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  1. Sorry, once we disembarked at 4:15 yesterday, we picked up our car and drove home. Overall, Holland America did a great job and the crew couldn't have been more gracious. The Captain and his staff did a great job of keeping us informed and kept everything positive.
  2. My DH (westview1900) and I are on board and I can confirm the 4:00 pm update and that they are treating us well with food and free drinks. They are showing movies on the big screen. We live in West Palm Beach and our car is at a site away from the port. But we can get in our car and drive home when we are released. I feel bad for those with flights and anyone who has a job to get back to.
  3. We're diamond on Carnival and 14 days until we're diamond on Royal and we're kind of the same way. We look for itinerary and price and then decide what cabin we are booking. Most of our cruises are on Carnival though. All on the Legend (TA, Norway, Med & TA) - which is my favorite class of ship.
  4. I understand that. Like many things with Carnival the songs they choose are old and they have been using them for a very long time. Now they combine the Macarena and Chicken Dance 😧. The thing is, we have been on ships where there is a waiter that really gets into the dancing and they are good, it does make it more fun, but it still slows down dinner.
  5. I can't remember the songs that they sung, it was a popular Top 40 song within the last 10 years or so. But honestly there is bound to be someone that doesn't like the song choice. You may like show tunes while others don't, I Iike most types of music but anytime they sing during my dinner is unwelcome. I understand that you may not like a specific genre or song, but there are others who do and the cruiselines are trying to appeal to a certain market. I didn't feel that it was any classier on Royal than it is on Carnival. It isn't the song choice, it is that they are interrupting dinner with dancing and singing, and I was trying to make the point that Royal does this as well, it's not just a Carnival phenomenom.
  6. Thank you, that's good to know. Maybe they did promote it on the Magic and I missed it, but I usually notice things like that. My guess is that they weren't promoting it on the Magic and I tried to use the tv on the Magic but no joy there. The ability to see your photos, the dinner menu etc was one of the things about the Vista/Horizon that impressed me.
  7. I agree with both of these statements. NCL really has a handle on Anytime Dining, but using the Hub App on Carnival makes it easy also. On our Magic cruise earlier this month, there was a line for people who don't use the app for making a reservation, not everyone has a smart phone. My suggestion would be for Carnival to have kiosks near the dining room for this purpose or make it available on the tv's in your cabin. I haven't been on the Vista or Horizon lately so maybe it is already available on these ships. I also have to add, the only reason I knew to make a reservation on the app was because the hostess in the MDR told us to do it this way. There wasn't any information about it, they need to advertise it to the passengers better.
  8. Like others, I don't think this will be enforced. I see the rule change as a a way of Carnival covering their butts. Also, the crew and staff are from many different nationalities, somtimes they don't understand jokes or the subtleties of a language that is not their native tongue.
  9. I'm going to jump in and give my opinion on the differences. 1st a little background. We started cruising in 2004, the ship was the Carnival Fascination and we were hooked. We have done 62 cruises total on different cruise lines. By far the most on Carnival, then Princess, Royal Caribbean and NCL. For me, there is more of a difference between ships within cruise lines, a lot of that has to do with the staff and ship. An older ship will not have the extra amenities such as water slides/water parks, adult only areas, alternate dining venues. If it matters to you that you have a certain type of restaurant then you should book a ship with that. We were on 2 ships on the Royal fleet within 2 months The Anthem of the Seas (built 2015) and the Majesty of the Seas (built 1992), I know the age difference is extreme, but the ships were both enjoyable but different from each other. The Majesty is an old style cruise ship, small but the staff is fantastic. The Anthem definitely has many extras, and the staff is very good, but maybe not as friendly. I left both cruises happy and felt that we had a good cruise. There are differences in the cruise lines themselves, I read that someone didn't like the dancing waiters on Carnival, the last 2 Royal cruises we took the waiter danced in the MDR on at least 2 occasions, something I hadn't seen on Royal before. I don't know if it is ship specific or if they are trying new things, but they did dance and sing. I am not a fan of the dancing waiters, it breaks up dinner service and if the service is already on the slow side it gets worse. If you go into a cruise thinking, I may hate this, it is not my favorite cruise line, my brothers wifes cousins sister-in-law had a horrible cruise on this cruise line, you get on the ship expecting the worse. If you know someone who has similar likes and dislikes as you or you know someone who will give you an unbiased opinion and they have been on a cruise line or ship you are thinking about, then ask them. FWIW I like the food on Princess the best, but their desserts are below average. Carnivals entertainment is my least favorite, the shows are old and they need new ideas. Carnival beats everyone in comedy acts. NCL has great alternate restaurants, Le Bistro is one of my favorites, followed by Cucina de Capitano (Carnival). The only restaurant that we have paid extra for that I didn't really like was Wonderland on Royal, it wasn't horrible, I just wouldn't go back. On the last 3 cruises I have seen people walking around the buffet and inside public areas in just their bathing suits and barefoot, that has never happened before or I had never noticed, different cruise lines, but all were out of Miami. This is a long post and I could go on a lot longer about the differences, but in the end, if you go onto a ship that lacks certain amenities you are looking for, you probably won't enjoy yourself.
  10. Thank you for your review, we will be on the Koningsdam soon and appreciate your insights.
  11. I can't unsee this now as well. 😮 Let's hope that they don't know what a MILF is and she is not "advertising".
  12. I realize that the cruise was 8 months out and it's an inconvienence, but 8 months should be enough time for you to be able to cancel hotels, flights and tours without a big hit to your wallet. Most hotels don't require you to pay upfront and even when you book air with points, you can call the company, explain the situation and they will work with you. Or find a different cruise perhaps this way you won't be losing the airfare miles/money. It's disappointing, but at least there is time for you to address the situation.
  13. I don't get it either. I was booked on a Princess cruise out of Brisbane, Australia. We were on the Legend sailing from LA to Sydney when we found out that the ship was having issues and had let the passengers off in Freemantle (on the other side of Australia), and was going back to Sydney for repairs. When we got to Brisbane after spending a week in Cairns, we were notified the day before the original sailing date that the ship would be delayed 1 day and it would be leaving from Sydney not Brisbane. They would fly us to Sydney to meet the ship. The next day (the original embark day) they canceled the cruise. We were generously compensated by Princess, but the point I'm getting to is that we had no notice. Things happen. TL:DR my cruise was canceled the day of the cruise, we were in Australia.
  14. Thank you for the review. We will be boarding on November 15th so I was excited to read this review. Great pictures and a lot of good information. I was wondering about the internet speeds and you have been helpful with the screenshots
  15. We don't cruise for the gifts either, but the nightlight and tervis cups were the best ones we received. I would have to say the worst gift was the Crocs visor. Those things were terrible, we tried to turn them back in to guest services and they wouldn't take them. We ended up giving it to our granddaughter, she loved it.
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