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  1. Booked a SS and it was my experience as well. $200 total deposit.
  2. You are funny! It speaks volumes about the Waves Grill! I love a good hamburger.
  3. Thank you all for your ratings. I will be certain to post my ratings after we return in mid-January! I'm so looking forward to trying them all.
  4. Another question. The cruise we are on is 11 nights. Can you only book each restaurant once per cruise? How is the food in the main dining room?
  5. Hope this hasn't been asked, but on Nov. 4, I can make reservations in the specialty restaurants on Riviera. This is my first Oceania cruise. For those of you experienced Oceania cruisers, how should I prioritize my reservations? Please rate them in order of preference. Is there one I absolutely can't miss? We like virtually all types of cuisines so that's not an issue. All recommendation will be much appreciated. Thank you all in advance! Patty
  6. You;re right! I knew that! LOL
  7. We're sailing next Saturday. Can you tell us how the boarding process was? Is there a separate area for suite passengers? How strictly did they adhere to the boarding time? Any info would be great! Great picture of the beautiful Millennium! Enjoy your cruise.
  8. Schittenden how was the temperature on board Millennium? Leaving on the 27th sailing and not sure how how heavy my sweaters should be! I'm particularly referring to the dining rooms. Thanks and safe travels home for you and your family.
  9. Does anyone know when your double points are awarded? My cruise summary for my upcoming Alaska cruise only shows 56 points (SS cabin)
  10. To all those who have been on board the Millennium Alaska sailings, what is appropriate attire for the daytime sea days? I'm having a hard time figuring out what to pack for the sea days. Are jeans acceptable? Comfy jogging pants? How cool is it inside the ship? Any suggestions would be most appreciated. By the way, I am female but would also like to know for my husband!
  11. Where did you find where Celebrity indicated your vaccination status?
  12. On the Celebrity website, search for Europe Ports of Call. Click on the city and you will find all the answers for the port questions.
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