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  1. Welcome to Kauai. Reflections and menus posted. attachment1.en 18.pdf attachment1.en 17.pdf attachment1.en 16.pdf
  2. We went whale and dolphin watching today. We booked this independent excursion several months ago. This was a 2-hour ride in a zodiac, limited to 12 guests only. The operator was ultimatewhalewatch.com. Unless one is a professional photographer, it was a near pointless exercise to try and take pictures. I took 50-60 pics, but it’s going to need some heavy editing once I get home to make any of the photos shareable. We saw many whales, a bonus close up encounter with spinner dolphins, and several male whales chasing a female. A very nice adventure. We did a bit of street strolling in Lahaina before returning to Symphony for a late dim sum snack at Silk. We too are enjoying some veranda time now. What a view from our balcony! (First pic below). We are meeting friends for pre-dinner sunset drinks in Palm Court before dining in Waterside tonite. There’s fresh artichoke and fresh Hawaiian Opah on the menu tonight. Rob
  3. Dinner menu just posted. attachment1.en 13.pdf
  4. Good morning from Maui. Last evening we dined in Umi Uma with good friends from New Mexico that we first met onboard the Symphony over 20 years ago. Lifelong friendships do happen here. We’ve sailed, traveled and visited each other many, many times since that first cruise together. Our reservation was at 8:30pm and after enjoying pretty much everything on the sushi side of the menu, we were the last guests remaining when we left shortly after 10pm. Last night was the quietest we have seen the Avenue since sailing from San Diego a week ago. There were actually chairs available! We had heard from one of the lecturers onboard that the lecturers, entertainers, other staff and their significant others had been requested to refrain from going to the Avenue, since Mark is so popular and the paying guests were having difficulty finding seats there. I only saw other guests in the Avenue last night, so we’ll see if this “management request” continues going forward. Today, we have independent plans ashore with friends. The ship is at anchor until 10p. Today’s lunch menu and Reflections are posted; the dinner menu isn’t available yet. The pic below is the sunrise view from our balcony. Rob attachment1.en 11.pdf attachment1.en 12.pdf
  5. We were at the Bishops Museum for a shoreside event during WC2018. The event was fun, but we really didn’t have an opportunity to spend much time in the museum, so we were looking forward to returning today. The museum has world class collections of everything Hawaiian, as well as extensive artifacts from all of Polynesia. There was a special exhibit about the history of surfing with the actual, oldest existing surfboard in the world on display (circa 1785 +/-). We were there for nearly 4 hours. A brief detour back to Symphony for lunch at Silk. Without going into a discussion about “real/authentic/spicy/etc.” comparison’s of Silk’s offerings, we found the dim sum selection to be varied, flavorful, and significantly spicier/ more seasoned than our last visit in November. We took advantage of Crystal’s complimentary shuttle to Ala Moana Mall which dropped us of exactly where we wanted across from Ala Moana park & beach. We spent a few hours just enjoying walking along the water before taking the shuttle back to the ship. After a cocktail party followed by the 7:30p entertainment in the Galaxy, we will be dining with friends in Umi Uma tonight. The first few pics are from the Bishop Museum. The last few are self evident. 😁 Rob
  6. Tonight’s dinner menu posted. attachment1.en 10.pdf
  7. Good morning from Honolulu. The picture below is from our balcony. The cruise ship in the distance is the Star Princess. We ate dinner ashore last night. Several months ago, we reserved a table at Alan Wong’s Honolulu for a 5-course tasting menu dinner. It was a 15 minute Uber ride from the pier. We enjoyed each paired course over the 2.5 hour meal. Each course was very unique and prepared with all locally caught or grown ingredients. I’ve attached the menu for those that may be interested. We returned back to the ship at 10pm, too late to see the onboard Hawaiian folkloric show in the Galaxy. We ended the evening with friends in the Palm Court, enjoying the lights of Honolulu and the sounds of the Double Malt duo before calling it a night. We have several planned activities in and around Honolulu today on our own. There’s no lunch menu since Waterside is closed for lunch today. The dinner menu isn’t posted yet. Attached is today’s Reflections. attachment1.en 9.pdf Specials and Tasting Menu (January 2020).pdf
  8. For those that enjoy jazz musicians, Judy Carmichael did two concerts on Symphony a couple of nights ago. She just left the ship in Honolulu on her way back to LA to board Serenity on 1/22. She leaves Serenity in the Marquesas. She’s a very talented jazz pianist for those who appreciate that genre of music. Rob
  9. It was a bumpy night. We were woken at least twice with toiletries flying off the bathroom shelves. The sun is finally peeking through the clouds, the ship is finally on an even keel and the forecast for Honolulu is supposed to be sunny and pleasant later today. Tonite’s dinner menu is attached. Rob attachment1.en 4.pdf
  10. Saturday lunch menu & Reflections posted. attachment1.en 8.pdf attachment1.en 3.pdf
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