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  1. Carnival expected to be back April 11th as well. They are very likely to push back again.
  2. One reason against photo copies. They are acceptable for closed loop cruises however if you have a problem and need to fly back into the states they are not acceptable for international air travel.
  3. Last year we went under the bridge about 5:15 am.
  4. It seems to be random if Military Discount or Military Early Saver will show up. I have been shopping around for my next cruise over the last few weeks and can't figure out when or why one will be there vs. the other.
  5. By policy it is refundable until right before the cruise so yes you could rebuy it at the lower rate but it never goes down so it probably will not be an issue.
  6. Kids were not allowed to do the lip sync battle on any of the cruises I've been on. As to the original post, if you want to travel during 2020 I would recommend the horizon
  7. The Lanai Outdoor promenaded with covered areas on port side and starboard side. There are also seating areas with tables and chairs. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/shiptour.php?r=8624
  8. I put them in my checked luggage and they show up in the room when the bag is delivered.
  9. I was on the pride last year. If you want to find areas that could be touched up look around and you can find them. If your just out having a good time you won't notice them. I give everyone this advice about cruises. You will have as much fun or find as many problems as you set out to on day 1. Go have a good time.
  10. My last pride cruise I was through customs and in my car about 9:10 doing walk off.
  11. No they do not hold back rooms. What your misunderstanding is that even while a cruise or hotel is completely booked many will keep a room or 2 in reserve. This is in case a occupied room has a major maintenance issue. For instance if a room gets flooded at 2AM one of those emergency rooms can be used to move the effected guests into. I hope everything works our for your family.
  12. I wonder if the rake is up to the casino manager? It seems like we have had opposite experiences.
  13. My kids go to the kids club and devastated when they have to leave. Its the worst thing that has ever happened to them.
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