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  1. Yes, your traveling guests that are with you as your board and debark will be priority! I was concerned about this since I had DD and grands and friends but we all were ushered together to VIP boarding!
  2. I pack the smaller size box fan then leave it in the cabin for the room steward. They have all seemed to be very appreciative. Gives me more room to pack stuff I bought in place of the fan I brought aboard.
  3. Thanks GTJ! Actually, we rented a Jeep last time in Progresso and enjoyed touring Progresso on our own after touring the ruins. We also found the highway between Progresso and Merida well marked and well paved but just wasn't sure about driving to Merida and leaving the Jeep to sight see...You brought up some well thought out points about security and possibitly of damage that that lead me to decide to go the Auto Progresso route. As far as reasoning for renting the Jeep...um, nothing besides the wind in my hair!
  4. I haven't seen any posts regarding the possiblity of renting a Jeep for the day and driving to Merida. Would the Jeep be safe while we were walking/sightseeing? I don't want to ride the bus. Auto Progresso Tours seems to be a option for us but wanted opionions on renting a Jeep for the day. We rented a Jeep last time we were in Progresso and went to the ruins but ran out of time and this time we want to see Merida... Thanks!
  5. We handed our portable ice chest with 12 bottles of water and 6 cans of diet coke to the porter in New Orleans. It was delivered to our room.
  6. Yep, I agree the water tasted horrible on the Fantasy. Lido and in the dining room. We had brought our own ice chest with bottled water and diet cokes and I am so glad we did!
  7. I found a battery operated nebulizer Online. It is rechargeable and comes with the plug in and the car charger. It is small and fits perfectly in my carry on. It goes with me on all my cruises. It was about 125.00 bucks 2 years ago. My insurance reimbursed me since my home nebulizer was several years old.
  8. We have had major things happen to us in the last week, such as my husband suffered a heart attack in the wee hours last Sunday morning. We are thankful that he lived. He does not want to cancel the cruise and the Cardiologist also agreed that it would be fine for him to cruise..... so... Does the bus have air conditioning? If not, if I book the 40 buck deal through Carnival, will that bus have ac? Any other suggestions for us to do in Progresso? I would like to ride in a van and just look out the window at the ruins from the comfort of the air conditioned van but this doesn't seem to exist!
  9. This time I will have my secret stash of money in my back pocket ONLY as a last resort. I will use hubby's stash of money first!
  10. Guess we don't have common sense! I used EVERY small bill he had shopping in the flea market prior to the drugstore. Guess he didn't think I would be shopping till he dropped!
  11. Several drug stores located near the flea market square...look for the sign "Drugs"! Only problem we had was that hubby had a new $100.00 bill and the clerks passed it from person to person and declined to take it because it was new to them. Lucky for me, persons in our group had $20.00 (old) in their pockets and I just borrowed from them. I was not about to pass on the bargain of Retin A!
  12. Yes..our last trip to Progresso just consisted of flea market shopping and then I bought 10 tubes of retin A from the local drugstores! What a deal! But this time...no flea market as hubby was bored following me and passing out money! We are going to do the bus tour and you guys helped me feel less nervous!
  13. Ok..I like to know exact details so... after we take the courtesy bus to the flea market, is the bus station very far? and the part that makes me most nervous..... Will they understand English? Do they accept US Dollars? Where is the bus station in Merida? Is the shopping center close by the bus station in Merida? Will we then have to hire a taxi to see the "must see" in Merida? I hate to pay autoprogresso when we can do this for 3 bucks!
  14. Yep...your sign will work on the cabin door on the Conquest. I also do the magnetic sign and found if the cabin door is not steel (like the Elation) then there is room beside the door to post your sign. There must be steel in the side area because that is the area we used on the Elation.
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