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  1. I thought carnival was giving refunds for anyone booked up to May 31 or take a $200 obc. It’s on another thread here. I am sure you will find it.
  2. It’s really hard to believe if these guys are making that much, they are ones trying to make $1-$2 a bag as a porter.
  3. Yes they are longshoremen but they do work for tips. They are NOT on the job thru the union. They are working for an extra income. We have many friends who are longshoreman. They do this to supplement their income because some do not always work normal 40 hour work weeks. If it weren’t for them, we would all be dragging our own luggage on board. Can you imagine how long boarding would take? I’ve been behind people struggling along to take all theirs and their kids luggage on board in Long Beach up the steep ramps! It really slows everyone down!
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