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  1. I'm looking at concierge suites on the Splendor. What is the difference between D and E suites? Thanks in advance.
  2. We were on the Explorer. Great cruise for 2 days. Maybe 40% full. At about 4 PM Saturday, the Captain announced that the Explorer was turning around as per the message from Regent headquarters in Miami. The crew knew nothing more than that. We got into Miami about noon today and the personnel were very sorry that we were leaving....but had no choice. We did have a choice as to getting 100% refund for the monies paid on the cruise or 125% discount on a future cruise up till 12/22. Plus, any onboard credits will be added to our credit cards. IMHO, this is a good deal the likes of which Carnival, as an example, would not offer.
  3. CORRECT in everything you say. Whether it be the Norovirus or COVID-19, a high percentage of passengers seem to disregard hand washing or the hand sanitizer stations aboard. This is why cruise ships are called "petri dishes" and there are sneeze shields at the buffet. Without a doubt, home is not only where the heart is but also the safest place when you want to avoid viral infection.
  4. Let's all take a deep breath and examine the facts as we know them. After reading some of the blurbs, I feel that we are in DEFCON-5( for those unaware of DEFCON, this is a defense readiness condition with #1 being the mildest and #5 being the end of the world). Dr. Lisa Memgakis of Johns Hopkins wrote a very precise comparison of the flu and COVID 19. Both cause fever, cough, body aches, fatigue, and sometimes vomiting and diarrhea. COVID 19 and its relatives are caused by 1 virus. Where as the flu is caused by several different strains and types. Most of which are "stymied" by a flu shot. As of March 9th, there have been 113,579 case reported world wide of which 607 case were reported is the USA. This was opposed to the flu which identified more than 1 billion world wide and 9.3 to 45 million in the USA. COVID 19 does not kill. The resultant pneumonia ( lung affliction) does. We have, in the past, been unprepared for the Ebola Virus, SARS and MERS amongst others. True, our hands are tied with the COVID 19 Virus. We are unprepared for this world wide pandemic thanks to air travel, cruise ships, etc. We are, in all spheres, neophytes in attacking and discussing this virus. In a way, we are all flying by the seat of our pants. But, to blow it out of proportion is insane. Catlover54 speaks of poor service in the MDR on her Sydney to Sydney cruise. She also said that the food was subpar and reminded her of diner food. The pianist was a SB star and she complimented SB on their hiring her. But, she made absolutely no mention go decreased amenities or service because of COVID 19.I am one of the first to say that Seabourn since it came under the Carnival/ Holland America umbrella has deteriorated in everything including customer service. How they handled the Covid 19 thing is a horror show and should be a primer in business school on what NOT to do in another event such as this. The customer should be, above all, happy and satisfied. In fact, I was so disappointed by my cruise in November that I'm, for the first time in a long time, leaving Seabourn and taking a cruise on the Regent Explorer on Wednesday. To paraphrase Bill Clinton, "I feel your pain." Let's not blow any of this out of proportion.
  5. You're absolutely right. It's not superb when you get struck by a car crossing the street. It's not superb when you're on a mainstream line( ie. Princess) and get quarantined. The chances of this happening on a Seabourn ship are lessened to a large extent. The why's and wherefores are too numerous to mention. If you ever went to Vegas or another gambling venue, you check the odds before putting your money down. Similarly, your odds are greater if you are in contact with a "carrier" or are not precautionary and would be lessened on a SB ship.
  6. For a guy born in Brooklyn, Tony Fauci has always been calm, cool and collected. Jenni Dallas on "So who has decided to cancel? " on this website makes a very good point in her last paragraph. Those "in the know" aren't panicking and either is Fauci. Many want to believe the sky is falling or TDS. IMHO alarmists for the sake of alarming or, perhaps, blogging for the sake of blogging.. Once on board, the SB cruise is and remains superb.
  7. Was that statement world wide(China and Italy) or specific to certain areas excluding the Caribbean, the Western Mediterranean, Australia, New Zealand and other ports?
  8. Is the next step bankruptcy of the weak sisters (not meaning Seabourn)? Will there be a bailout of the cruise lines? Will the dividend and/or onboard credit be cut? Is this a good time to buy CCL with the fair value at $55.00? The stocks in all the cruise lines will take a nose dive tomorrow. Is this a good buying opportunity? Is the State Department concerned with worldwide cruises? Questions with very iffy answers. I can't believe the they made such an audacious statement. A bright and rosey picture has tuned very bleak.
  9. The name is FAUCI. He often jokes that Americans can't speak Italian and use" CH"rather than "C." He's a proud Italian-American and was one of, if not the, first Italian-Americans to graduate from Cornell Medical School.
  10. From what we hear, China has slowly gotten back to "normal." There are traffic jams in the larger cities and factories are back into production. If that be true, we can expect resolution world wide in the next few weeks...NOT months. To put it in perspective, the H3N2 strain in 2018 was considered worse than the Swine Flu of 2009. The 2018 flu killed 1 million people world wide. The Spanish flu of 1918 affected 500 million people and killed between 20-50 million people world wide. Taking these figures into consideration, we have to think that this strain is minor league. I'm not implying that death or infection is minor. I'm only trying to put it into perspective. We must and should get on with our lives and if we only learnt one thing from this episode.....hand washing and protecting others when we cough or sneeze.is important. One more thing....I wonder if the companies that insure cruise ships aren't the final say in what ships continue and which won't.
  11. Detecting and containing the virus and its mutations is of paramount importance. Whether it be on land or sea. Many have taken the wrong approach feeling that they are vulnerable and/or scared. Loss of reason transformed into panic and lack of intelligence has caused a run on masks, disinfectants and even toilet paper. The news media has been instrumental in this "craziness" by inflaming the public. Travel restrictions have been far reaching in the name of caution when there are a few pockets of worry. The travel restrictions, for better or worse, have been so far reaching that events have been cancelled and/or missed. I read that the olympics in Tokyo this summer may be cancelled!!!!!INSANE!!! Caution is laudatory and I compliment any and all who have provided us with positive information. But, to carry it to an extreme is not. Patience and frequent hand washing seem to be the best cure in this era of worry, speculation and conjecture. Westmount, in his/her note had the right idea. Carry on!!!!!
  12. I've got to walk away from this topic.It's beginning to affect me and can't understand the complete loss of discussion in this very important topic....Coronavirus!!! The anecdotal and disjointed discussion away from the important and distressing topic at hand is absurd. There are many sailors who "lurk" on these treads to gain some important and supportive information. If I have some important and useful information, I will post it.
  13. IMHO this is not the time to buy NCLH. Morgan Stanley downgraded it from overweight. The world-wide coronavirus is just beginning. It will show up in first and second quarter company results. Witness the fact that the Dow was plus big points at the beginning of the session and is fighting to remain in positive territory at the end. The "smart money" realizes that there's more to come(lower prices). Although NCLH has not been this low since 11/2016, this may be only the beginning. $30.00/share?????
  14. I agree with Princeton 123211. The wait staff seems to prolong the caviar request. I assume its from the upper people rather than the servers themselves. I feel this is the regime in the past few months. SLSD were you aboard recently?
  15. The smart people buy today on the dip. The WHO, which is very conservative and non-alarming, speaks of a possible pandemic in view of the positive findings in Iran, Korea and Italy. They are unable to find a common source in these countries. Two weeks ago, we were stunned by the news in China, et al. I hope that two weeks from now we all are not as fearful as we are today. Especially when there are "whispers" of "Virus X" causing a pandemic.
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