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  1. Although exhausted from a full day excursion of Kochi and the Kerala backwaters, we had a wonderful time at the Azamazing evening that took place at one of the local hotels in 2015...decorated elephants, drummers, singers, dancers and the local martial arts, all capped off by fireworks. Food and drink flowed, and there were all sorts of little stalls.
  2. We tried Viking last year after a number of wonderful cruises with Azamara. Viking Orion is a beautiful ship, with great service and a lot to recommend it. However missed the warmth and engagement of officers and crew, even on Christmas Day no sign of officers. Also we found very subdued atmosphere not to our taste, although would cruise Viking again if the itinerary suited. Did here that they were very prompt with refunds due to pandemic.
  3. Many thanks, glad she's not on the bottom of Port Phillip Bay, although I think that would have made the news!
  4. I'm very pleased to hear this, although I suggest south of Australia would be more accurate than under Australia! We enjoyed having her off Point Gellibrand, near our home, where we could send telepathic 'Stay safe' messages to the crew who looked after us so well over Christmas. We saw her at Station pier just before Easter but have missed her off the Point since then.
  5. Where is she now? We saw her at Station Pier a few days ago, but she's not off Point Gellibrand now.
  6. That could be so, Feels odd to know that the wonderful crew are out there more or less stranded. However sure that Viking will look after them
  7. Viking Orion arrived in Melbourne Australia on March 15 and as no Covid on board all 700+ passengers disembarked safely. Great work Viking. However it is a mystery why she is still in Port Phillip Bay and seems to charge position every few days? Can anyone shed light on this? We enjoyed a cruise on board this great ship in December 2019 from Bali to Sydney.
  8. Thank you all for your replies. Very excited to be doing our first Viking cruise over Christmas but hoped there would be some sort of service as we're away from home. Cheers, Sue
  9. Can we expect to have a Christmas service? Is there special food or celebration of some sort? Cheers, Sue
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