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  1. Cruise for 3/15 cancelled on 3/13 because of the govt mandate, received 1/3 of refund.
  2. 72 days since our 3/15 cruise was cancelled. Received about 1/3 back, randomly. Still waiting on the bulk.
  3. Received another partial refund today. My cruise was cancelled per government orders on March 14th. Still waiting on the largest portion to be refunded - ~$2K. Received about $1300 back.
  4. Received ~25% of a refund today. I have no clue why they only refunded some of it; we didn't buy an extra packages, no excursions. But it's a start. Just wanted to update those who were curious. Our cruise was one of the first ones cancelled; when the announcement was made Friday, we were sailing Sunday. So it's been a little over a month.
  5. Ok, why do I not have the option to edit or delete?
  6. oh gosh, I didn't see the address was listed. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. I got a similar email today. I called to ask why I had penalties and they said they had been waived and I was getting a full refund. I don’t know why it’s so hard to get a correct confirmation.
  8. Called carnival today and had a person within a few minutes. I inquired about the refund I requested and she said they were processing them in the order of cruises cancelled. I noted that I was cancelled by the government mandate two days before sailing, so if anyone would be seeing refunds yet it would be me. She conceded and got supervisor, albeit remotely. He “removed penalties” (??!?) and authorized a faster refund. I’m not sure I believe any of it.
  9. I was definitely salty when I got a call from a cruise assistant last week.
  10. This is us. We had the money when we had two jobs and some side hustle income. Now we only have one job and no side hustle income. I need the money, like ASAP. I know they’re pushed. I know. But that 3k would help keep my family afloat the next few months. We are due to sail out the day before the presidential announcement came. If they’re working by sail date, we should’ve been some of the first receiving refunds.
  11. I haven't gotten mine yet, but we were cancelled due to the presidential announcement. So I filed for the refund next day.
  12. I was set to leave today and it’s still in my cruises and I got a boarding pass reminder email this morning. I think it’s just taking time to cancel everything.
  13. Supposed to have been boarding today, just got the here’s your boarding pass reminder email. I’m sure they’re swamped trying to cancel stuff, because the cruise still shows in my cruises. Ouch. This whole thing sucks. It feels like a bad joke.
  14. We have decided to take the refund this time. We originally were out of Baltimore, took the credit to rebook out of Miami. Our window is closing to take a vacation, so not going to risk it. I'm so sad.
  15. Unfortunately I booked through travelocity and at this point I can't even get through, their lines are down, and we were supposed to be there tonight. I don't know how it will all go down.
  16. I am sure I'll get a cruise refund but the plane tickets are a wash, $600 down the drain. We have already changed flights once when Baltimore closed, that was our freebie. Plus two hotel nights that were nonrefundable.
  17. We’re supposed to be flying out tomorrow. I’m just sick. I need some news ASAP.
  18. We have been informed that the Governor of Maryland has closed the Port of Baltimore. Approval has been granted for Carnival Pride to dock on Sunday to disembark guests currently on board. However, we are sorry that we will not be able to operate the March 15, 2020, cruise as scheduled. All guests may select one of the following options: Receive a 100% Future Cruise Credit (FCC), plus a US$600, per stateroom, onboard credit when you rebook your future cruise.* Receive a cash refund, to be processed to the original form of payment within 90 days. In either cas
  19. I'm really hoping GT stays a stop! It's still on the schedule.. https://www.visittci.com/grand-turk-cruise-center#port-schedule
  20. I'm really hoping we stop at Grand Turk, it's one reason we chose that itinerary.
  21. I'm on the Pride, leaves Sunday, and our price had dropped $120 but it's back up now, some rooms are higher than we paid.
  22. we leave saturday. we're preparing by bringing our laptops, extra meds, loaded kindles and ipads.
  23. The Conquest was the second ship we sailed on, and we love it a lot. Great ship, easy to navigate. Excellent service. Glad you had a great time!
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