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  1. Our cove balcony door was.
  2. I thought carnival was giving refunds for anyone booked up to May 31 or take a $200 obc. It’s on another thread here. I am sure you will find it.
  3. It’s really hard to believe if these guys are making that much, they are ones trying to make $1-$2 a bag as a porter.
  4. Yes they are longshoremen but they do work for tips. They are NOT on the job thru the union. They are working for an extra income. We have many friends who are longshoreman. They do this to supplement their income because some do not always work normal 40 hour work weeks. If it weren’t for them, we would all be dragging our own luggage on board. Can you imagine how long boarding would take? I’ve been behind people struggling along to take all theirs and their kids luggage on board in Long Beach up the steep ramps! It really slows everyone down!
  5. We cancelled one of my grandsons out of a room with 2 other grandsons. We were in a room for 2 by ourselves. They would not let the 2 boys stay in the room for 3. They changed us into 2 rooms on Panorama aft. We had midship lido. They only charged new price for boys room. I still was got back $100 and port fees.
  6. I agree 1:00 is the earliest I would recommend. Have sailed out of Ling beach quite often and one time the ship came in late and passsenger were still debarking at 1:00. We are platinum and did not board till 130. You just never know if a problem can arise.
  7. We live in southern Cali and it’s over 100 degrees, door closed, air on and might not hear him. We have dogs and fenced yard. I will definitely ask my son in law( ups driver) to help me set up an account. Thanks so much for all info.
  8. I have gotten $100 gift cards from AARP and received them within a week. I know by these boards we have to sign for the $500 ones. Just wondering how long do they take and do they come by ups or fedex ? Is there a way to track them?
  9. We aren’t leaving until September 2020. I have plenty of time. I just like cruise critic experiences. We are also going to stay a few nights in Hawaii after. Any suggestion?
  10. Anyone have a suggestion on a descent hotel in Vancouver for a one night stay before our cruise that’s also descent priced? Also need somewhere to have dinner close by or in hotel.
  11. I found the laundry room numbers for the Spirit on you tube. I think the Legend has the same deck plan. So this what I found: deck 1. 1219 deck 4. 4232 deck 5. 5270 deck 6. 6102 deck 7. 7267 I think the laundry rooms are across from these rooms. Good luck!
  12. It was under the booking & order details. There was a star saying upgrade your cruise under open your planner. Then after I opened and read it, it was gone, but found it at the bottom of the page. First there are only one offer, then when I looked again, there were 3. I was so surprised! First time ever like that. I do like my original cove room pick but now I’m second guessing my self. I really doubt I’ll get another chance but I check daily.
  13. Very well said. Carnival is trying keeps cost down. Most of the other lines are higher price so they can have more help. Also from my experience, I paid a lot more for my cruise and gratuities on the 3 other lines I’ve cruise on.
  14. So glad to hear you tip the tour guide and driver! We don’t see very many who do. It’s sad because most of them keep you entertained and informed! We usually tell our room Stewart not to sweat cleaning our room. Whenever he has time is fine. My house is only cleaned every two weeks and we are pretty neat people. They are so overworked. Some tell me they have to in case their superior checks up on them we usually tip extra $20 for ice and sharp container and all the other extras. We we usually tip extra the bar tenders at whatever our favorite bars are for the week. We get Cheers, it seems we get a little better service. My husband likes to drink grey goose vx, and they kept it in the mini frig for him. One night the girl came running in bringing in another bottle so they would have enough for us. It’s $17 a shot and you have to ask for it. Only 2 bars on the Splender had it. They usually have it at the steakhouse.
  15. They used to have a couple bars open and accepted cash on that morning only. My husband used to get a drink with breakfast. It’s been a while ago. He just hasn’t been getting a drink on the last couple disembarkation mornings. i know one was the casino bar because we had to ass by there to pick up some alcohol we bought in Mexico and they sold him a beer.
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