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  1. Looks like there's a gap between when Wind Spirit arrives in Singapore on January 10, 2022, and its next cruise on February 7, 2022, so I'd guess that's when the drydock will occur.
  2. Has anyone here ever done this excursion? I'm curious as to whether the kayaks used have backrests or not. I like to kayak, but if the kayaks are sit-on-tops without backrests, I know my lower back will be very unhappy.
  3. That sounds like it's the same excursion. I wish they were listing it on two separate days for our May cruise. Right now, they're only offering that excursion for Taha'a on our trip, and there's only one available slot left, so my wife & I are waitlisted.
  4. Sure, I'd be happy to check some other operators...hopefully the whole bubble business is a distant memory by next May. That's the one excursion we're very enthusiastic about, but there's only one single slot left through the ship. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll add some capacity.
  5. One of the main excursions we want to take for our Tahiti cruise next may (Coral Gardens Drift Snorkel at Taha'a) is already sold out a year in advance except for 1 slot. We've been put on a waitlist. I sure hope they add some capacity.
  6. Barrycat, a rare case where I don't agree with you. We used an agent for our Wind Spirit Tahiti cruise. Aside from the fact that they essentially split their commission, for a substantial financial savings, when Windstar cancelled our May 2021 cruise, they REALLY went to bat for us. Windstar just would not budge on the price for rebooking for the same cruise in May of 2022, doubling the amount. of the cruise. I took at as far as I could, but no matter how high I went, they would not give a penny. After a lot of back and forth, we finally gave up and asked to cancel. Ou
  7. Here's the dress code, from the Windstar website: If you’re dining in Amphora, Stella Bistro, or Cuadro 44 by Anthony Sasso in the evening, slacks or non-distressed jeans are appropriate, paired with collared, button-down or polo shirts, or fashion tops or blouses. Skirts with nice tops, casual dresses and sundresses are also good choices. Dress shoes, nice sandals or stylish athletic casual shoes round out your evening wardrobe. Depending on your destination you may wish to pack shorts, hats, flip flops and t-shirts, but please reserve them for your daytime activities. You can
  8. You asked what I thought was an honest question. It turns out that you were just being facetious. I'll keep your snarky attitude in mind and refrain from responding to any further posts from you. No, no anti-Covid pixie dust. Just assurances that vetted tour operators are following masking and sanitation protocols (and, who knows, perhaps have been vaccinated as well), and that interactions with locals are conducted safely, if at all. That's the point of the "bubble". While I've certainly taken tours where the busses were accompanied by armored vehicles, I doubt you're talking abou
  9. Well, two things: 1) Vaccines, while quite effective, are not 100%, and a single case of Covid on board would be a public relations nightmare. 2) The citizens of the countries we are interacting with may not be vaccinated and there's a risk of transmission to THEM, even if we're all vaccinated. They don't want a cruise ship to be blamed for bringing Covid to a port. The odds of something going sour are quite small, but the risk to the industry, in both financial and PR terms, are quite high if something DOES go wrong. Nobody wants to be a Diamond Princess-sized sc
  10. My thinking is that they may need to add excursion capacity, now that passengers are locked into Windstar excursions. On the other hand, Windstar is a smaller ship, so the contractors may already have excess capacity, and even if they don't, it would likely be more cost effective for them to expand than to add a completely new operator.
  11. Sometimes I wonder if you are just being obstinate for the sake of being obstinate, or if you actually believe the things you say. The passengers are already being required to be vaccinated. In most cases, they are also being subjected to testing 72 hours before they fly in. The vetting of shore excursions is meant to assure that the excursions do not involve undue contact with with local population (a potential point of infection), that proper sanitization procedures are conducted by the tour operator, including the enforcement of masking (a potential point of infection), and tha
  12. Have you already forgotten what occurred with Diamond Princess? The reason for the excursion bubbles is to minimize the chances of you bringing COVID-19 back aboard the ship through a sloppily run excursion, thereby preventing the quarantine of an entire ship. It's only a money grab in the sense that Windstar (and virtually every other cruise line) is trying to avoid the expense and bad publicity created by an entire ship being quarantined. It's unfortunate, it's inconvenient, and it's detrimental to the small excursion operators, but it's quite simple to understand.
  13. Dr. Poole was offered as an excursion on both of my cancelled cruises, September 2020 (Whale Watching) and May 2021 (Dolphin Eco Excursion), so it's likely he's under contract with Windstar.
  14. I'm happy to say that Windstar (with a LOT of persistence from my travel agent) has finally made things right. While I'm not at liberty to discuss the details, we are now booked for May 2022 in Tahiti!
  15. Thanks, Jazzbeau. I'll have to keep that in mind for the future.
  16. The question in my mind is whether the pre-existing coverage winds up applying to the additional amounts you add on (the airfare, etc), or just to the original amount when you started the policy? That's the part I've never been able to get a clear answer on, so I've always taken the safe route, and insured everything up front. Edited to add: Hey, that would have been a great question when Steve Dassos was doing the Q&A. Maybe someone on the Cruise/Travel Insurance subforum has a solid answer.
  17. While I've always purchased trip insurance based on the expected total non-refundable cost of my trip, I did find this Q&A on insuremytrip dot com. I can't vouch for how universal or accurate this info is:
  18. I was working through a travel agent, but we pushed back hard. They ultimately allowed a $500pp credit, but that was it. Figuring in the credit and the 125% FCC for funds already paid, it still would have cost us in excess of $3000 over what we have already paid. It shouldn't be necessary to have to fight tooth and nail to get them to do what's right, but I guess they foresee enough pent-up demand that they can charge what they want and someone will pay it. The idea of sailing French Polynesia on Wind Spirit was a nice dream while it lasted. We undoubtedly would never have conside
  19. Well, I believe I'm done with Windstar. They refused to give price protection to move to 2022, which would have increased the price of our cruise by over $3000. They were completely inflexible, so I've also cancelled the back-up booking we had made for September of 2021. We do not need to visit French Polynesia so badly that we are willing to be price-gouged to do it. I'm very sad and frustrated that they would not make things right.
  20. Here's the full text of the statement. It's on Windstar's Health & Safety page. All shore excursions will be vetted by our expert team to ensure best practices in health and safety protocols are followed. Shore excursions will operate at a reduced capacity and masks will be worn when according to local regulations and when unable to social distance. For the near term as required by the Cruise Lines International Association, guests will need to book a Windstar shore excursion to go ashore. Changes in shore excursions offered may occur due to evolving regulations and conditions in a destin
  21. The full statement on the Windstar "Health and Safety" page goes on to say: "For the near term as required by the Cruise Lines International Association, guests will need to book a Windstar shore excursion to go ashore." The operator I was corresponding with is trying to get "vetted", but is also afraid that even if they do, Windstar will take a big cut and/or add a substantial surcharge in order to allow them to be booked through the ship.
  22. Yep, only surprised it took this long. It's actually a bit of a relief, the hemming and hawing was starting to take its toll. We're working with our travel agent to try to get rebooked for next year...I think we're going to cancel the September "backup" cruise, as it's just too short.
  23. Silly question about the sports platform, particularly on the Wind Spirit. Are there lockers or cubbies to stash your gear (coverups, sunscreen, etc.) while you're using the water toys?
  24. Dbld777, I hope you're right. The operator I'm dealing with is a small one. They have a single boat with a maximum of 6 passengers, so it's hard to imagine how Windstar would include an operator with such limited capacity, but I hope they do. Otherwise, this will devastate the small operators.
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