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  1. As I said above, I really didn't want to complain at Seabourn Square or to higher ups as I didn't want to cause trouble for anyone. My TA asked how the cruise went and I didn't know that he contacted SB. Oh yes, enjoy the chcolates which are now 70% extra bitter Ivory Cocoa from Astir.
  2. Thanks for your kind words. I didn't complain while on the ship as I didn't want to cause any "problems" for the stewardess, etc. I did mention this to my TA when I got home. He forward a long letter from Kirby Lee who is a Special Adisor to the President ( I assume) of Seabourn addressing my complaints and offering onboard credits and Spa gifts and credits. My response was Bruce Springsteen's song....Glory Days. That IMHO is Seabourn's song too.
  3. To all...Thanks for your input. Let me first say that my wife and I are easy going and pride ourselves on letting things pass and rarely complain. We are far from demanding at home or on a cruise ship.We have sailed on Seabourn for many years going back to the "little sisters." I do feel that Seabourn has become sloppy (when I wrote Seabourn i used the word "hiccups" rather than "sloppy" which IMHO can be used interchangably). We were on a 20 day cruise recently. On six of those days, the room was NOT made as we , purposely, left our suite at a minimum of 6 hours. We even bet each other, jokingly, whether the suite would be made upon our return. We were on a tour of Israel and were in a hotel for one night. When we returned, the room was just as we left it......unmade. I won't even discuss the evening turn down service which was non-existent for 12 of the 20 days. The service in the MDR was so haphazard that we wound up in the Colonade or Earth and Ocean. Oh yes, we ate in the Thomas Keller Grill on 3 successive nights. I had the table side Caesar Salad. On each night , the preparation was different. So much for TK choreography. These are the biggest foibles which have led me to distance myself from Seabourn. I won't complain that the bartenders didn't know how to mix a Negroni, or the champagne was poor, or the caviar was not to everyone's liking or the other "idiotic" "sloppy" nonsense. I realize that my complaints are, to some, miniscule. But, IMHO this "sloppy" nonsense can be tolerated to some extent, on a mainstream cruise line. But, not when I'm paying top dollar for a luxury cruise.
  4. Seabourn has been "sloppy" on the last few cruises. We're thinking of Regent. Hopefully, our experience will be better than on Seabourn. We would love to hear from anyone who has been on both. We noted the comparison in the Fall of 2018. Can anyone help us with more recent reviews?
  5. To paraphrase the Peugot ad...60 million Frenchmen, including your mother, can't be wrong. I would think that SB did their due diligence, including Thomas Keller, more than once. I know of 3 times Dr. Weil vetoed a suggestion that he place his endorsement on a sham wellness product. I'm not saying that he's the reincarnation of Mother Theresa, but he certainly believes in his ideas without associated entrepreneurial dollar signs. .
  6. While you're chucking and chortling, I'd like to enlighten you a bit. I've known Dr. Weil for a number of years. I've read his books and listened to his ideas. Many are far out and not to my liking. I take the same supplements that he does and don't subscribe to his touchy-feely program. I don't characterize him as a "wellness entrepreneur." He's not a snake oil salesman. He fills a gap in our quest to be health conscious. I had the pleasure of being on a SB cruise Athens-Dubai a few months ago. His first lectures were poorly attended. Then, as word got around the ship, more and more attended. To each his/her own. I just want to stress that I seriously doubt that he cannot be characterized as wanting to make money on his wellness advice.
  7. Very good....I love it. I had the same experiences with the sugar dispensers. I thought it was a temporary measure. I guess it's permanent. All in the name of the environment. That it's much cheaper than individual packets takes a back seat.
  8. My heartfelt empathy for you in these trying times. I hope that everything will work itself out for the best. This reinforces my feelings that SB will not go the extra mile for their passengers once they have your cruise money. Again, best of luck in these unfortunate circumstances.
  9. It's hokey but lots of fun. Come as you are BUT NOT NUDE
  10. We book directly with TK Grill and are able to get as many reservations as we want. Assuming there are cancellations and openings. The trick is to go directly to TK rather than Seabourn Square, Their computer lags behind TK. Go directly to "the horse's mouth." Oh yes....Earth and Ocean is a well kept secret.....especially the Nigerian Shrimp.
  11. We flew Emirates to Athens. We got a price from Seabourn Air as well as the airlines and got a much better price from a consolidator. IMHO that's the way to go (pardon the pun)
  12. Is this a good excuse to drink wine and hard liquor?....LOL
  13. I hope this was the only glitch (although big time) that you had on your cruise.
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