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  1. We just returned from Aarhus. We were there on the Regal Princess on Sunday, April 28, 2019. The Regal Princess docked at the container port and provided a free shuttle from the ship to a tented area outside the container port. There were people there with maps and helpful information on how to walk to Den Gamle By (just follow the canal they said). We had walked a lot on our previous two stops so decided to go the easy way and take a taxi. There were only a couple of taxis there and most people were walking instead. Our cost was about the equivalent of $20US (used credit card) one-way. The driver gave us his card and said to call him if we needed a taxi back as there will not be taxis waiting there. We spent a couple of hours there, called him, and he was there in 2 minutes. He said he had not been very busy since most places are very walkable. We had him drop us off at the beginning of the pedestrian street (again about $20US). He pointed out how to walk back to the ship. There were tourist people standing around in orange vests answering questions. They told us to be sure to go to the Salling Dept. Store and take the elevator to the top floor (floor 6). Outside there is a platform where you can see over Aarhus and take great pictures. They also have a small restaurant/bar there. Again used credit card for small lunch and coffee (charcuterie board). We walked around the downtown area (many shops were open even though it was Sunday). We didn't have time to go to any of the museums but enjoyed our time there. Just a note: we were told that if you use the local buses you do need to have the local currency. Otherwise we found it very easy to use our credit card (chip but not pin) for everything. The tented area where the buses take you back to the ship had a few vendors selling items and prices were listed in DKK and Euros.
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