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  1. Veuve in PH categories. Dom in the Crystal Penthouse.
  2. Ditto. A wee bit off subject, but we haven't sailed Cunard since the retirement of the QE2. Even in her old age, she was a classic experience, unlike the mass-produced, generic current Cunard fleet. (QM2 is not generic, just way too big for our tastes.) Now back to our regular programming...can't wait to watch Symphony follow Serenity into dry dock! Rob
  3. Ditto. We were onboard in January/February 2020. The ship’s condition belied its age. Spotless. Rustless. A/C working better than many newer ships. There are certainly mid-1990’s decorative and not-current-color palettes still on board, but they are impeccably maintained. Rob
  4. Thank you for posting. This is an encouraging development.
  5. Our luggage nests inside each other. The space under the beds is commodious and we've never had a luggage storage issue; however, as Keith mentioned, our stewardess will remove excess luggage to some storage room for the duration of the voyage if requested. There is also storage space under the sofa where we've kept snorkel gear, accumulated purchases along-the-way and other low-height objects. We usually bring our own wire or plastic hangers and have the big wood cloth hangers removed. Using these smaller, "throw-away" hangers almost doubles the effective amount of han
  6. On a sorta unrelated stream of memory, the #2 sail-away broadcast after Louis on the Symphony’s first season to Alaska was “North to Alaska”. Very appropriate. Rob
  7. We got the “guest-dirge-complaints” explanation when we enquired onboard, too. Funny, our informal poll at the time revealed more approval of the composition than dislike. We may never know who/why/who had such influence to remove the #2 sail-away. We also play it thru earbuds during sail-away. Rob
  8. Likewise. We were so disappointed when it was discontinued as sail-away song #2. Rob
  9. Community outreach, education, messages directed to specific age groups, alternative advertising approaches, and a more focused approach on social media networks in order to target specific group hesitancies. Also, incentivize. Offer incentives to motivate. Provide someone with a good reason for wanting to do something. In our county, those getting vaccinated at county locations are now offered discounted (or free) passes to next year’s rodeo, basketball games, restaurant discounts. Motivation requires different approaches for different groups. Those that participate i
  10. Here's a picture of the outlets at the desk in typical rooms on Symphony. The Serenity's outlets are basically identical. We bring a triple extension device for the US configured electrical outlet. And an adapter for the European configured outlet. There are more outlets available in the suite categories at the desks and beside the beds. Rob
  11. The US-styled outlets are 110V. However, depending on the cabin category you select, there are also European-style outlets. You don't need a voltage convertor, but you do need to bring an outlet convertor. The hairdryers that are provided onboard use the European-style outlet. Rob
  12. Emily, love the concept, but border crossings by land are a bit problematic at the moment. Perhaps land crossings will improve by next January! I've wondered why no cruise lines have announced any all-Mexico itineraries yet (i.e. r/t Puerto Vallarta or r/t Acapulco or r/t Cabo or any other combinations thereof). Rob
  13. I just saw this article in Seatrade Cruise News about additional investments in Dream Cruises. This seemed as good a topic to post the article reference as any other. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/finance/307m-liquidity-boost-dream-cruises-new-share-subscriptions Rob
  14. It's pretty much the entire planet. Including all cruise ships. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/noticesCovid19 https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/notices/covid-4/coronavirus-cruise-ship
  15. On our February 2020 Symphony cruise-to-nowhere in the South China Sea, Shane also was part of 2 week's worth of improvised entertainment. That cruise could certainly be classified as a very rare occasion! Rob
  16. Possibly not. When Russ Grieve was CD with Azamara, he also was also part of the entertainment ensemble onboard. He joined Crystal with CD responsibilities only; no more singing/dancing on stage. Rob
  17. My understanding is that Crystal would not have a cruise director on the ocean ships that was also an entertainer. Gary Hunter was the last CD/entertainer in that roll. If Mark were appointed cruise director on either Symphony or Serenity, he would not be able to entertain anymore. Different protocol on the river ships. Not certain the protocol on the expedition ship. Rob
  18. Nobu sake flight. Occasionally available as a special order these days.
  19. Prego's carpaccio...a reliable and consistent presentation!!!!
  20. Room service snacks. Symphony October 2019. With a special order of steak tartare. Rob
  21. From February 2020 Symphony, roaming the South China Sea. Portugese tart in the Bistro.
  22. Wagyu beef sliders at Tastes! Rob
  23. When it used to be carved table-side!
  24. As long as we're speculating about airlift to Antigua, doesn't Crystal have a lightly-used 777 parked somewhere these days? That would make a very comfortable charter flight for 88 guests. Just a thought... Rob
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