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  1. Yes, one picture posted clearly shows no window on the port side and as someone else mentioned, that is the wall with the headboard. Probably designed that way because of the window washing equipment parked there. Otherwise, maybe they could have flipped the room around to provide a view out a port side window while sitting in bed. Thanks for the Port Angeles, Washington plug! Glad you had a good time. We LOVE it here and have the adding thrill of seeing all the cruise ships pass by each weekend during the summer after they leave Seattle on their way to Alaska!
  2. Whims can make the best memories. I'd say embrace it and enjoy Alaska! Maybe they'll strap you in and give you a ride along the side of the ship 😨!
  3. There are no windows looking out that direction, so you'd have to stand behind the machine to have it block your view. Yes some other decks have larger balconies, but this certainly has a much better view than most NSs!
  4. The clientele on HAL is an older skew. When comparing longer cruises on both lines, HAL WILL have more older guests. HAL has a more reserved vibe with very good personal service and is better positioned to handle any additional needs of older guests. HAL's newest ships have a younger skew, comparible to Celebrity. We have cruised many times on both lines.
  5. Sorry, we all posted at the same time!
  6. Normal gym is free, including treadmills, free weights and machines. Some equipment, like spin bikes used for fee based spin classes may not be accessable.
  7. So they had promotions back in the 1990s - but that doesn't make it a continuing policy for 25 years! Our cruising with Celebrity started with the introduction of the S class. Had "kids cruise free" been their ongoing policy, we would have jumped ship real fast! While Celebrity ships have always had kids, with good programs to keep them occupied, it has seemed to us, at least on the S class ships, to be adult focused cruises. This change in focus may work for many and that's fine - just not for us.
  8. As in - the bars aren't crowded, except at happy hour- when you can buy one, get one for 2 bucks.
  9. You have said numerous times that Celebrity has done this for 25 years. I don't ever remember such a campaign. But I do see it on other lines often. How about some dates. Once a year? Every five years? Once 20 years ago? It has NOT been their policy for 25 years! My apologies if my memory fails me. And we are Elite plus.
  10. Cruzngal - be fair now...No Celebrity ship has wave pools, ice skating rinks, carnival rides or water slides. Their ships are for adults just like HAL. The newest HAL ships also have another live music venue - Billboard's Rock Room. Certainly a livlier vibe than on the older HAL ships. Your call...
  11. We have cruised on many Holland America and Celebrity ships. We looked around the theater on our last 7 day Mexican cruise on Holland. We are in our mid 60s - definitely on the low end of the age range on that ship! Certainly were some active guests on board, but If you had a bad experience in a group of 50 somethings, please choose Celebrity over Holland America.
  12. Then simply do what is called a back-to-back with Eastern and Western Caribbean. Equinox does them almost all summer. Love the S class ships! I recommend Celebrity over HAL for your situation.
  13. I see 10, 11 and 12 night cruises this summer on Celebrity in the Southern Caribbean. What do you mean by full Caribbean?
  14. cgolf1- similar to your Disney experience, we are at the Elite plus level on Celebrity. Going to Edge in a week and a half with eyes wide open. Really think we will also love it. Have one more Celebrity cruise from Hawaii to Vancouver at the end of April. Don't think either is affected by the "kids cruise free" offer. However, going forward, if this KCF is an aggressive marketing trend, as you suggest, we'd move on. Just does not fit with our idea of a happy place. But have already been on Viking and have another one booked, as well as a back-to-back on Virgin (how's that for a completely different vision of a happy place, drag queen brunch and all!). Perhaps that is how life is meant to work. We've enjoyed the ride. Now there will be room on Celebrity for a couple more ☺
  15. Kellerb, you describe the exact situation that I have no problem with. You paid full price, and I'd be willing to bet that your kids are well behaved. The limited number of kids, like we have seen on past Celebrity cruises is fine. What I fear happening with this current promotion for kids sail free is hordes of kids, like we experienced on Carnival. It was horrible!
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