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  1. Hasn't 40% been the average effective rate over the past 17 years for the flu vaccine ?
  2. Thank you for that...not sure why my TA told me that....when I queried with her she said " things may be changed/changing
  3. On previous occasions when we have decided to upgrade our cabin....outside to balcony as an example....the price quoted is the price as it was on the day of booking the cruise....not current prices. Our TA has told us that may no longer apply....does anyone know if that is the case ?
  4. Yes ...remember seeing a spiv that was Walker's double....not on the train but in Pickering. I think the " powers that have the say" have now decided that there hasn't to be anyone dressed in German uniform....too intimidating they say....think they used to be billeted at one of the stations ...Levisham I think. I really couldn't miss the weekend and we stay for the week so when my husband can't drive any more...or just drive locally....which is quickly coming round....we will catch the train to York or Malton then catch the bus into Pickering.
  5. Hi Avril...only just noticed that you are in Yorkshire so as was often quoted in my days of youth....don't tell your granny how to suck eggs 😁....maybe our paths have crossed at some point. When I am booking cruises and other holidays I always like to make sure we can go to Pickering....our Oct 22 cruise is fitting in with the " war weekend"
  6. We also have been to few but the one at Pickering is our favourite....we go every year....because it has the station with the steam trains running....think it has the longest line in England....and also Pickering has Kirk theatre were they also put on a 1940's show when it is the RIW weekend....the atmosphere in Pickering just wonderful.
  7. Hi....I fully understand everyone's reluctance to book further cruises in these uncertain times but I have booked two cruises for 2022 because by then we should be in " calmer waters"....if we are not then we can change the cruise until a later date....as many times as we like under today's booking T&Cs....or just walk away from them but to be honest if we are still in the same situation we will have far bigger problems to concern ourselves with than cruising. I will also add that our favourite holidays are in the UK and every year we have 5/6 different places that we go to....
  8. Many thanks....so the photos are taken from G226....looks absolutely fine to me with very little...if any....obstruction
  9. Hi...yes Selbourne made some valid points on " Who has registered for 2022". Th vaccine certainly gives a ray of hope but at this point we are very doubtful as to our cruise in October 2021 ...I think there will be still too many restrictions in place for us personally to deal with. We are pre registering for 2022 as I like to remain optimistic but my reality side makes me think that we may not even go on them but they can be changed or at the worst walk away and lose the " small" deposit. As far as this particular potential vaccine is concerned we are in the age group w
  10. Hi...has anyone any info or photos of cabins G226/G227 ....JC grade on Britannia....I know they are obstructed but was just wondering what the obstruction is and how bad it is.
  11. Certainly encouraging news and think you may be right. Once fluid pricing kicks in and more people start to book the price will certainly be on the up.
  12. Just pre registered for Oct 2022 which will convert to a definite booking on Thursday. Also seriously considering pre registering tomorrow for April 2022 on Britannia.
  13. Hi...I know that Britannia hasn't a " proper" promenade deck just small ones from the Java & Glass House but just wondering if you can just sit there without having a drink etc....are there any relaxing seats to sit on other than chairs for sitting at the tables ?
  14. I will be pre registering and booking with the hope that in 2 years time we will be back to some sort of normality....if not, at least we will have had something positive to look forward to and with it being 5% deposit are prepared to take the hit and lose it for the pleasure of that.
  15. If you book through a TA then you can choose your grade and cabin numbers and my TA told me that the price quoted today will not change until later on Wednesday morning and then fluid pricing kicks in so there are advantages with booking through a TA plus an additional 4% discount on top of the 10% discount offered by P&O
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