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  1. We're not newbies, so I know the general procedure for disembarkation, but am wondering if disembarkation times have been moved forward so that the crew have a little more time to get deep cleaning done before the next cruise? We will dock in Tilbury on 12th January 2022, and I need to book a taxi for the 5 hour journey home. I'm rather hoping that we can stay onboard until about 9am... what do you think?
  2. Thanks for all the answers that you've all given me over the last month or two. We've at last booked a cruise - and no, not Saga after all. There were too many things that didn't quite tick the boxes for us (why, oh why, no retractable roof over the pool area!), and the only advantage seemed to be that we wouldn't have to fly anywhere. So we're having three weeks on Viking Venus, sailing from Athens to Tilbury towards the end of December. Enjoy your cruises, wherever you go. JB
  3. I agree with you - not a fan of formal nights at all, but maybe I would dress up a bit on NYE ! We're currently debating whether to book the Rome-Barcelona cruise that I think you're on, but are thinking of sandwiching it between Athens-Rome and Barcelona-Tilbury. Not quite decided, and the rising Covid numbers in UK are making us wonder if other countries will allow us in!
  4. Thank you for your reports. I was particularly happy to hear that formal dress isn't necessary in the Grill. Do you know if the Grill is a quieter option in the evenings? (I mean fewer diners, not the noise levels!(
  5. Do Saga show films in the theatre at all? We love a movie night with cocktails and popcorn ☺️
  6. Thanks for the offer, but no need to do that. I was just hoping a breakfast buffet might be open till late morning, or there might be a deck bar that served burger type items throughout the afternoon, so that if you skipped lunch you could eat at say 3pm then have a late dinner when the restaurant was quieter. Room service is OK if you have a decent table. Many thanks for your input.
  7. Thanks Glenndale, that is really helpful. We're down to just two choices now - and yes, no doubt you've guessed, it's Viking or Saga. We've realised that due to increasing mobility issues that we will at some point have to sail with Saga, as Viking is really for fitter people, but until that day arrives we're struggling to get our heads round the formality of British ships!
  8. Thanks, that's what we thought. We were last on Aurora in 2015, and after that cruise (where we noticed lots of cost-cutting) we decided never again on P&O. Quiet suits us. (Though we did once have a week on Allure of the Seas and loved that it - but didn't class it as a cruise, more of a one-time experience!!!)
  9. We're still debating whether to book a Saga cruise, leaving soon, so would appreciate comments on the following... Do Saga allocate you to a table in the dining room, at a fixed time each night? We're not really happy to dine with other people, especially in a large dining room. I do know that you can meet some interesting people by sharing tables, but we've had some awful dining companions in the past and with the addition of Covid concerns, would really prefer to dine in smaller venues at a time to suit ourselves. Is it possible to use the alternative restaurants several times during a cruise? And how do you book them? I'm presuming we'd be able to book one meal at each venue in advance of our cruise, and maybe book others if there is availability once onboard – through interactive tv? Is dining available somewhere on the ship throughout the day, or just at limited times? I see 'inclusive' tea and coffee is served in the lounges, does this include speciality coffees? Is a Saga cruise really a more sedate and all-inclusive version of a P&O or Cunard cruise? We've watched a few Youtube videos over the last couple of days and it all looks very similar. Very British? And finally, are masks still being worn onboard the ships? I know, lots of questions!!! Appreciate any thoughts. JB (previous cruises on P&O, Fred Olsen, Holland America, Cunard, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and for the last five years have cruised only with VIKING)
  10. Thanks, but it was getting away over Christmas that we fancied. We don't want 30 nights as a first cruise on Saga. Struggling to get our heads round doing anything other than Viking - but we'd have to fly to do a Viking cruise, and we don't want to do that until the pandemic is better controlled. So I guess we will be staying at home in December.
  11. Thanks for giving the cruise number - it enabled me to at least see the itinerary, which is of no interest, so I can scratch it off our list of possibilities! Too long for our first Saga experience, given that I am not happy with the formal dress codes. 🤣
  12. Is Spirit of Adventure doing a Christmas cruise this year? I can't find one, but am guessing it may be sold out.
  13. Thank you Maesteggirl, that's really helpful. Still watching the 20th Nov Canaries cruise, but don't intend to book until nearer the time, there is plenty of availability. Being able to avoid formal dining if we want to, has made it much more attractive to us.
  14. Fine by me - so long as you're clean and tidy, the only thing I would really like anyone to wear - on any occasion - is a smile on their face!
  15. I'm a bit disappointed - I'd been hoping they'd do some ex-UK cruises to Europe, I'm not ready to fly anywhere just yet. Now considering a Saga cruise, though I really didn't want to have to do formal dress code ever again.
  16. We're with you too, and it's the main thing that's stopping me booking a Saga cruise this autumn. Maybe they will drag themselves into the 21st century soon!
  17. Jammy Bun


    Thanks, that's just what I wanted to know! How do you pre register - do I have to ring them? (I have googled but not found a definitive answer!) JB
  18. Jammy Bun


    So Saga experts... it struck me that (all being well) OH and I will celebrate our Golden Wedding in February 2023. I hear so much about 'book early' (which I absolutely hate doing btw) so I'm wondering how you get to be early bird bookers - do I have to register my interest somewhere, order a brochure, sign up for email news, etc? Look forward to hearing all your hints and tips! JB
  19. Thanks! I’ll be really interested to hear about your journey. I’m considering a November one. 😊
  20. Taxi to our local station, then two trains to the airport... carrying luggage (and - OMG - more than normal as we'll have to take dressy clothes 😳) ... and waiting in MAN two hours before the flight? Even if we took a cab from here to the airport I don't think that sounds a stress free way to start a holiday! No, it'll be a taxi transfer all the way, whether it's included or whether we pay for it. I like the idea of putting the bags in the car boot at the front door, and not having to touch them again until we get to the ship. The cost isn't really an issue when you're talking about a cruise costing thousands. I'm really trying to find out roughly when we would be collected from home in order to get to the ship for sailaway. Thanks for your suggestion anyway. Appreciate your interest.
  21. Would be good if that was an option, but it's 3 or 4 separate train journeys depending on route (6 or 7 hours!) plus short taxi transfers at each end... and we all know how reliable the UK rail network is!!! I wouldn't consider flying at the moment (not even for a Viking cruise, which as I've said in other conversations is our perfect match) - and sadly we both have eye problems which make long distance driving impossible. So it's a taxi transfer for us I'm afraid. Just really wondering what margins Saga drivers leave to make certain they arrive in good time. I'll wait until we make a decision about the cruise, there is still plenty of availability for the one I'm watching, no point bothering a Saga rep if we're not really serious. Thanks for all your input though, it's much appreciated.
  22. We're outside the included 250 miles, and I do know that we can pay extra mileage costs and still use the Saga transfer service to get to the port - but can any of you that have travelled from further afield tell me what time you were collected for the journey? And was it stressful, wondering if there might be delays on the way to the port?
  23. I'd certainly prefer to do that too - but wouldn't risk travelling all that distance on the same day that the ship was due to sail, so we'd end up paying for a hotel overnight. We're still undecided about whether a Saga cruise would provide what we want - but the included transfers are definitely one of the two things that tempt us (the other being the included insurance!)
  24. Which made me think... maybe me and my OH should book a single cabin each... mmm... preferably with adjoining balconies! What a bargain that would be. No - I'm kidding - we're not going anywhere just yet.
  25. Loving hearing your experiences. Is there any way of avoiding sitting with others at mealtimes. (Apart from room service!). Are mealtimes regulated, or is there somewhere you can get something to eat at most times of the day?
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