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  1. Jammy Bun

    Tilbury Dock on Northern Lights cruise

    I've not been to Tilbury myself, but remembered it being mentioned in a thread on CC not so long ago. Here is the link:- https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=2655589&highlight=addison+lee Hope that helps!
  2. Jammy Bun

    World cruise segments, excursion question

    We've recently booked the Durban S.A. to Greenwich (London) leg of the 2019 World Cruise. I'd been wondering about trips too, but have decided to leave it until our xx day booking slot arrives and see what happens. To be honest, we're most looking forward to the 7 or 8 days relaxing at sea!
  3. Jammy Bun

    Northern Lights Cruise Viking 2/18/2019

    Totally agree with what you say... be prepared for the cold! We went on a Northern Lights cruise on Fred Olsen's Boudicca in February 2012. It was an amazing, fantastic experience, which I cannot recommend highly enough and would love to repeat (but on Viking) sometime. We had an onboard lecturer who talked about Arctic clothing early on in the cruise. She said "If you ask yourself when you look in the mirror 'Does my bum look big in this?' and the answer is 'No'... then you're not wearing enough layers". Great advice. I got through a stack of 'Little Hotties' handwarmers too, they were brilliant for keeping hands AND feet warm when stuffed inside mitts and moonboots. Like you, G.Girl, we have done years of cruising with P&O and Fred Olsen, from the UK, but having now done two Viking ocean cruises we won't be going back. I love the space and informality of Viking. No more pretentious formal nights! Hurrah!
  4. Jammy Bun

    Viking Age Discrimination

    Methinks someone is just trying to wind up the Viking cruise fans ... and we've all fallen for it!
  5. Jammy Bun

    Viking Age Discrimination

    Haha! You'll be asking if the 'no Casino' policy is unfair next...
  6. Jammy Bun

    Convince me

    Especially Post #323 - it says it all!
  7. Jammy Bun

    Viking Sun,World Journey

    We've just booked for the last four weeks of this cruise - Durban to Greenwich - so you will definitely be able to make your selections ahead of us! I'm not too worried, as Viking guarantee an included tour in every port, and tbh we are looking forward to the long sea days as much as any of the ports. We've never been to the Southern Hemisphere, so I'm also looking forward to looking up at some different stars in the sky - and to seeing the water go down the plughole in the 'wrong' direction. Simple things...!
  8. Jammy Bun

    Room selection

    We've been twice in DV on Deck 4 - different ships, but 4073 each time, which is right beside the elevators. No noise at all, and so convenient for all venues onboard. We booked two days ago for the final sector of the 2019 World Cruise (Durban S.A. to Greenwich) and have 4079 this time. You will love Viking, I'm sure.
  9. Jammy Bun

    Along Africa's Western Shores - April 2019

    Thank you! I'll check that out now...
  10. We're seriously considering taking this cruise from Durban to Greenwich ... anyone else doing so?