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  1. chubbypiggy: I just checked the Princess web site and noted that the Island Princess advertise Medallion Net available for the 8/14 AK trip. If that is the case, it is a toss up. For me, it would depend on the $ and stateroom. It is fun having the updated tech but the most important upgrade is the MedallionNet WiFi. So the Royal a newer ship with all the "bells and whistles" or the Island with only great WiFi at this time. Cruising AK is always fun with beautiful scenery. h
  2. Thanks for your response. Enjoying your blog. h
  3. Given the choice, I would opt for the Royal as it is a Medallion Ship with all the technological advancements they have to offer. I like walking up to my stateroom and the door unlocking. If you are traveling in a group tracking everyone down who has their phone on will be easy. Ordering drinks without looking for a server and having it delivered to you is a finger tap away. Even if you get "bored" with the scenery the TV inside your stateroom is on demand. The MedallionNet is the best part. WiFi just like home and speedy. I recommend the Royal.
  4. GeoHerb: Thanks for posting the patter. I am interested in the production show times. I see that they are listed at 7:30 and 9:30 pm. I've been on the Island P for the Panama Canal Ocean 2 Ocean and the Production show times were 6pm and 8pm. Would you happen to know if the show times change once they get out of the Alaska voyages? I will be back on the Island Princess in Dec 2019 for the Panama Canal and Costa Rica cruise and am trying to decide which dinner I wanted to reserve. Early or late. If the shows stayed at 7:30 and 9:30, I would opt for the early dinner and try to attend the early show. Presently I'm on 7:15 dinner. Thanks
  5. I heard unused coffee card punches were being honored till the end of 2018. When we sailed in Dec 2018, our coffee card had unused punches and they were honoring them at the IC. In Feb, 2019, on the Grand ,I saw someone using their punch card but I did not ask what was happening there. I would try to find your old punch card and take it. It will not hurt to ask if you can still get brewed coffee with it. The worse thing that can happen is sorry, no can do. But if you come across a barista that will honor it, don't forget them at the end of your cruise.
  6. Thanks, SteelerFanXL. Looking forward to our upcoming cruise. 21 days:cool:
  7. Mahalo, AZbirdmom. C U on the Grand next month n @ the M&G, n Slotpull? It will be great if my spouse gets a casino lanyard. Not a big deal if not. h
  8. Mahalo, triple7tahoe. Guess my spouse will b paying 4 her drinks.😁
  9. Does your spouse in the same cabin get a VIP badge for drinks also? She is not a big gambler. $20 is her limit.
  10. For those of you who have cruised the VIP Casino offer, does your spouse in the same cabin also get invites to the parties and drinks in the casino...assuming she is doing a little gambling? Is the casino drink sticker on your cruise card or something you wear on your clothing? Just curious. Going on the last eligible cruise next month. Thanks, h
  11. You can order (12) 500ml water for 6.90. Comes out to $0.58/bottle. Delivered to your state room so no carrying heavy water bottles in your hand carry. Go to onboard reservations and beverage packages. I usually pack 6 packs of soda(as many as you want) in a cardboard box and tag it as baggage also delivered to the stateroom with luggage.
  12. I don't play slots but do present my keycard every time I sit at a table or play craps. I set a max amount to "lose" as entertainment $ each night...generally not more than $200, also a max for the cruise. When I lose my "allotment" I'm off to bed with a book. (and that, sometimes, will be 30 mins.:( If I win, it is playing with casino $ and stay longer and dealers get more tip$. :D I've gotten a letter from the casino host the 2nd to the last night with an invitation to book another cruise in 30 days and receive anywhere form $125 -$200 in casino cash. I don't get a invite on every cruise even though I've contributed about the same amount of $ to the casino. I certainly don't spend thousands of $. Once a year I get a flyer in the mail about VIP casino cruise available for discount staterooms and casino cash. This last one offered $125 casino cash, comp drinks while playing in the casino, chance to win some tech gadget prizes, etc. I think it helps to get to know the dealers, pit bosses and casino host.
  13. Mahalo for all the comments. Looking forward to this cruise, mostly for seeing Alaska again and Sitka for the first time. Casino will be fun seeing it busy. I was on the Emerald going down the west side of South America last December and was sometimes the only 1 of 2 at the craps table. h
  14. We have reservations on 14 Aug 2018, Grand Princess to Alaska Inside Passage as a Players Club VIP. Has anyone been designated previous VIP sailings that began Dec 2017? VIP amenities included $ for casino play, comp beverages in the casino, special in-stateroom amenities etc. How was your cruise as a Players Club VIP?
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