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  1. We have done 2 cruises on MSC and really enjoyed the experience and would not hesitate to cruise with them again....as you say wouldn't suit everyone
  2. I understand your point about it not being an entirely British Isles cruise. When we went it was then called a " Round Britain " cruise which I suppose it was as we cruised right round the British Isles but called at some non British ports...Guernsey.....Cobh....Dublin....Belfast....Liverpool...Grenock( for Glasgow).....Invergordon....Edinburgh....Le Havre. We thoroughly enjoyed it....enjoyed " mooching" in the Temple bar area of Dublin....free excursions provided by the Tourist Board at Greenock....seeing the 3 Graces of Liverpool and being on the same level as them while on top deck....and Le Havre for personal reasons but also for 3 Euros you could use the buses/trams all day....on the tram ended up at a small beach area which was a lovely spot to just chill....it is definitely a cruise I would do again
  3. We like to visit Le Havre but for a totally different reason....my husband's uncle is buried there at St Marie cemetery.....he died at Le Havre the day after the 1st world war ended so when we dock there we always go to the cemetery....we were last there in October 2018 to remember his death 100 years ago....aged 19
  4. I also think that the restart cruises should be closer to home starting with Round Britain cruises which over time could be gradually lengthened. Then if anything " untoward" happens they are in a much better position to deal with it and I would think for our own piece of mind knowing that we can get home with relative ease. I have to say the Round Britain cruise we did was one of the most enjoyable.
  5. When they do restart cruising I would think it would be for 7 nights ....or less....to start with to see how things go and then as things start to open up more start to include the longer cruises. We have a 14 night cruise in October which may ....or may not....sail but if restrictions are still in place it won't be something we want to do
  6. It doesn't make sense does it but maybe the concern is that you may possibly pick the virus up in port and bring it back onto the ship.....especially if its a longer cruise....just a thought
  7. Now that sounds like a plan...
  8. When a man has a twinkle in his eye when he is around a female. 😵
  9. Oh I hope he is wrong....not very often he is though....our balance is due at the end of June
  10. Hi....I know it is some considerable time off but does anyone know when the Winter dates become available.....Cunard are on sale for Dec 2022. Just trying to forward plan....if that is possible ...in case our Oct 2021 has restrictions in place that aren't acceptable to us. We have two cruises booked for 2022 so am thinking a cruise during the Winter of 2022/2023 would be ok
  11. He he....I will go with the " being too young" reason although I can remember the rationing just after the war! 😁
  12. Texting through the tv..now there's a novelty....must try and learn that new skill 🤔
  13. Hi....hard to say if there will be any last minute " bargains"....the genuine bargains may be a thing of the past. I use a criteria that if I can get a balcony cabin for £100...or less...pppn then that to me is a bargain...especially if select fare. We have 3 cruises booked...1 in Oct and 2 in 2022...all select fare and all meeting my price criteria....oh and with being select fare including coach connection from Lancashire
  14. Ah....so I was incorrect in thinking it was developed in the USA
  15. Hi....this is good news about the Pfizer vaccine being approved and starting the roll out next week. My question is possibly more directed at people who understand these things unless I am overlooking the obvious. Am I correct in thinking that this is the vaccine developed in the USA and if so why are we the first country in the world to approve it and roll out the vaccine and not the country of development the USA ?
  16. Yes they use numbing drops besides other eye drops....about 5/6 in total. As you say eyesight is precious ....I have already have vision loss.....not total....through myself not acting quick enough so thank goodness the wonderful NHS are keeping up with the eye injections in these difficult times.
  17. Not too bad....they do numb it first and if it helps save my remaining sight then it is worth it.
  18. Your last sentence made me smile....I have to have an injection into my eye every 8 weeks so unfortunately having my eyes closed aint an option ....but I sure wish it were 😁
  19. Hi....I have been on Discovery & Spirit....absolutely no comparison between the two....Discovery a far better experience all round. We found the Discovery much more " laid back" than a P&O cruise and more of a party atmosphere ....the crew including the captain joined in the fun. Having said that we didn't find it rowdy and enjoyed the buzz and would definitely not hesitate to cruise with them again. I think if I said that P&O are a " proper" cruise line and well experienced in providing a good cruise experience whereas Tui encompass different types of holidays including cruises .....
  20. Hasn't 40% been the average effective rate over the past 17 years for the flu vaccine ?
  21. Thank you for that...not sure why my TA told me that....when I queried with her she said " things may be changed/changing
  22. On previous occasions when we have decided to upgrade our cabin....outside to balcony as an example....the price quoted is the price as it was on the day of booking the cruise....not current prices. Our TA has told us that may no longer apply....does anyone know if that is the case ?
  23. Yes ...remember seeing a spiv that was Walker's double....not on the train but in Pickering. I think the " powers that have the say" have now decided that there hasn't to be anyone dressed in German uniform....too intimidating they say....think they used to be billeted at one of the stations ...Levisham I think. I really couldn't miss the weekend and we stay for the week so when my husband can't drive any more...or just drive locally....which is quickly coming round....we will catch the train to York or Malton then catch the bus into Pickering.
  24. Hi Avril...only just noticed that you are in Yorkshire so as was often quoted in my days of youth....don't tell your granny how to suck eggs 😁....maybe our paths have crossed at some point. When I am booking cruises and other holidays I always like to make sure we can go to Pickering....our Oct 22 cruise is fitting in with the " war weekend"
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