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  1. I'd rather think Vision sails the Mediterranean roundtrips from Barcelona again, as she did in recent years as well. You can already book a cruise on her on Oct 27, 2022, 8 nights from/to Barcelona, so this one could be the last one of her Barcelona season. All of her previous cruises could be the 12-nighters. I assume Jewel will be the ship sailing out of Amsterdam in summer 2022 and from Piraeus in fall 2022. Makes most sense for me.
  2. We’ll do it he same way!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. We will not cancel at all, our cruise is due to start the 23rd of August, and until that time, the normal routine should be there. Further there's experts and doctors byond the mass media who state with trustful results the panic is far exaggerated, and f you wouldn't test, you wouldn't recognize any disease. Further most victims don't die DUE TO Corona, but with Corona, combined with other illnesses, which were already there before, often those ones caused the death. However I am really sorry for the died victims...
  4. Bummer! Will Legend and Radiance be re-routed, or will they be laid up until NOVEMBER 2020?? Further we are booked on a HAL cruise to Norway in late August 2020, I really hope we do not get affected by any cancellation... :-((((
  5. Would love to see Spectrum in Europe, although it’s unlikely, sadly... Same with Voyager, although I’d like to see her as the 2nd ship sailing from Southampton. Seems Quantum otS sails Hawaii/Australia after her Alaska season...
  6. Which ships are still missing for the summer period right now? Only Voyager otS, I think? All the other ships seem to be deployed, so there's hardly any chance to have an additional ship from Soutahmtpon in 2021...
  7. The new deployment schedule is out, with very vague information on the "remaining deployment"... http://www.creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Deployment/2021_2022/19069859_Deployment_Opening_Schedule_20212022_Phase2
  8. Interesting what the future cruise consultant thinks - currently I couldn't imagine any ship, because all of them in 2021 are already allocated. Maybe there's still a tin chance to see Adventure on such an itinerary in fall 2021, but actually I'd expect her in dry dock during that period. IMHO the only chance for that is a second ship from Southampton in 2021, which could do such an itinerary after her Europe season in early fall. But it still seems to be unclear, if there will be a second ship from Southampton or not in 2021...
  9. TOTALLY AGREE!! Radiance-Class is a really flexible class of ships, best suitable for cruises to Northern Europe or Alaska with port-intensive itineraries or more advanced itineraries as such. IMHO it's a huge waste to do such uninspiring short-cruises with such as ship. IMHO Adventure's Europe deployment in 2021 prooves that Radiance-Class is far better for such Northern Europe cruises: Adventure does not do any Norwegian Fjord cruises, the Arctic Circle cruise is not offered in 2021, which has been offered since 2012 every year, at least once from Copenhagen. She's just doing Baltic cru
  10. Sadly I won’t be sure about that at all... it’s not clear if another ship comes to Southampton in 2021, and otherwise the only possible candidate for that route would have been Adventure, and obviously she doesn’t do such an itinerary. If you’re interested in such a cruise, have a look at NCL, Princess in 2021.
  11. You could still choose “Ryndam” but you’re directed to the general cruise overview than... Obviously the website is buggy...
  12. A very “cold” website has the new itineraries already. Sailings from Amsterdam, as mentioned before, very similar to the ones that Nieuw Statendam offers in 2020. No North Cape 😞 but two Cruises to Iceland. 🙂
  13. Okay, thank you very much so far! Does she also do cruises including North Cape (port of Honningsvåg)? I really hope to have the cruises on the HAL website very soon... Theres obviously no possibility to access POLAR as a “common” person?
  14. Thank you, great!! Where did you get the itinerary? It should be well likely now that the other itineraries will be released tomorrow. Does your PCC also have other itineraries?
  15. Let’s hope for Monday. I mean, those information by insiders should have a certain reliablity, they just don’t tell us anything about the itineraries being released in friday. So let’s hope for next week...
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