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  1. I was surprised when they canceled our B2B2B2B on the Legend out of Dover in June in January. We thought that they would wait until the last minute with these. It may be the only exception to how Carnival has been canceling. We were 99.9% sure that those cruises were going to be canceled, so we took some of the $ for the June 2021 sailings (we had paid in full with gift cards) and moved it to the Pride June 2022 out of Dover, with similar itineraries to replace them. A week later the Legend was canceled. We can't believe we called that correctly, but sometimes things work out. Our issue
  2. I saw that story. There are a lot of people who believe this is all a hoax. The ones who said that it would be over by Election Day - how's it looking now? We had an outbreak in my area from a wedding that had 90 people attend, 30 people later tested positive for Covid-19. The state liquor authority came down on the venue (a country club) hard, they had their liquor license suspended.
  3. I've spent 3 days in a ships infirmary (Nieuw Staatendam - one of HALs newest ships). They have very basic supplies and equipment. I don't think they would be able to keep up with an outbreak, even with an investment into the equipment.
  4. I've been to Restaurant Depot and I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that they will need more than what Restaurant Depot can supply. So, what you are saying is fly the crew to Barbados or Curacao and have them meet the ship there? Do you think that the CDC might meet the ship when it arrives in Miami any other Florida port and test them? I was on the Nieuw Staatendam in March 2020(the last sailing before they all shut down), 2/3 of the ship had disembarked when they halted the process because someone had passed away on the ship. We were not allowed off unt
  5. Well, since we are on the Carnival board and the letters are from Royal, let's start there. Just because Royal is doing this, doesn't mean that Carnival is also. The cruises you are speaking of are leaving from Singapore, did they mention any U.S. home ports? Carnival doesn't sail from Singapore on a regular basis. They need to get food on board, any perishables will have to be ordered and stocked. This would be like getting ready for an inaugural. They aren't replenishing, they are stocking. I'm sure they have liquor in a secure warehouse somewhere ready to go, but what ab
  6. I didn't say they weren't doing so, I said that we can't expect them to be up and ready in a short amount of time. There are people that seem to think that because cruising will be allowed on November 1 that the cruise companies will be able to set sail with no issues. The crew may have letters of employment, but until they are on the ship ready to work, it is only a letter. There are other things at work here. The letter is a stepping stone, not the entire path.
  7. 30 days to get everything up and running seems reasonable to me. I just don't see them being able to do it any sooner.
  8. I understand everyones eagerness to start cruising again, but have you thought of the logistics of getting staff and crew back on board? The individuals that are from the U.S. and Canada may be able to get to the ships, but what about the ones from the Philippines, Eastern Europe, United Kingdom? How easy will it be to transport them to the ships, (it took months to repatriate some of the crew to begin with)? How many of them have found other work in the interim? I don't want to be the Debbie Downer here, and I know there are people that are excited with the prospect of cruis
  9. I got the same e-mail for a cruise 540 days out. I think they are trying to keep us interested.
  10. You're not the only one. I usually don't pay attention to the CD but Matt was a step above the others. The fact that he showed up at the Alchemy Bar one night and bought everyone there a drink probably helps my opinion of him. 😃
  11. Interesting question, I have a friend who is a flight attendant and lives in Florida. But since her home base was NJ, she was able to claim unemployment from NJ. With Matt being a British citizen, I'm sure there are different rules and obstacles for him. If he is paid out of the corporate office in Miami, he might qualify for Florida unemployment which isn't a large payout and the system is abysmal.
  12. Matt was the best, we had him as our CD on the Vista Med and TA and the Horizon TA. I can see him working for Virgin Cruises, he definitely fits in with their employee culture. He's young, personable and sexy a perfect fit for Virgin.
  13. I agree with you regarding HAL. We have 35 cruises with Carnival and also sail Princess, Royal & NCL. We have cruised on Celebrity a few times as well. HAL has a great product. We enjoy the shows (especially the Rolling Stone Rock and BB King Blues shows). The ships are well maintained and the staff is wonderful. We like their itineraries, they do more than the Caribbean. Do they cost more than Carnival? Mainly, yes but you can find good deals on HAL.
  14. Sorry, once we disembarked at 4:15 yesterday, we picked up our car and drove home. Overall, Holland America did a great job and the crew couldn't have been more gracious. The Captain and his staff did a great job of keeping us informed and kept everything positive.
  15. My DH (westview1900) and I are on board and I can confirm the 4:00 pm update and that they are treating us well with food and free drinks. They are showing movies on the big screen. We live in West Palm Beach and our car is at a site away from the port. But we can get in our car and drive home when we are released. I feel bad for those with flights and anyone who has a job to get back to.
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