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  1. On the Crystal website, all categories for all Symphony cruises through the end of March 2021 currently show "Call for Availability". That has been the advance signal recently that the voyage(s) are about to be canceled. Rob
  2. Marc, I do not know. This is the information that was on our cancellation email from Crystal. It was only for our World Cruise segments. We did not have any other cancellations this year. Rob
  3. There is a refund option offered after 12/31/23 if one cannot use the FCC before then. Note: If you are unable to redeem your Credits by December 31, 2023, you may request a refund of the original cruise fare paid.
  4. There is a refund option offered after 12/31/23 if one cannot use the FCC before then. Note: If you are unable to redeem your Credits by December 31, 2023, you may request a refund of the original cruise fare paid.
  5. The cancellation is now on the Crystal website. Cruise Cancellations: Crystal Serenity Voyages Through March 25, 2021 UPDATED Friday, October 23, 2020 11:55am EST Like our guests, we are eagerly anticipating the day we can return to sailing the world again and welcome our guests back aboard. Unfortunately, the continually changing variables related to Covid-19 – including differing border restrictions, potential quarantine policies for various nationalities, and limited international airlift – continue to determine when, and where, this can happen. The uncertainty surrounding this global health crisis hinders the ability for cruise lines to operate, and it is with deep regret that we have had to cancel our 2021 World Cruise. We extend our deepest apologies for this situation that is beyond our control and remains a great frustration to us all. Everyone at Crystal, along with the officers and crew of our ships fleetwide, are very disappointed that we are compelled to take this action, but we will only return to cruising when it is deemed safe to do so by governing health authorities, and when international travel constraints allow. We know this cancellation is extremely disappointing. All affected guests, and their travel advisers, booked on the World Cruise or any of its segments were contacted directly with details of this cancellation along with their compensation and rebooking options. We encourage all affected guests to contact their travel advisor to assist them in selecting a future World Cruise, or another voyage/s of their choice, and invite them to visit crystalcruises.com to review the 2021-2023 full-year voyage collections for each Crystal experience – all are available through 2022 as is our complete 2023 Ocean Collection. Note that our Crystal Confidence 2.0 policy provides the peace of mind our guests need now when making future travel plans, with no money down reservations, reduced deposits, extended final payment and relaxed cancellation schedules. Affected sail dates include: OCY210105-139 | Crystal Serenity | January 5, 2021 | 139 Nights | Miami to London (Dover) | Ancient Dynasties & World Wonders OCY210105-127 | Crystal Serenity | January 5, 2021 | 127 Nights | Miami to Rome | Ancient Dynasties & World Wonders OCY210121-111 | Crystal Serenity | January 21, 2021 | 111 Nights | Los Angeles to Rome | Ancient Dynasties & World Wonders OCY210121-123 | Crystal Serenity | January 21, 2021 | 123 Nights | Los Angeles to London (Dover) | Ancient Dynasties & World Wonders OCY210105-16 | Crystal Serenity | January 5, 2021 | 16 Nights | Miami to Los Angeles | Coral Sunsets & Golden Panama OCY210121-21 | Crystal Serenity | January 21, 2021 | 21 Nights | Los Angeles to Brisbane | South Pacific Wanderlust OCY210127-15 | Crystal Serenity | January 27, 2021 | 15 Nights | Honolulu/Oahu to Brisbane | South Pacific Wanderlust – 15-Night Getaway OCY210211-18 | Crystal Serenity | February 11, 2021 | 18 Nights | Brisbane to Hong Kong | Exotic Isles of Southeast Asia OCY210301-24 | Crystal Serenity | March 1, 2021 | 24 Nights | Hong Kong to Shanghai | Grand Journey: Japan & China OCY210301-12 | Crystal Serenity | March 1, 2021 | 12 Nights | Hong Kong to Tokyo | Treasures of the Orient OCY210313-42 | Crystal Serenity | March 13, 2021 | 42 Nights | Tokyo to Dubai | Grand Journey: The Far East & India OCY210313-12 | Crystal Serenity | March 13, 2021 | 12 Nights | Tokyo to Shanghai | Kingdoms of Jade & Pearls OCY210313-05 | Crystal Serenity | March 13, 2021 | 5 Nights | Tokyo to Incheon | Kingdoms of Jade & Pearls – 5-Night Getaway OCY210318-07 | Crystal Serenity | March 18, 2021 | 7 Nights | Incheon to Shanghai | Kingdoms of Jade & Pearls – 7-Night Getaway OCY210325-14 | Crystal Serenity | March 25, 2021 | 14 Nights | Shanghai to Singapore | Far East Fascination While our fleet is paused, the Crystal team has been developing new procedures and policies that will support all public health and regulatory requirements and to ensure our guests’ vacations continue to be not only relaxing and pleasurable but safe and healthy. Building on our stringent protocols already in place, our Crystal Clean+® 3.0 program is an enhanced level of measures to help safeguard the well-being of our guests and crew. Each protocol will be continually evaluated as new information becomes available. We thank our guests for their continued understanding during this very challenging time. The Crystal team remains at their service.
  6. Just received notice that our LA-Tokyo segments in January-March have been canceled. Rob
  7. The full 2021 WC fare categories now show "call for availability". Historically, that has been the advance signal that a voyage is about to be canceled. Rob
  8. In addition to Crystal's 2021 WC, Silversea, MSC and Costa still have their 2021 WC's available for booking. Whether they will actually sail in January 2021 is another story... Silver Whisper WC not yet canceled. https://www.silversea.com/destinations/world-cruise/world-cruise-2021.html MSC Magnifica WC not yet canceled. https://www.msccruises.com/en-gl/Cruise-Destinations/MSC-World-Cruise-2021.aspx Costa Deliziosa WC not yet canceled. https://www.costacruises.com/cruises.html#{!tag=destinationTag}destinationIds=RW&{!tag=embarkTag}embarkPortCode=&{!tag=departTag}departDate=&{!tag=durationTag}duration=&{!tag=portsTag}portsOfCall=&{!tag=shipsTag}shipId=&soldOut=false&sort=departDate asc,price_USD_anonymous asc&group.sort=departDate asc,price_USD_anonymous asc&start=0
  9. With an abundance of leisure time available these days, I wander into the addictive realms of YouTube videos more frequently than I have in the past. This video, although nearly a month old now, is the poster's hypothesis (with some nice filmed footage) of the state of Dream Cruise's newbuild in the shipyard in Germany. Star Cruises and Crystal Cruises make short cameo appearances in this 6 minute video, for those that may find it of interest. Rob https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhHW-33uQAk
  10. We'll pass until there are less restrictive protocols. Cruising and international travel may not be on our agenda for a while. Hopefully the the cruise industry will survive. Rob
  11. The Panel Report says that cruise ships should double up the testing of passengers - you need a negative swab before you leave home and a secondary rapid test before you board. The panel's thought is that there will be fewer passengers that need to be turned away if they get tested before they leave home. This makes sense, but would also need to include tests for those that arrive in the embarkation port prior to the actual embarkation day, and not just a direct transfer from your home to the ship. They are also suggesting no ports other than private islands/controlled spaces. And, of course, they are saying that your entire cruise will be masked up except when you're eating or drinking. So you can't go anywhere you want to go and your time onboard will be highly controlled, masked and distanced, other than when on your own balcony. We've been doing this at home since March. It's not clear to me what the attraction of getting on a ship will be for the time being, under these suggested protocols. Rob
  12. Healthy Sail Panel Report just released on behalf of RCCL/NCL joint task force. It is very detailed, 66-page report. Anyone interested in going to sea again should read it. https://www.royalcaribbeangroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Healthy-Sail-Panel_Full-Recommendations_9.21.20_FINAL.pdf Rob
  13. When Regency Cruises went bankrupt the vessel was laid up in Tampa, Florida. New owners expected to convert the vessel into a casino ship sailing from New York. The ship was renamed the Sea. Work began on gutting the ship when New York City political officials decided to change the rules for gambling ships – making the operation from the Big Apple almost impossible. All work stopped immediately on the Sea and little was done to protect the outside elements from entering the ship. Laid up for years and ridden with mold and water damage, the ship could only be sold for scrap. On the tow to Indian Breakers, the ship pulled off shore of the African Coast to avoid a storm. While riding out the storm, the ship was ransacked by locals taking anything they could. It is believed that the opening of hull doors to remove the stolen articles compromised the seaworthiness of the hull. After resuming the voyage - on July 6th the vessel began to list to one side in rough seas. The tug captain was seeking the closest port to have the listing ship repaired but the Sea was denied entry into Algon Bay because of her threat of sinking. On July 12, 2001, the Sea began to list further and then eventually rolled on her side and sank ending her 44 year career.
  14. Cunard and HAL also canceled their 2021 world cruises. Surprisingly, in addition to Crystal Serenity, Silver Whisper still shows its 150 day world cruise departing Ft. Lauderdale on 1/7/21.
  15. FWIW, both Zaandam and Volendam appear on the active ship brokers' sales lists. https://www.yachtworld.co.uk/boats/2000/cruise-ship--1432-passengers-stock-no-s2547-3699676/ https://www.yachtworld.co.uk/boats/1999/cruise-ship--1-432-1-718-passengers-stock-no-s2203-3683905/ As does, what appears to be Pacific Aria. https://www.yachtworld.co.uk/boats/1993/cruise-ship-1258-1605-passengers--stock-no-s2043-3012360/
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