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  1. POA is the one ship that only sails around Hawaii. An all passenger and crew vaccinated ship sounds like a sensible solution. We're booked in September, are fully vaccinated and happy to wear masks.
  2. Actually booking windows vary by ship. NCL Pride of America currently shows booking dates from July, 2021.
  3. Seth Wayne is the Holland America brand ambassador and is very active on facebook with weekly trivia, virtual tours, guest speakers, etc. and is very engaging. Now you know where to find social media activity for HAL. Funny that we are Elite + on Celebrity and we've never received any communications from Celebrity about trivia, games, or anything else. To say HAL is doing nothing is very unfair. Sounds like they simply need to expand their reach.
  4. Funny that you use the example of NCL, where the "free drinks package" isn't free - check the fine print - and the "specialty restaurants package" dings you for the gratuity. Tough to compare when lines aren't being honest in their marketing. I believe Virgin has been pretty consistent with their final payment requirement which is different than others. Compared to Viking that can require full payment 1 year in advance, 120 days doesn't sound so bad. No one says you have to book that far ahead. Wait until 60 days before and take your chances on what's left. Or just book 2022 - better choices,
  5. I have no doubt the decision to ignore the science and open up cruising just before election day is 100% politically motivated. Glad to see that Virgin is resisting the urge to open while the curves are up and the science says wait. We have moved our cruise to March, 2022 without any problem.
  6. Thanks mnocket for providing more detail than I found on my search for report information. Very surprised that Virgin doesn't have plug-in ability when docked. Curious if using the low sulfur content fuel allows Disney to not have to utilize scrubbers before discharging the smoke from their stacks? I have a problem with FOE failing every ship that utilizes scrubbers without giving any credit to Virgin for also installing a catalytic system for reducing nitrogen oxide and particulates. And I still disagree with penalizing ships that have installed the best available sewage treatment systems. Th
  7. I have problems with the way the organization graded the lines - one catagory was sewage treatment. The description was do they use state-of-the-art systems or do they only minimally treat the wastewater? No cruiseline got higher than a "C". I would expect that Virgin has the latest available technology, not some junk. So why a "C"? And failing grades in air and water pollution. Really? Same grades as other lines that DID pollute pristine waters. Not a fair comparison at all. I would tend to agree with Virgin's response. They are helping to lead the industry toward a cleaner future. The articl
  8. We were able to book the same suite with the same perks as before - simply moving the reservation to a time when we believe covid will be under control to a point where social distancing and masks will no longer be issues. We are also betting that enough people keep their money in Virgin to help them stay afloat through the pandemic. The new longer itineraries are tempting...
  9. When we moved our Nov. 8 cruise a week ago to March 2022, I was told that they were waiting on CDC guidance before cancelling additional dates. Glad we changed our date.
  10. We just pushed our booking from this November to March of 2022. Without a trusted vaccine and with people still making the mask a political issue, we've given up on 2020. Virgin is trying very hard - just not worth the risk for us.
  11. My take on the recent Covid-19 seminar put on by Carnival Corp. was that once a vaccine is proven (realistically the first quarter of 2021), the very fastest an immunization has ever been dispensed to enough of the population to provide herd immunity is 5 months. So the end of 2021 is a much more realistic date to resume cruising. To date, every cruiseline that has attempted to restart has failed - even the Uncruise line in Alaska with only 35 guests. Even with months of planning, one guest tested positive after the first day. It only takes one...
  12. Since they now show dates into 2022, I would push it forward as far as possible. And I agree, the long, expensive flight to Europe and the jet lag requiring extra hotel days prior to the cruise to reorient your body clock makes the Caribbean a much easier choice for a first time cruiser. .
  13. Maybe with a changing of the guard in November VV could get Cuba added back into the mix, like the original plan a couple of years back.
  14. Their proposals with limits of 1300 passengers and crew eliminate every major cruise line. Based on their figures of low passenger spending compared to those who stay in Key West, I can understand their logic. This would be yet another scramble for VV. They just can't catch a break!
  15. Biker19 - Thanks for the post about the Sustainable Ships livecast. Unfortunately, the echo here was so bad I could not continue listening. Hopefully they will invite the guest from Virgin back after they fix their audio problem.
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