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  1. I do like the idea of the extra savings with one cabin being an inside. It would be great if you could find rooms across the hall from each other. Extra Platinum benefits would be nice too πŸ˜ƒπŸ·πŸΎπŸ“
  2. I would only do this if they were adjoining cabins. Then you can use one as a living room, and one to sleep in. I would like having my own closet, and two bathrooms would be a really nice benefit.
  3. I agree that this looks like a great ship for adults, and am glad to hear they won't be sending this newly refurbished ship to Asia. We cruised on Spirit back in 2010 Boston to Bermuda, and would love to see it come back to Boston. Would be fun for Bermuda or Bahamas and Florida or longer trips to the Caribbean.
  4. I have been thinking for quite a while that it is ridiculous how long it takes NCL to make updates to their website about any changes to their cruise itineraries. They have no problem making changes in pricing to reflect the latest "sale", or rise in any fees or service charges. Never mind the talk of who should take the hit if someone wants to cancel an upcoming cruise to China or nearby areas affected by the virus. It wouldn't be that bad of a hit for NCL to at least offer 90% credit for a future cruise. This would probably be better than filling a ship with people who have flown into the area of embarkation and may have come in contact with an infected person. I think it would be very costly if the whole ship is quarantined like Diamond Princess. Not only did they have to cancel future cruises, they now have to feed and take care of nonpaying passengers for at least 14 days. I would think that would be a bigger monetary disaster for NCL. So far I am planning to go on my upcoming NCL cruise and am sure I will have a good time, but I always adjust my expectations when cruising with NCL. I also take their insurance and don't book the most expensive cabins so that if I have to cancel I won't be out too much money. Good luck to all affected cruisers. I hope you can work out a plan to still have enjoyable future cruises.
  5. Cool pictures. Thanks for sharing. Love seeing the colorful ship standing out in the mist. πŸ™‚
  6. I grew to like the palm tree lights, and missed them when they removed them from Dawn. At least they made you laugh 😁🌴🍍
  7. Both areas have hot tubs. The Spice H2O has a large water feature to cool off in. Vibe has a much smaller place to cool off. We enjoyed relaxing in Spice H2O on several cruises. There are servers coming around to take your drink orders in Spice, but you should always order a drink the first time they ask or they think you don't want any and may not come back for awhile to ask you again. They figure out pretty fast who the drinkers are and come back to the drinkers regularly. We would rather go to Spice H2O and use the money saved by not purchasing Vibe passes for something else. It is a fun place to spend some time.
  8. Although I am sure I won't be sleeping/drooling in the Observation Lounge, it is a lounge. Why would you want it to be uncomfortable? The NCL site says it is a place to relax. I think some people have a hard time doing that.
  9. If they still have not replaced the safes when you sail in a few weeks, I hope you give them hell. That is bull**** if they can't replace them by then! I agree with everyone who thinks this is a problem. Rooms are often left open during cleaning/maintenance. We like to put our casino cash, phones, and tablet in the safe. It is an amenity that is to be expected on the ship.
  10. We have done several NCL cruises on various ships. Some ships do a better job with meal prep than others, but food has never been bad. I have noticed that there are some less expensive cuts of meat and seafood being used recently, but they are usually well seasoned. My most recent cruise was on Gem. The fish in my fish sandwich in the dining room on embarkation day was dry, but not inedible. The rest of the week the food was good, although I did expect more from Le Bistro. To me it was not much better than the MDR. The funniest thing I read in reviews is when people complain that the breakfast buffet is the same everyday. That is because they literally have every breakfast food you can think of available every day!!
  11. I had a problem with my that a couple of months ago when I did mine. I am not positive now, but I think it was something stupid like they did not want any dashes between the numbers on the phone numbers.
  12. Enjoying following. May have to take a trip on the Sun. A vlogger I watch lucked out with a really big inside cabin on that ship, but I think I would prefer your cabin with the window. This is getting me excited for our cruise coming up the end of March. Wish us luck πŸ€. We are sailing on Star, which is running slightly compromised at this time.
  13. Having a cold/sinus infection on a cruise is no fun. I always travel with anti-histamine, decongestant pills and chewable Pepto Bismol tablets. Last time I was sick on a cruise, we were in St. Lucia. I spied a pharmacy looking with binoculars from my balcony. We left the ship just long enough to go there and get cough syrup. After going through the gauntlet of vendors getting off the ship, we made it to the pharmacy. I picked up what I thought was very overpriced cough syrup, but after they converted the money into U.S. dollars it turned out to be reasonably priced. I was glad it was not my first time in St. Lucia as buying medicine for my cold was the highlight of the day.
  14. Wind gets number one spot. It was our first time on Norwegian, and was our honeymoon in Hawaii! Liked the layout and Freestyle dining. The Italian restaurant was included. We enjoyed all the ships, but here is the order from best to least favorite. Wind Spirit (very pretty aft dining room, Henry's Pub had free popcorn at the time) Escape Breakaway Dawn x4 (like your favorite old jeans) Epic (awesome entertainment and shows) Gem x2 POA Getaway All good times. I like the smaller ships for not needing to reserve shows and less crowds. I like the large ships for the shows and activities.
  15. We have been expecting an itinerary change, as I have been following the Star situation. I noticed on the roll call for the trip before this one, that they had some itinerary adjustments. I told my husband that we would probably hear about some changes after final payment. At least we still have the A and C of our ABC islands cruise, but we did book it hoping to go to Bonaire. Bonaire is the only port on the itinerary we haven't been to! We had a snorkeling trip planned. With the ship not up to maximum speed, I figured we would lose Bonaire. Glad we still have Great Stirrup Cay at the beginning of the trip, and I don't mind Nassau, but would have preferred a stop in Grand Cayman or Key West on the way back.
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