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  1. Yes...I have resorted to using the 2 hand towels provided but I just don't understand why the towels have to be so big....it must increase the laundering and drying costs of these towels and as I said in my above post the size of them is not necessary when you have an exceptionally good towel that absorbs really well....Binny towels prime example. But I take your point as using them as wraps to " chill" after having your shower
  2. Aaaahhhh....Binny towels....my mother used these towels. last year I managed to find some....brand new...on Ebay. Not overly large but my goodness more than adequate for drying oneself after a bath/shower....goes to show that " size doesn't matter" 😁
  3. It may do....especially in a confined space !
  4. No its still going but maybe a little threadbare
  5. Even though we only cruise from Southampton now, we travel down by coach....not car....so are limited to how many cases we can take and I couldn't possibly leave any clothes at home....the ones that you take just in case but never use....they would certainly be the ones that I would definitely need ! 😃
  6. Mmmmm....suppose I could but my hubby complains now about the amount of "stuff" I take on a cruise/holiday ....if I was taking extra luggage....bath towels ....he may decide to leave me at home!
  7. Hi....bit of a different question but what are your thoughts on the towels in the bathroom...the ones provided for the shower/bath specifically. I personally find that the towels provided on cruise ships.... and hotels.... are usually not bath towels but bath sheets...thick....white(ish).....BIG....and for me unwieldy. Even lifting them never mind trying to dry myself with them leaves me " shattered"....I just can't manhandle them.....why do cruises/hotels think that we need such big cumbersome things when normal bath towels of a reasonable thickness will suffice....would have thou
  8. Is it £90 per day or £90 per day extra...personally I wouldn't want a balcony on any of the decks you stated...on Azura/ Ventura I would compromise between an inside and a balcony and have an outside cabin on P deck...I love the convenience of P deck outside cabins...wouldn't have an outside cabin on any other deck though...just P deck.
  9. Hi...what I call the classics...prawn cocktail/tomato soup...salmon/steak are still on the last menu shown but don't think the chicken is.
  10. Probably the easiest....cheapest....less hassle ....sorted if any travel delays....especially at that time of year....is the one that you have ruled out. Like you I don't think we would be " comfortable" leaving our car in the middle of Winter. Have you any family/friends who could drive you down the day before and all of you stay overnight then on return journey they drive down the day before and stay in a hotel. Not sure how cost effective that would be but just a thought. We have tried different ways of travelling down but now ....for us....we find the coach tr
  11. .Really enjoyed....the china cup in the background reminded me not to forget to pack mine....to me tea only taste good when served in a fine bone china cup/beaker 😃
  12. Thank you for that....very helpful.....we are not big drinkers but it shows how quickly the drinks' bill adds up....has me considering it now
  13. Hi....yes...if TA stays afloat more difficult but my point to bungle 66 was if your TA goes bust then P&O take the booking over
  14. A number of years ago the TA that we had booked with...Gills cruising....suddenly went bust....P&O just took over the booking ....honoured the discounted price received through the TA and kept all of the booking details and requirements the same
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