility foe any possible adverse outcome. Put everything in writing and see if you receive a different approach from them. Did you book direct or through a TA?
  3. janny444

    I think I might pack up cruising!!!

    Hi daiB.... your " problem" was dealt with to your satisfaction which is what we like to hear but would you feel the same if what happened with the OP happened to you. The first cruise the toilet was out of action for 5 out of the 7 days....just imagine traipsing about the corridors....possibly in the middle of the night... for 5 out of 7 days but the OP thought the problem had been dealt with correctly....possibly a nice OBC for her next cruise so that was acceptable. Then the very next cruise you encountered the same problem....more traipsing about but not dealt withe efficiently ...I don't think anyone would be overjoyed even if offered a substantial amount of OBC....think after 2 consecutive cruises with an unimaginable problem I would want a free cruise to go with the OBC.
  4. janny444

    I think I might pack up cruising!!!

    Good point....just because you offer a lower end product no excuse for poor or lack of customer service
  5. janny444

    I think I might pack up cruising!!!

    Hi....yes it can be that their understanding of English that can cause a problem but on one particular cruise she was English so understood completely. Did it make any difference...nah....the reasons she was trying to give me were utter " piffle....after stonewalling me...." even though it ws blatantly obvious to all and sundry....except her....that there was a problem(s). That too was on Ventura and put me off P&O for some time but went on the Azura and that restored my faith in P&O....especially with Robert Camby as captain. I now have further cruises booked with P&O....2 on Ventura. What the OP has stated has made me start to wobble a bit ....I am open minded but we shall see. I will keep in mind the price we have paid ...excellent price....and keep my exceptions low.. As you say Royal Carribean do have a more " hands on" approach to their valued customers although I would think they still get their fair share of complaints
  6. janny444

    I think I might pack up cruising!!!

    Hi....we have cruised with quite a few different cruise lines and what P&O offer ....at the right price....is most times acceptable. The "customer service" on board at times though seems to get lost in the translation and although initially you approach " customer service" with the correct attitude at times it feels like you are addressing a brick wall. I also think it is unfair to compare P&O with an higher end product when P&O is a lower end product.
  7. janny444

    I think I might pack up cruising!!!

    Hi....certainly couldn't have been " enjoyable"....that's the point I was making
  8. janny444

    I think I might pack up cruising!!!

    Hi....if this problem has never happened to you or out of over 40 cruises only occurred once and fixed relatively quickly then it isn't a problem....just one of those things....but if it happens twice in one year and isn't sorted relatively quickly then you will have a different view point. Would it put me off cruising....possibly....would depend on how much I had " enjoyed" trailing along corridors in the middle of the night in mi nightie searching for a working loo
  9. Hi....I started this thread with the hope that someone could perhaps tell me the advantages of this new updated website over the " old fashioned" style of website. Up to yet there doesn't seem to be any but there must be some....surely. I for one don't come onto CC as much now because....for me...it is not as " user friendly". Before I was looking a few times a day now it is once a day....if that. Ah well....we will become used to it....we have no choice... but I long for the old style website
  10. Hi....so we now have this Improved and so called updated website ....but is it? I thought the " old & outdated" worked very well....easy to use....simple to navigate etc. This one isn't as clear format...text rather pale and small and somehow just not as informative as to who has last posted on a thread. A possibility could be that I am of an older generation so just don't get the advantages of this website over the old style so can someone who is far more " techo" than me please explain the advantages. I can see that it more be easier to add files & photos etc but for me I prefer something that is initially easier to use . As you can probably guess I am of the mindset " if it ain't broke don't fix it....especially when it worked wonderfully well ....for me
  11. janny444

    Just testing it works......

    Too pale & a bit small
  12. janny444

    MSC Website/Customer Service

    Phew....finally into my booking....many thanks sidari. Do you think they have had a security issue with us having to do all this faffing about? Bit of a dull day up here in Accy but sunshine is promised for later on today.....we shall see :cool:
  13. janny444

    MSC Website/Customer Service

    Hi....when I click onto Log in or manage my bookings it gives me the option to sign in with my email address & password Or " click here for Web check in"....which I have done but just takes you to where you book excursions etc but no actual booking details. Regarding the Log In it doesn't recognise my log in details....keeps telling me that I need to change/reset password. :(
  14. janny444

    MSC Website/Customer Service

    Phew....thought I was going crazy!!. A day or so ago I accessed my booking...no problems....just tried this morning and can't get anywhere with it. I can book excursions....spa....etc but as far as details of my booking.....cabin....etc....no joy....just going round in one big circle with it....and getting nowhere Why or why do they keep messing around with their website ....MSC have never had the easiest of web sites but when they start messing and " updating" their website it all falls apart.
  15. janny444

    Gratuities Scrapped ?

    Hi....just returned from a cruise were the tips/gratuities are included and the service was excellent. Service with a smile and every so friendly....it seemed a real pleasure to serve us. To be honest I have had worse service with P&O on quite a number of occasions so I am hoping that there will be a change.... an improvement in attitude... when they are included.