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  1. We don't cruise for the gifts either, but the nightlight and tervis cups were the best ones we received. I would have to say the worst gift was the Crocs visor. Those things were terrible, we tried to turn them back in to guest services and they wouldn't take them. We ended up giving it to our granddaughter, she loved it.
  2. I was at the buffet getting salad, the woman in front of me picked up the salad dressing container and put it up to her nose, (the container was touching her nose) and took a big sniff. I walked away and notified the staff. And people wonder why I avoid the buffet...
  3. First, there is a big difference between a travel agent and a tax accountant. A mistake by a travel agent will make you miss a cruise, flight, deny you entry to a country. A mistake by a tax accountant could land you in jail and/or large fines. I don't know about you, but I would rather miss a cruise than pay a big fine or spend time in jail. Second, I was answering a question from another poster. Do you think, from the op's description of the issue and her co-workers sister, that the sister would take ownership? I don't, I think that she will blame the travel agent. Thank you for your input.
  4. I understand that, but as someone posted, if you are leaving the country you should know that you will need identification. But I'm a belt and suspenders type of person. You can never be too sure.
  5. Thanks! It annoys me when people try to blame their problems on others.
  6. I don't think the co-worker is at fault here. She tried to help, but the sister wouldn't listen. There are a few things anyone can do to find out what kind of identification is needed. -You can call Carnival. -You can look at the FAQ's on the website -You can search for the answer online -Ask on Facebook (although I wouldn't do this, you're bound to get a lot of wrong info) Seriously, these were adults, they should be responsible for their own actions (or inaction in this case) at this point. It sounds like there were people who couldn't be bothered to look for the information needed and relied on others. Just lazy and irresponsible. We have passports that are in a lock box. They stay in there until we cruise, then we place them in a document holder my husband wears around his neck until we get to the cabin once we are on the ship. All my info is in my maiden name.
  7. Have you considered flying in the day before and staying in Hamburg or Kiel overnight? I realize that you most likely have your air travel booked, but can you change it? If you are that worried about making the ship, spending a few extra $ might be the best way to go.
  8. I was on a buffet line getting salad and the woman in front of me picked up the dressing container (it wasn't labeled), put her nose in the opening and sniffed the dressing. It was white dressing, so it could have been either ranch or bleu chesse. I just went around her and grabbed one she hadn't put her nose in, then told the staff.
  9. Royal Princess South America Feb/March 2019
  10. For ease, I would have to say Canaveral. Even though FLL and Miami are closer. The traffic going south of West Palm is definitely worse than going north of West Palm. For harbor, it would be Sydney and NYC. Both are beautiful to sail in and out of. NYC is an absolute pain to travel in and out of for us though.
  11. We took the Magic out of Miami and then the Miracle from Tampa. It worked out fine. We did self debark and were off the Magic by 7:45 am (we're diamond) then drove straight to Tampa. Funny thing, as we were driving to Tampa, my DH was on that other site, and someone posted that the DEA came on board and escorted 2 women from the Lido to their cabins to check their luggage.
  12. We were on the Miracle in December 2018 and the hot tub in the gym was broken. They were expecting to get the part delivered and installed during the next cruise. I'm not sure if it was fixed.
  13. I wouldn't take this offer either, but I can tell you that it's considered an upsell because the PT category is an Inside cabin. So, technically it is a better room in Carnival's point of view. That being said, we love the PT cabins (even with the noise during rough seas).
  14. They will make you Indian meals in the main dining room. If you ask at the desk in front of the MDR, they will get you the menu. My DH ordered it one night on the Miracle and he said it was very good. You can order with or without meat.
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