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  1. In our experiences with HAL final payment is due 90 days out.
  2. In my first message regarding NFL games while cruising I forgot to mention they have all been HAL cruises.
  3. Ever cruise we have been on during football season has had games being broadcast. In our experience they generally do not have more than one or two games on Sundays. We have also watched Monday night and Thursday night football on board.
  4. You will find much cheaper rates at home than on the ship, cruise line photos are really expensive and you need to buy the expensive packages to get any thing worth keeping.
  5. There is no ballroom dancing on the ships you mentioned.
  6. Excuse me but, stop preaching to me and others on this board, HAL is not obligated to support any religion. For you to tell me time should be set aside to observe your religious beliefs is just so much hooey. Take your religion with you where ever you go but don’t expect me and others to observe your dogma.
  7. Hi KK, When was the last time you cruised? I know your DH has had health issues as well as your need of a rollator.
  8. No ballroom dancing. You can dance to rock,soul and funk but no ballroom. As stated on many other threads, if you want ballroom dancing try Cunard.
  9. You should be ok, my biggest worry would be getting wet.
  10. Lobster is really really really over rated, if you think that frozen lobster is good then you will be more than willing to eat the gala night lobster, all the best to you.
  11. No problem, wear comfortable stuff, you will be fine. There is really no dress code.
  12. Our experience on a Canada/New England cruise was, "All seafood is frozen". We went from Quebec City to Fort Lauderdale none of the lobster was fresh unless we got off the boat and ate at an on shore restaurant. We enquired while on board and where told all lobster was frozen. Anecdotally to me there have been a few cruises on the smaller HAL ships that did bring aboard fresh lobster in some Atlantic ports but that was a rarity too. We have never had fresh lobster, fish, or other seafood on any HAL cruise we have been on and that includes Alaska the Caribbean and Canada/New England.
  13. Would you consider using a different font, the script font you are using is nearly impossible to read.
  14. When I look at your first post there is a heart on the bottom right side of the message. I just clicked it and chose the happy face icon you should see that some one has responded to your post and liked it. if you have trouble with the screen with no icon visible, clear you cache, cookies and history then log in again and see what is visible to you. You may also want to re-boot after you clear the cache etc, then try logging into the board again.
  15. The icon should appear if someone who reads your post likes it and clicks the corresponding icon that they liked/loved the post. Once they do that you should see the heart icon. When you click the icon it should show you what user/users liked your post.
  16. What ship are you talking about? We cruise HAL on a regular basis and there has been no band in the Ocean Bars we have been in for a number of years.
  17. Nice thread high jack, what has this got to do with laundry on the day before disembarkation?
  18. Are you clicking on the thread title, or on the solid dot to the left of the thread title? If you hover over the dot you will see that it says "Go to first unread post." Click on the dot and it should take you to the first message you have not read.
  19. These are obstructed views on HAL. One from Westerdam one from Oosterdam. (sister ships)
  20. No one posted a shaming response to you message. If you think that some one making a valid response to your post is shaming you, I think it is time you stopped using social media, it seems there are some filters lacking here.
  21. Do you realize that the thread you re-started is six years old?
  22. Why do you think you need a count down clock? Does anyone beside count down clockers even care? What purpose does your count down clock serve users of this form?
  23. Nice thread high jack. What does your message have to a do with ballroom dancing?
  24. We have been on more than a dozen HAL cruises of various lengths. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of ball room dancers we have seen on those cruises and I should add I didn't need all my fingers to count. I mean no disrespect, but ball room dancing has been toast on HAL for a number of years now and it isn't coming back and the small number of ballroom dance cheerleaders on this board need to get on with something else.
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