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  1. My understanding is that Crystal would not have a cruise director on the ocean ships that was also an entertainer. Gary Hunter was the last CD/entertainer in that roll. If Mark were appointed cruise director on either Symphony or Serenity, he would not be able to entertain anymore. Different protocol on the river ships. Not certain the protocol on the expedition ship. Rob
  2. Nobu sake flight. Occasionally available as a special order these days.
  3. Prego's carpaccio...a reliable and consistent presentation!!!!
  4. Room service snacks. Symphony October 2019. With a special order of steak tartare. Rob
  5. From February 2020 Symphony, roaming the South China Sea. Portugese tart in the Bistro.
  6. Wagyu beef sliders at Tastes! Rob
  7. When it used to be carved table-side!
  8. As long as we're speculating about airlift to Antigua, doesn't Crystal have a lightly-used 777 parked somewhere these days? That would make a very comfortable charter flight for 88 guests. Just a thought... Rob
  9. From this math-challenged traveler, most of the time, I have to call my TA to translate the Crystal invoice for me. And she often calls Crystal to have someone there translate the results for her. In our experience over the years, it all works out eventually, but IMHO, Crystal's method of fare calculations are not as easily understood at first review than other suppliers' invoices, and in our experience, more often than not, require a 1-on-1 conversation with our TA to reconcile. Rob
  10. Deposits are 15% of the total cruise BEFORE discounts, credits, taxes, port fees, FCC's. FCC's are applied as discounts toward the total WC fare. They cannot be used to fund the deposit. FCP's are considered cash. If not refunded (or requested as a refund) the funds already paid to Crystal either as deposits or full cruise(s) can be applied toward the 15% WC deposit. In some cases, this may result in a deposit credit larger than the 15% minimum deposit. Rob
  11. ryndam


    I received this message from our TA last year: Definitions – I find these helpful as the “Credits” have different rules associated….. so it can get tricky: Future Cruise Payment (FCP) – This is the actual dollar amount that was paid on your booking This FCP amount currently resides in your Crystal account profile These FCP funds can be used as “cash” and applied to any future booking or “bookings” to satisfy any payments or partial payment Future Cruise Credits (FCC) – these are “discount funds” that can be applied to your booking only as a “discount”
  12. From Seatrade Cruise News today. A concise and clearly written article. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/finance/unaudited-17bn-2020-loss-genting-hk-restructuring-wages Rob
  13. The first segment of the 2022 WC departs Miami on 1/17/22. Final payments for 2022 departures are due 6 months prior to sailing, unless Crystal changes its payment requirements. If final payments are due on or before 7/16/21, I would hope that a decision on the 2022 WC is determined by then. Rob
  14. The excerpt below is from the current Star Clippers website about bringing onboard alcohol. I didn't see anything in the written Terms and Conditions about any other beverages. ALCOHOL For security reasons, it is forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages on board for personal consumption. For your pleasure, the ship offers a wide selection of wines and spirits in the dining room or at the bar. The Maître d’Hôtel, wine waiters and bartenders will guide you in your choice. Bottles of alcohol purchased on land will be taken into safekeeping at the gangway of the ship, stored in a secure
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