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  1. Loving hearing your experiences. Is there any way of avoiding sitting with others at mealtimes. (Apart from room service!). Are mealtimes regulated, or is there somewhere you can get something to eat at most times of the day?
  2. Thanks, yes it is. But we've been very serious about isolating over the last 16 months and I've still not even been in a supermarket - or eaten in a restaurant - or seen our family (who live in Europe) since Christmas 2019. Hoping that Viking will continue to cruise from the UK into the autumn, when we may be feeling more adventurous! I'm slightly concerned that the influx of Brits new to Viking will change the dress standards... the Americans, who in normal times outnumbered the Brits, are on the whole much more casual than us, which is one thing that I really like. I don't want to
  3. We did a fabulous Midnight Sun cruise with Viking a couple of years ago, so that might be worth considering. Did a P&O Arcadia one to Spitsbergen a while ago, and whilst it was a great experience I’d no longer recommend P&O to anyone, especially if you’re looking to avoid a ‘Carnival’ experience! Fred Olsen does have older ships, and they are pricey, but the atmosphere onboard is lovely, and we’ve enjoyed many cruise with them in years gone by (did a Northern Lights cruise with them once, which remains in my top 5 cruise experiences). These days we’re total Viking addicts and I’m on
  4. Not sure if you're male or female... but either way, you don't need to pack the ballgown! I've done just over 8 weeks on Viking oceans cruises - love the casual dress code. No need to pack the high heels or sequins - though I think beachwear and denim jeans may not be allowed in the restaurants, but would be OK in World Cafe. My OH took a jacket and tie on our first Viking Oceans cruise. He wore it once, and felt out of place. We've only done one NCL cruise. It was OK, but Viking is SO much better in all respects, though if you like a party atmosphere you might be disappointed! I
  5. Similar here, we keep a bank account open purely because it came with travel insurance up to age 80. Not Barclays. I haven't checked whether we would be covered if we travelled against FCO advice as we have no cruises booked for 2021. I do think the vast majority of cruisers aren't aware there might be a problem. I was talking this morning to a friend who is going on RCI next month, and she thought all was fine now that many European countries are letting us in! Saga is slightly tempting me at the moment - their included insurance is a definite bonus in the current climate.
  6. Here's one of Ben & David's - you should be able to find any others that they've recently done by looking at their Video list:- Jim Zim is my favourite cruise blogger... try this:- and the other one you mention is Gary Bembridge (Tips for Travellers) who is a bit Marmite (I'm not a huge fan!) Hope this helps! Jammy
  7. I suppose if you 'love' Saga and it's your first choice of cruise line then that is definitely the thing to do... but I'm still hoping that maybe Viking will come up with something this Autumn that will enable us to cruise with them. (And, at least in pre-Covid times, with Viking, the cost of the cruise remained the same whenever you book - it doesn't go up if you leave your decision until nearer the sailing date. The only risk is that the cruise will sell out!) I'm watching the availability on the November cruise on SoA. There was an increase yesterday - by one cabin - so I guess someo
  8. She’s doing some UK cruises in August - and I’m hoping will continue to be based here in the UK for the rest of the year! It would be wonderful to be able to take a cruise to another country without a flight, my fingers are crossed!
  9. Him and several other YouTubers and agents (at Viking's expense) according to the disclosure in his previous video. So maybe more footage will appear soon on Youtube!
  10. So calm, so factual, Jim Zim is the best. His youtube video from about 4 years ago was what persuaded us that Viking might be for us, 'no nickel and diming' has remained in my memory!!!
  11. Well, I hear what you're saying, but will take the chance. Covid hasn't gone away, and I don't want to tie up any of our cash until we are absolutely sure. It's another reason we love Viking - they don't play the silly fluctuating price games that the others do, so it's just a matter of keeping an eye on availability.
  12. Thanks for your reassurances! I'm not going to book just yet, but if the Covid situation settles down by late Autumn, we may just give it a try. We'd both still prefer Viking, but definitely not keen to go through an airport this year. The included insurance is also a bonus in the present climate. Looking forward to seeing some actual 'real life' footage of the interior of the new ship - we've watched Saga's promo videos, but are pretty sure most of the images are very clever computer generated ones. Anyway, thanks again, you've all been very helpful.
  13. OH hasn’t taken a jacket or tie on a cruise for 4 years now! And I Ebayed all my evening wear once we discovered Viking! If we do decide to try Saga I’ll buy a LBD and he’ll dig out his dinner jacket. The smell of mothballs should ensure we get a table for two in a secluded location 🤣.
  14. Thanks for this review. It was really interesting to hear your thoughts as a newcomer to Saga. We’re still considering a November cruise on Adventure, though won’t book until much nearer the time as we’re still very anxious about Covid. Viking is now our normal preference (gave up P&O a few years ago when they started cost cutting, but had enjoyed many cruises with them in the past). Could you tell me how dressy it was in the evenings. I loathe all the pretentious dressing up! Could I get away with for example a plain dress, and wear the same thing every evening 😜? Are all the tabl
  15. I don't know, but if your ship is the Star, then I'm rather hoping that they will be basing her in the UK for a bit longer, and doing cruises to Scandinavia or the Canaries up until Christmas! (Sorry, I feel your disappointment and DO sympathise.) I love the idea of getting back onto a Viking cruise, but at the moment I'm not prepared to take flights anywhere.
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