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  1. Yes, it does. Check out their website virginvoyages.com for the details.
  2. Your plan sounds good. Another travel option is a ferry, Victoria Clipper, that travels daily from Seattle to a private terminal IN downtown Victoria. If you are in Victoria on July 1, that is Canada Day (think July 4th in the U.S.) and they go all out with a big celebration including fireworks that night!
  3. Keep in mind that the ferry does not dock in Victoria but at the ferry terminal which is quite a few minutes north of Victoria. Of course you will know how long it takes if you are driving a car down to Victoria. Just wanted to make sure you give yourself plenty of cushion for the drive/ferry back to the mainland.
  4. If you are only talking about 2 martinis and one glass of wine, none of the drink packages would be worth it. I would ballpark the wine at $8 and up and the martinis at the martini bar at about $15 (both plus 20% gratuity). The premium drink packages can also cover specialty coffees, waters, smoothies, fresh juices and more. Packages cannot be shared.
  5. Correct - if someone doesn't have a package already, the premium plus is a better bargain. However it won't include daily mini-bar replacement if only one has the plus. And this can only be purchased online, not on the ship.
  6. I have never been on a snorkel tour where they did NOT provide all the gear needed. Odd!
  7. Has there been an official reply from Celebrity, or just the comment from the Captain's Club person I talked to? My apology if I missed that.
  8. I'm sure the UK laws require this. I always thought that NCL's included perk offerings in the U.S. of both the beverage package and specialty restaurants were a little deceptive, if you were't aware when comparing cruiselines. Those two perks had service charges added to the bottom line. And you had to pay the full service charge up front, regardless of how much you utilized either.
  9. I called Captain's Club to try to get a definitive answer about any change in the beverage package costs. Bottom line, (after numerous attempts to describe the concerns of those on CruiseCritic) they said they weren't aware of any changes. I'm not really comfortable with that answer since several TAs have received the opposite notification. While I don't believe any change has a bearing on any perks already purchased, an offical statement from Celebrity describing any change (if there is or isn't one) and how this will affect current holders of beverage packages as well as those purchasing after Sept.1. No response will simply prolong this rumor mill. To just wait and see what happens is not fair to those on the fence about booking cruises with or without the beverages. Simple solution, Celebrity - full disclosure.
  10. The way the brochure is worded, you would be charged a 20% gratuity on the price of each drink, regardless of the package. The drink packages up until now always covered the tip, whether it was the regular or premium package. Booking now or waiting may come down to how much you think you might drink. I would book now (with a refundable deposit). Be sure to get confirmation that drink tips are still covered.
  11. I believe the 20% gratuity added to each check refers to those who purchase a beverage package AFTER Sept 1. Previously the gratuity was always included in the package. Since we bought the package when the gratuity was included, they can't charge us again.
  12. Wow, you stand right there and they make the smoothie in front of you. If you see them pick up an overripe banana, why don't you say anything? Of course if you are on the last day of a 14 day cruise, you can't expect the impossible. There will be no perfect bananas - no matter what cruiseline you are on.
  13. So now Celebrity just added a 20% increase to their bottom line for every beverage package sold. Glad we booked ours before September 1! Hope the price per day stays where it is. But I read someone on another thread listing a daily cost for the premium of about $90.00. 😕
  14. Captain's Club just confirmed that smoothies from the Aqua Spa Cafe ARE included in the premium drink package (PAL). I am surprised at the number of people who don't like the smoothies. Refuel is my favorite (think peanut butter!). I bet most people don't like the "healthy" taste of most of the choices. That's O.K. - more for me ☺
  15. They are open for breakfast and lunch, but close around 2 or so. Hours are listed on your daily program.
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